Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Santa Muerte

It's no secret I'm a huge Halloween fan. I love the decorations, the scary chills that accompany the month October in general and especially the fact that grown-ups get to dress up and disguise themselves yet again. Last year I dressed up as a scary doll to frighten the little kids. This year I decided differently for two reasons. First, my scary doll gear also evoked "Oh my God, so cute!" reactions, which wasn't quite what I was aiming for. This year was going to be bigger, better, stronger and especially scarier. Second, I wanted something different after suiting up for the same character two years in a row. 

After browsing the interwebz and coming up empty with regard to Halloween ideas, all of a sudden, it hit me. Santa Muerte was the way to go. I don't quite know how the idea rooted in my brain, but I guess that it was a combination of it popping up in an episode of Dexter I watched several months ago and seeing it on Instagram/Pinterest last year. 

 Coat: Sheinside - Skirt: Boohoo - Shirt: costume shop - Boots: Primark - Flowers: H&M  

In my opinion and with a not so steady hand to put on the make-up (or to do anything really), I think I did a fairly good job. My mom got the chills every time she glanced at me and a little kid was really frightened. Scared the shit out of a little one, SCORE! No worries, I talked to her to make everything better and to show her that I really am very nice, so no nightmares I hope.

Are there any other Halloween fans out there? And what is your costume for this year? Please tell me I'm not alone in my obsession. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Dress to impress"

Dress to impress, the illustrious name of a workshop by famous Belgian stylist Lien Degol I attended a while ago. Main topic: when applying for a job, what in God's name should you wear? It's not applicable on me right now, but still, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some intel on the do's and don'ts outfitwise when going in for a job interview. The gist of what Lien told us at the workshop was to a) leave your personality at home, b) pay attention to personal hygiene and c) as I interpreted it, you don't have to look freakin' boring. Especially the first rule seemed quite difficult for me to overcome. 

With those and other tips and tricks from Lien Degol in mind - like dark denim pants are always a good idea, wear opaque tights and don't be too sexy (so hard, right?! just kidding), I decided to try and put together a few interesting, adultlike outfits to apply for a job. And that all with the stuff already hanging around in my wardrobe. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I based outfit number 1 on one of the examples presented in the workshop, namely a black suit with a shirt that pops out, while adding a classic bag and classic heels. I'm not completely satisfied with the outfit, as I think it deviates too far from my personal style. Of course, that's the whole 'leave your personality at home' thing. I think I could have done better with a brighter color as a shirt. Alas, not something I could immediately find in the vast territory of my wardrobe.

Blazer: New Look - Shirt, pants: H&M - Pumps: Primark - Glasses: Rayban - Bag: Sac d'Anvers

The second outfit is something I would actually wear in real life. A colorful but rather cute dress, opaque tights, brown brogues, a brown bag and a black blazer. Although I'd maybe not wear opaque tights, but rather sheer tights with some knee stockings. Again, my personality popping up. 

Blazer: New Look - Dress, purse: Primark - Glasses: Rayban - Brogues: Sacha

What do you guys think? Or what do you wear/would you wear for a job interview? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: I caved.

 Jacket: Zara - Jumper, skinnies: H&M - Shoes: Nike Air Max - Earrings: Forever 21

I caved. Do you know that feeling of trying your best not to give in to temptation, succeeding in it and you finally manage to stop thinking about it? It's hard, it haunts your thoughts and whenever you're confronted with the bitter reality it punches you in the face. But eventually you feel relieved and excited that you actually had the strength to pull through after all. And that's the moment when you get weak and vulnerable. Because it's then, at the most unguarded of moments, that foul temptation shows its ugly head around the corner, makes you gasp for breath and fall head over heels again.

But that doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing. It happened to me last Saturday when I went shopping with my dear friend Eline. I always make lists in my head of what I want and what I must really try and find. I really don't know why I even bother doing so, because I rarely come home with the things I had in mind. Shopping for me goes best when I have no expectations. Those are the times I usually come home with items I tend to love for a long period of time without growing tired of them. Whenever I try to manically find an item on top of my wishlist I or fail or find something you could call "the next best thing", and you should NEVER go for "the next best thing", because it isn't THE best thing. Forcing the natural way of shopping will never get you satisfied, it will only make you frustrated.

Anyway, I caved. I thought I was completely over Nike Air Max, but I was wrong. I pinned them on my "Into my wardrobe please"-board on Pinterest 22 weeks ago. But I only wanted them if I could find them in that particular washed out color, it adds to the vintage feel you know. I was disappointed when I didn't find them at Urban Outfitters and the price also held me back a little. During our holiday in Porto I spotted them in a little shop. But the color wasn't what I was looking for and the price again held me back. At that moment I started to let go. I also kept noticing people wearing my beloved ones with a disgraceful taste of fashion (I'm sorry if I sound superficial). And do you know that feeling that you see someone wearing something you want so badly, but then because of that person you don't want it anymore? It happens to me a lot. And so my love for the "Air Maxkes" faded and I thought I couldn't care less. 

I have to admit, when I went to Antwerp on Saturday I even was on the lookout for an other pair of Nike sneakers: the all white Nike Dunk Sky High, because I thought I was ready for a new chapter. I spotted them on Elien from Dogs and Dresses and it's no secret that all white makes my heart beat faster. Except when we're talking about "Zwarte Piet", he should stay all black, folks! So when we walked by Footlocker, my friend Eline reminded me about my search for the white Nikes (lists in my head are useless) and so we entered. And that's where it all went wrong. I spotted the Air Maxkes again, in a pale pink washed out color on the top shelve. There were people standing in front of the shelves on eye level and I don't have X-ray vision. I made my way through the crowd and when I came closer they immediately drew my attention: all white Nike Air Max. I checked the size and just grabbed the shoe with no intention of letting go ever again. 

We all know how this story ends: I took them home and I will live happily ever after with my white Air Maxkes who, as a bonus, also glow in the dark! 

I'm sorry for this mega long story, I sometimes get caught up in things too much. Let me know if you kept reading 'till the end! And otherwise I hope you'll at least enjoy the pictures (don't mind my silly and tired face):

Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 random facts: Lies

It doesn't always have to be fashion, right? I like to read some more personal posts from my fellow bloggers because I like to get to know the person behind the blog. And I don't mean sharing every little detail of your private life, but little snippets of random facts tend to make me smile. So it was about time we did something like that too! Here are my 10 random facts you didn't know about me yet (I hope):

1. I have a weird twist in my brain, that makes me mix up left with right all the time. Don't you ever take directions from me!

2. I just started studying Swedish in evening classes. For no particular reason, I like the language and learning new things is always a good idea. Jag heter Lies, jag är grafisk formgivare och jag har inte barn. That's about all I can say but you just wait 'till the end of this year!

3. The hairdresser has to be very careful when cutting my bangs as I like to refer to them as my "danger zone". I mostly cut them myself and back in the days I even took a hot iron with me to Pukkelpop. Hair issues since 1987 I tell ya.

4. I've been bullied as a kid and still like my cats more than I do most people.

5. I have an older brother who lives in Japan. Hi, brother! He introduced me to sushi back in 2006 and it has become a part of my regular diet ever since (slightly addicted). He even said that I actually eat more sushi than he does in Japan. We visited him in Japan in 2009, still wanting to go back soon!

6. While my brother is the one living in Japan, I'm the one being called the "Chinese" one. Something with my eyes, although I don't see it all the time. Chinese or 16, it's either one.

7. I'm traumatised by the movie "The Ring" and will never watch a movie with scary kids again. I'm easily frightened. Slam a door too hard and I will jump from my seat, for real.

8. We all have our actor-crushes, mine's first names almost all start with the letter J: Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto, John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joshua Jackson, Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Josh Holloway. I see a pattern, don't you? (No, I swear I have never listed them before and they are not in order of cuteness.)

9. I once saw the boyband "Five" perform at "10 om te zien" (a Belgian music television show) and started crying.

10. As a kid I was crazy about the Walt Disney movie "That darn cat" and watched it a gazillion times. I watched it again some time ago (the fifties version, not the stupid remake with Christina Ricci) and I still LOVED it. I laughed so hard, tears were rolling out of my eyes. Plus they have a pastel bedroom and wear pretty clothes! A must-see for all you fashionable crazy cat ladies! I still knew all the dialogues..

Please do let us know if you like posts like these! Because your opinion COUNTS and you know it! ;)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Birds & birds

I'm feeling quite uninspired today, so I figured I'd just share some random thoughts with you guys. I'm so happy the Belgian soccer team qualified for the World Cup 2014, although I'm not a huge soccer fan. October is my favorite fall month, because Halloween duh. I'm thinking (okay, I have decided already) about buying Doc Martens, I'm still in doubt about which ones though. And waiting for my paycheck ("Already?! But the month is only in half?"). Story of my life. With fall knocking on our doorstep and barging in like a little kid wanting candy, my beanie addiction has been resurrected (pictures here, exhibit A). I pretty much love the little collar necklace thing (do please shout out the right word if you know it, my fried brain does not) I've got going on. Matchy matchy with the ring (Check out the Vintageblues for more cute jewellery). I'm still pretty much shocked that somebody, a stranger, took the time out of her day to insult me and my outfit on a random moment in the street. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK - excusez-moi le mot - BITCH! I'm not going to start a rant here, but why in hell would somebody spread so much freaking negativity. Is the world not horrible enough on its own without us insulting each other for no particular reason? Correct answer: yes. 

Take home message: Be positive (God, I'm starting to sound like a sports advertisement)

 Beanie, bird shirt: H&M - Pleather leggings: Action - Blazer, necklace: New Look - Flatforms: Victoria in Barcelona - Bag: Forever 21 - Collar jewellery and ring: The Vintageblues 

Currently listening to
Alice Cooper.
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
Doc Martens and hot cocoa. Or no, make that a coffee. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two for one: tartan skirt part two

One item, two styles, that was the basic logic behind the previous post combined with this post. And that one item was a tartan skirt, which I dug up from my past. A tartan skirt is quite a versatile item of clothing with endless possibilities, but in my (narrow?) mind it comes down to one of these two styles. Either you go for the grungy punk look - "hey, look at me, fuck you all!" - or you go for a preppy style. On Friday I've shown you the first one, today the time has finally come to present you my interpretation of a preppy style including a tartan skirt. I think all the other possibilities fall in one of these two categories, but of course it's possible to make it less extravagant and obvious, unlike me. 

 Tartan skirt: oldschool - White shirt: Primark - Necklace: gift - Blazer, brogues: New Look - Rucksack: Morocco

Again, my heroic little sister took the pictures. She even made me hold a book (not mine, thank God! I'm quite over studying) to make it more authentic... She's also suggesting we change the name of the blog to "Peaches & Peaches & poor fool" considering she's the one who mostly is obliged to take my pictures. 

I think I'll be rocking/prepping both styles this fall. What do you guys think? Which one do you like the best? 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Two for one: tartan skirt part one

I don't think I need to tell you guys, but tartan is hot and happening this A/W. When spotting the trend, I immediately thought about a little something I had laying around (ok, hidden in a box in the basement). More than a decade ago this mature woman (ahum) was a nifty little annoying pubescent girl, listening to punk music (some things never change) and dressing accordingly. One of my favorite staples at that time was a plaid skirt (that and my red Venom pants), for which I had to go to the far Antwerp to buy (at least far for a teenager from Limburg). 

I dug up this treasured skirt from the enormous depths of our basement and fell head over heels again. Inspiration ahoy! Because most items are quite versatile in the sense that you can wear them in different outfits that are accompanied by a completely different feel, I thought it may be interesting to implement something like this on the blog. After this post, you can expect another one very soon with the same skirt, but in a very different style. 

First up - letting my inner teenager out again - the tartan skirt in a grungy/punk style. I can't even begin to explain how much this felt like coming home, clothingwise that is. Totally having Anarchy in the UK on repeat. 

PS: The flatforms are my souvenir from Barcelona <3

PS2: Should have cut those white things from my shirt... 

Plaid skirt: oldschool - Shirt, beanie: H&M - Tights: no idea - Bag: Ebay - Flatforms: Victoria from Barcelona - Studded bracelet: Claire's

Stay tuned for the other style very soon!


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