Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Salt sweat sugar

Music is quite an important aspect in my life. I'm constantly on the lookout for music that speaks to me, that brings up a lot of emotions. In summertime, I get my regular fix at several festivals (Groezrock! Rock Werchter! Graspop! Rock Herk! Pukkelpop!), but in the oh so cold winter months I have to take shelter indoors. Preferably in the rather small venues for all the more obvious reasons. These past few weeks I've been to three concerts and in my book, they couldn't be further apart (except if I'd decide to go to a rap concert or a children's concert which won't happen anytime soon). First up was the Master for a concert in Vorst Nationaal: Bob Dylan. It was my first seated concert, except for the-one-we-don't-speak-about (youth sins, we all have them). Second, Jimmy Eat World in Brussels (the rather cool youth musings) and third, Amenra in Trix Antwerp. All so different, but so good! 

That eclecticism actually translates pretty good to both my personal life and my style. For my style I guess it's pretty obvious (or maybe not, than that just means I don't take enough pictures of particular outfits). One day I'm into cute dresses and the next I cannot be bothered to wear anything other than denim cut-offs and a loose shirt. Or a mixture of styles in one outfit is also something I have a tendency to reach for on a daily basis. Contrast is not a sin, you guys! 

And on that note, I'll leave you with an outfit that does not necessarily have anything to do with what I just rambled on about.

Currently listening to:
 Arctic Monkeys
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
A leopard coat! <3

Jeggings: Pull & Bear - White blouse: Primark - Coat: Sheinside - Necklace: random store in Porto - Neon beanie: H&M - Sunglasses: my sister's


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Double Leopard

 Hat, top, tights, shoes, mittens: H&M - Skirt: New Look - Coat, scarf: ZARA - Earrings: Hema - Socks: Cos

Because one can never wear too much leopard, I decided to go full on cat woman and combine my leopard crop top with some leopard tights. Since I'm on a low shopping budget at the moment, I have to be creative with the garments already hanging in my closet on my clothing rack. And I don't know about you guys, but I am already missing summer! Cold and dark days really drain my energy level. So that's why I picked out my favorite skirt from last summer, reminiscing and all! As you can see, it can easily be worn in fall too. Although I do prefer wearing it bare legged, but that would be outright insane with these temperatures.

Also, fall makes me want to wear green. I love my military green winter coat from last year so I fear you'll be seeing a lot of that in the next wintery posts. Sorry!

How are you guys coping with the dropping temperatures? I'm looking forward to snow and long snowy walks, but I'm not a fan of grey fall days. It makes my mind grey too.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beanie love

I don't think I'm letting you in on a secret when I tell you King Winter has reared its sometimes ugly head. It's ice cold, baby! From the moment when the temperatures start to drop and the wind starts messing up my hair, I'm in desperate need of a little something on my head. I almost never leave the house without a beanie on my head these days, but of course a girl needs to be able to diversify a bit. My collection of beanies is slowly but steadily expanding: from only one or two last year to already five this year - and winter hasn't even really started.

There are endless possibilities in the beanie department: if you want to go for a low key beanie or rather make a statement, there is something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorites (I have already gotten my hands on four of them, and I'm refraining myself from buying another one just yet). What do you think about the beanie? Are you an addict too? 

From left to right: Choies - Boohoo - New Look - H&M - ASOS - ASOS - Boohoo - ASOS - ASOS - Choies - ASOS - ASOS

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Sunny tartan in the fall

Don't you just love those perfect fall days when the light hits the threes and the fallen leaves just right? On moments like this, I doubt whether characterizing myself as a summer person still goes. Where I have no hesitation about however is the fact that I'm a pure beanie addict. I just cannot leave the house anymore without something on my head - also, perfect to keep my hair under control and obey my rules. Therefore, a few weeks back I decided that two beanies just wouldn't cut it this fall/winter and so the search commenced. Do any of you experience getting something/some item stuck in your head and going to great lengths to obtain that certain something? Of course I'm talking at the moment about superficial things you want to buy, but I guess that might characterize a person with great determination who is willing to do what it takes to reach certain goals. Who knew shopping behavior could explain your psyche, right?

Beanie: Choies - Tartan shirt, shirt: H&M - Denim shorts: New Look - Flatforms: from Barcelona - Tights: River Island

So I bought three beanies already, and I'm not even halfway done. Here I'm wearing one of my favorites, searched in the quest by everyone known as 'I must have a beanie with some random text on it'. I can tell you I succeeded (double, but you'll probably see that soon enough). 

Currently listening to:
A combination of Bob Dylan (yes, I saw the great man perform this weekend) and Jimmy Eat World. 
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
People to use their common sense more often

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Red Carpet

Hat, skinnies, Chelsea Boots: H&M - Coat, scarf: Zara - Top: Mango - Earrings: Veritas

I promised you another outfit this week, and here it is starring a lot of newbies. I went to a lecture about typography on Tuesday at Z33 in Hasselt but beforehand I wanted to go shopping because I was determined I needed a hat in my wardrobe. No sooner said than done, I found mine at H&M and it immediately came in quite handy as it was raining cats and dogs. People always tend to look weird whenever you put something on your head or in your hair, or at least that's how it feels for me whenever I'm wearing my flower headband, my hat or having my head wrapped in my scarf. Seriously, what's so weird about it?

Second, there are THE SHOES, I was talking about here. I spotted them again some time ago in Antwerp and didn't think twice. I just had to be the owner of this great pair of Chelsea Boots because I can't pull of biker boots. I don't know why, they never suit me. I'm really digging these because the classic model has been spiced up with the buckles and the tiny iron strip on the back. Perfect detail, perfect combo of Chelsea Boots meets biker boots.

Next up my incredible Zara blanket scarf I picked up in Paris. It's so BIG and soft and warm, I really love it. It is the perfect item to keep you warm without having to grab your winter coat already. My jacket and top are a bit chilly for this kind of weather, but this scarf really makes up for that. Talking about my top. It's also new, it's from Mango and I got it with a discount. Ka-ching! I love the combination of the more preppy look of my top with my more grungy sort of pants. 

I'm going to channel my inner Cleopatra now and get ready for an Egyptian themed party later tonight. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Leopardly grey

 Coat, top, skinnies: H&M - Glitter boots: New Look - Earrings: Retro and Chic

This is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks back. Since I don't wear my pretty leopard coat nearly enough, I want to grab every opportunity to show you the outfits in which I am actually wearing it. In this post I was talking about how I need a pair of grey skinnies, but I concluded that my washed down black ones would suit just as fine. Of course, only a week later I spotted these, tried them one and took them home. So whenever I want something, I'm going to stop thinking about it and decide I don't need it. Apparently that's the trick for getting what you want.

My mind kind of is a blank today so I don't have much to add. There are some other newbies in my closet that I am dying to show you, so to make up for my silence I'll show another outfit later on this week! You excited yet?


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