Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: The Virgin Suicides

Doctor: "What are you doing here, honey? You're not even old enough to know how bad life gets."
Cecilia:"Obviously, Doctor, you've never been a 13-year-old girl."

 Shirt: H&M - Belt: Carrefour - Shorts: New Look - Sandals: Zara - Necklace: forgotten

"The virgin suicides" aka awkwardly posing in a forest in what seems to be my night gown. This movie by Sofia Coppola is one of my all-time favorites. It also has a really nice soundtrack by Air! If you have never seen it, really check it out! I must admit I haven't read the book yet. I'll put it on my list.

I was cleaning out my closet (literally) and (re)discovered this shirt. I almost put it with the pile I was going to bring to the clothing container, but a little voice said I should put it on first. It immediately made me think of the beautiful Lisbon sisters and their tragic story. So I figured I'd do a mini photo shoot, Virgin Suicides style. Any opportunity to be Kirsten Dunst is a good one.

I'm pretty happy with the results. I've had these images in my head and I reproduced them pretty well I think. And I've had fun making them, although running around in a forest in short shorts and sandals isn't the best idea one can have. And that suitcase was damn heavy to be carrying. Sorry for all the whining. (Not really.)

Outfit! The shirt is really old. No I'm exaggerating, it's a little more than 2 years old (I'm a date freak). I used to combine it with jeggings, but since Belgium transformed into some tropical island these days, that was totally out of the question. Short shorts it is! I thought the shirt was a tad too short to wear it without shorts underneath. It's not that I'm like THAT confident. The sandals are one of my two items I bought in the sales. Yeah, only two items! That's just plain sad, BUT the fact that these sandals are really pretty, sure makes up for it. And they're leopard. Leopuuuuurrrrrd.

The necklace is really old as well. And this time I'm not even exaggerating. I can't even remember where I once bought it. It was a store where I usually don't shop. I've worn this necklace A LOT, back in the days. It's not something I'd wear again immediately, but I thought it fitted the scene perfectly. It's one of those items I will never throw away.

I'm warning you, it's going to be a picture overload.. Please do tell me what you think!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Cheerleader squad

When Lies mentioned in one of the previous posts that she had a new skirt, I already knew trouble were ahead. That's because I was pretty sure I bought the same one a few weeks beforehand. Now, us buying the same or similar items has happened before (one of the risks of shopping at H&M and New Look) and always with the same consequences: walking around like Siamese twins or something. This time was no different. When I arrived at the Rock Herk festival, I heard a muffled scream along the lines of  a sad cat screaming 'Oh noo!' bursting out of Lies' mouth. Yep, we were wearing the same skirt. 

It felt like we were both about to cheer for our favorite hunky quarterback in the local high school team. However, I do think we styled it quite differently (good for us!). And this actually might just come down to the core of our styles and the combination of both of these styles: we are similar, but still different. This does not mean that we are copies or absolutely desperately trying to be the same girl. Nope, we are just best friends who are interested in the same styles, love the same things, shop at the same stores, inspire each other and both have brown hair. But we still do our own thing and love each other for it. Next time we'll coordinate our outfits though in order to NOT wear the same skirt at the same time.

Crop top, skirt, necklace: New Look - Bag, flower crown: H&M - Shoes: Vans - Sunglasses: Ebay 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: In the jungle

Last night, Sofie and I spent part of our evening at "Thomas Home & Garden inspiration", a big garden center in Kuringen, Hasselt. Not a typical place to spend your Tuesday evening on a hot summer night, but it was definitely worthwhile!

A little event took place to inspire you to make a "secret place" out of your garden. Sounds promising, no? It made me expect there were going to be some kind of workshops, but there weren't. You just had to wander around and let the whole place inspire you, which isn't that hard because it's such a beautiful setting! Titi from Titi and the German Kid and some fellow designers were also there, designing with flowers and plants. Don't you just ADORE the dress she designed?

When we arrived we immediately were presented a cocktail based on flowers (although mine was just Pisang I'm afraid) and there was a DJ firing up some tunes to get the mood straight. We wandered around the store (which is a giant jungle) for a while, drank some cocktails and dreamt about buying a jungle for our own garden someday. Lovely! 

And this is what I wore. Because of the whole event, I wanted to dress up accordingly so I chose my H&M jungle pants. While looking at the pictures, I'm not completely satisfied with the combination of my top, but well, it's what I wore so I'm going to show it anyway. Paired my jungle pants with some wildcat earrings and leopard purse. And while I was thinking 'bout which shoes to wear, my eyes fell on my water sandals. I bought them last year in France after a visit to a rocky beach (auwtsj), but never had to wear them because we only saw sandy beaches afterwards. But I think they're really pretty to just wear in daily life, so that's what I did. I was actually surprised by how comfortable they are! Winner!

Warning: shitload of pictures ahead!

Top: COS - Pants: H&M - Watersandals: supermarket, France - Earrings, purse: Forever 21 - Ring: Inimini Homemade

Dress by Karolien Verstraeten

I WANT THIS! Perfect color, perfect everything

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Moroccon dreaming

So I have been back from my last holiday for almost a month now (no worries though, the next one is already planned), and I'm only getting around to posting pictures about it now. Busy, much? After my holiday marathon and the obligatory attendances at several festivals (Graspop, Rock Werchter...), the time has come to get some serious work done. Luckily (sadly?), the weather gods have finally given in to summer! 

On this particular last holiday I went to Taghazout, near Agadir in Morocco. I had never visited a muslim country, and I have to say it was sooo much better than expected. We mainly went there to surf the shit out of those waves (talking big, you know how I roll) and it was GREAT! I really made some good progress, the weather was hot hot hot and we met some great, super funny people along the road. Win-win-win situation! Oh, and I jumped (a little) cliff, booya. First picture you see me jumping, last one you see me landing aka a big splash of hair and arms. 

Outfit-wise not much to tell you, I practically lived in my bikinis/wetsuit and every morning I found myself reaching again for denim shorts and a simple shirt (which is actually my go to summer gear on days I don't have to work). HOWEVER! I did manage to wear some real clothes every once in a while. I present you exhibit A: 

Dress: Stradivarius - Sandals: Sac d'Anvers - Backpack, bracelet: souks Marrakech - Denim shirt: Men's department H&M - Hat: H&M - Necklace: vintage - Sunglasses: Ebay

The dress is one of my Stradivarius buys from Porto and the backpack is a heavily bargained item that I bought in the souks in Marrakech. Can you believe the shirt was only 5 euros in the men's department of H&M? Big fat mental high five to myself. 

So do you guys have any holidays planned? Or festivals you're attending? And for the surfers out there, any good spots that are not too far away from Belgium that I should visit? The surf vibe is buzzing yet again. 

I'll leave you guys with one very breathtaking view of the ocean from our apartment and one very funny picture of a wave approaching me. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Porto buys

Yes, it's Porto again. Sue us. We've spent last Friday dancing in the rain, which was fun, but I'm craving some sunshine here! Sunshine! Cocktails! Swimming! Dresses! So it's time for some reminiscing.

During our first day in Porto, we went shopping. It was hard not to as our apartment was only a couple of streets away from the big shopping street. And there I met Stradivarius. It was love at first sight, like head over heels, and I've been thinking about him every day since I got back. He totally ignored my budget and left me broke to the penny, but oh my I couldn't care less. The things I got in return are totally worth my madness! I swear to God that we hadn't been drinking Caipirinhas beforehand but we acted like wild animals in that store.

This dress and the bag are some of my buys at Stradivarius. Strapless, tie-dye, white. I really do not need to say more, do I? Yes, it occurs to me also that my skirt from my previous post kind of resembles this dress, as it's also light blue and tie-dye'ish. So what, it's my thing now. The zipper on the back does tend to open, without me wanting that. But nothing a little hook can't fix. Thank you Natalie for 'hooking me up' each day!

Because of all that dancing in the rain all night last Friday, I'm stuck with a throat infection. So I'm going to leave you with this and a promise to write a more coherent story next time.

Dress, bag; Stradivarius - Shoes: H&M - Ring: New Look - Earrings: market at the Primavera Festival - Sunglasses: ModCloth - Hairpin: Veritas


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