Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We Wear: Dublin Tourist

I love travelling. Seeing the world, indulging in foreign food, drinks and habits and just wander around with big eyes and soak up everything you see. So that's what I did when I went to Dublin last week. We arrived in the evening and after we dropped our things at the hotel (with a verrrry cute receptionist guy, hot damn) we went for our first Guinness. Of course Guinness, or what did you expect. Pubs in Ireland do tend to close early so we were friendly asked to leave after that very first pint. We crossed the Liffey and explored the city some more, stumbling upon another pub with a lot of people outside. We hesitantly went inside but I immediately felt at ease: a guy with a guitar singing some songs, a lot of loud (and probably drunk) Irish people and glass scattered on the floor. Definitely my kind of scene. We ordered some more Guinness and easily blended in with the crowd.

After a couple of rounds, some light dancing and getting rid of one annoying and very drunk dude - they come with every country -  we decided to hit the sack. The tone was set, the love for Dublin was growing. (Actually that love started immediately at the airport where I discovered a hot iron in the ladies room. I felt like Dublin really understood me - and others with difficult hair.)

I didn't take many outfit pictures I'm sorry, but you'll get the idea. I wore the same kind of outfit during our two day stay. I had my new leather jacket with me but it was too damn cold and windy so I stuck with my precious leopard coat.

Leopard coat, cardigan, shirt, skinnies: H&M - Sneakers: Vans - Sunglasses: ModCloth - Bag, scarf: Zara
Sorry for the I-hung-myself-in-my-scarf-look.

I want these tubes in my house / loft / apartment

Obligatory walking selfie.

Can you guess what's in the bag?

And here's a sneak peek of some new items, curious yet?

Have any of you ever visited Dublin? Did you like it as much as I did?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Wear: Being nice is cool

Let's spread some love on this nice, sunshiny day, shall we? And what better way to do so than with the always-by-my-side tote bag staple? Exactly. The rest of the outfit entirely consists of items that made an appearance on the blog before, I seem to reach for them time after time again. I guess you could say I'm in desperate need of some new inhabitants of my closet (spoiler alert: I'm doing a great job at prepping for spring and summer). Nevertheless, I think that scarf/blanked might just be my best winter buy. 

Coat: my mom's - Jeggings: Pull & Bear - Scarf: Zara - Tartan shirt: Primark - Boots: Doc Martens - Beanie: Choies - Tote bag: Titi + The German Kid

I realized just the other day that I am in fact a true fan of the weather we've been experiencing lately. A slow transition from winter to spring, one day running around bare-ankled hiding my face behind sunglasses, and the other day snuggling up in that cozy knit I cannot seem to part with. Something we Belgians entirely missed last year: In the blink of an eye, we went from snow to heat wave, or at least in my mind. 

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The Starting Line.
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Galaxy Vans and the weekend.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Wear: Caramel Cappuccino

Shirt, blazer, pants, Chelsea Boots: H&M - Sunglasses: ModCloth - Watch: Casio (Urban Outfitters) - Earrings: Hema

Hello there spring, did I already mention I love you? Seems like my fear for slippery roads this winter was totally unnecessary, since all we're getting are marvelous rays of sunshine. If the weather suddenly decides to snow, I swear I'm going to cry. I'm over it.

I know that I've been wearing these pants and these shoes A LOT on the blog. And by a lot, I really mean a lot. They just go so well together and the fit of these pants is to die for. But I added some new items on my favorite bottom-combo. A striped shirt is as much of a basic as a little black dress and what screams "Paris" more than the combination of stripes with a blazer. Exactly, nothing. My eye fell on this caramel colored one and it still was on discount! Oh how I love that. It is a size bigger than what I would "usually" buy, but that doesn't matter in my book. It still fits you know.

This is the outfit I wore to celebrate Sofie's birthday and if I'd say it had been a good night I would be lying. It was AMAZING! Although some parts may have gone lost in the endless chambers that form my brain. Like eating cheese croquettes at 5 in the morning, such a sad memory to get lost. Cheese croquettes are amazing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Wear: Once upon a time

With spring peeking around the corner and it being March and all, I figured I should clear out all the outfit pictures I still have laying around. Today's one is a winter outfit and I have this tinkling feeling that these weeks may be the last for it to be relevant - weather wise that is. Aside from that oracular note straight from my glass sphere, I don't have much to add. It are busy times, all under the motto of "Work hard, play hard" which will most certainly will end in "Crash hard".

Jumper: New Yorker - Skirt: New Look - Shirt, necklace: H&M - Boots: Doc Martens - Coat: Primark - Beanie: Choies 

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Nothing really, what's going on...
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Jelly sandals.



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