Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Tartan Eggplant and the last snow

Coat, scarf: Zara - Tartan shirt: Urban Outfitters - Skinnies: New Look - Boots: Steve Madden - Mittens: H&M

Don't you agree that my title sounds just like it could be the title of a comic book? Tartan Eggplant is obviously the hero and 'the last snow' is some cryptic description of an evil force he has to defeat.

Unfortunately, the only adventure this outfit went to was going to work. Don't get me wrong, it's also exciting, but saving the world just is a different category than designing packaging. Anyways, I really wanted to take some pictures in the snow (I mentioned it on Twitter and I'll say it again: those who think the stupid rain is better than snow are crazy in tha coconut!), so I took these photos on Saturday instead of my regular Sunday photo day. I am SUCH a rebel, I know. So excuse me if I look tired. I had to get up at EIGHT 'O CLOCK that morning, because some dude was coming to fix the heating in my boyfriend's bedroom. If Tartan Eggplant really was a superhero, he would've kicked that dude's ass for shhhhhure.

Enough with the incoherent rambling. The outfit consists of all new pieces, except for the shoes that you've already seen here (why do I look so chubby in those pictures?). Spotted the coat at Zara a couple of weeks ago already, but managed to wait until the SALES! Hooray! I really love it, it's so classy but not boring. And I like military green on coats like that. The tartan shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I didn't own a tartan shirt yet and I thought the time was ripe for some change. It's flannel, it's long and it's sort of pink and green = take it home with you. The skinnies are from New Look and I was really surprised by their fit. I mentioned it before that pants and I aren't the best of friends in the fitting room, but these pants and I got along pretty well.

I like to wear some easy combo's to work, but I agree if you say this outfit maybe isn't inspiring enough. I get the same feeling. Sorry!

Monday, January 28, 2013

INSPIRATION: Fruitylicious

Two weeks ago, I was sale shopping in Antwerp. At Urban Outfitters I spotted a purrrr-fect citrus printed blouse. In fact, it seemed like one of my grandma's tablecloths hanging on a clothing rack. That's enough for me to tickle my fancy. My heart started pounding, my pace was speeding up and I kept my elbows ready to push potential danger (read: other customers) to the far end of the store. I felt like holding the Holy Grail with rays of sunlight bursting out when I got my hands on that blouse. Very proud of my find, I showed it to my boyfriend who ALSO liked it. But of course, all good things come to an end. I noticed the price tag on which they wrote: "Damaged: hole". And it wasn't just a hole, the whole backside was torn along the seam, so with pouting lips I hung my treasure back on the rack. While thinking of it in retrospect, I should've asked for a major discount. I maybe could've done something else with that lovely print. However, I'm not much of a crafty wizard.

But ever since that unfortunate event, the citrus and fruity prints keep popping up in my head. They're just such a fun and quirky add to your outfit. I already have this tank top with a giant strawberry which I bring with me to like every festival I attend. It's cute and fun! And though Stella McCartney already used citrus as inspiration for her SS11 collection, I think it will never go out of style. Or at least not now.

 Here are my favorite online finds:

Stella McCartney SS11

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Isn't that pineapple playsuit to die for? Number two really resembles the one I found at Urban Outfitters! What do you guys think of citrus and/or fruit prints? Are you horrified by the thought, or does it make you feel nostalgic like me? Thinking of citrus always makes me thirsty.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Pot of gold and a leprechaun

Haha fooled ya! No pot of gold (sadly) and no leprechaun (even more sad), but a lot of gold is definitely going on here. When I bought the golden skirt, I could already see myself wearing it with a chunky oversized sweater to balance its chicness (what a weird word) a little bit out. I mean, yes, I could wear this skirt in an obvious festive way, but that's not exactly how I wanted to style it. And more importantly, I did not only want to wear it on New Year's Eve or something like that. Therefore, I toughened it up a little bit.

Because I (also) wanted to wear this outfit to work, I decided to combine it with all black items. First, because the combination black & yellow, I mean black & gold, can't go wrong. Second, because a golden skirt is quite eye-catching and I wanted to limit the eye-catching to the skirt. Additionally, the combination of the skirt and my pink hair always give me the feeling that it's on the edge of stylish and almost over to the dark side. I was thinking about letting the pink colour in my hair fade out, but in the meantime, I've already re-dyed my hair. And I'm thinking about dying the ends of my hair in a bit of a purple shade to have some sort of transition from pink to purple. What do you think?

PS: When looking at the pictures, I think the outfit may be a little bit to black. It's weird to see myself in so much black. What's even more weird is that I have in fact tons of black items, but hardly ever wear them together. 

Sweater, skirt: New Yorker - Stockings: Zeeman - Ring: New Look - Sunglasses: Vans - Fur, beanie: H&M - Coat: Primark - Shoes: Van Dalen

Monday, January 21, 2013


Socks. Not really the most interesting piece of clothing one can wear, nor an item that usually draws attention. I have to admit, I myself almost always wear plain black socks, mostly because it's easy to combine with just about anything. Nevertheless, I do appreciate an outfit that toys around with whimsical socks to give it an extra funny edge. The style that immediately pops in my mind are brogues combined with colored, printed socks. For men, but also in a more androgynous style for women. I actually also like printed socks combined with Vans, but I couldn't find a decent picture to illustrate it. Use your imagination though, you can do it!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

With this in mind, I wanted to introduce you to a brand that specializes in funny, edgy socks: Sock You. This brand is not afraid of being different and yells a big 'Sock you!' to all boring socks out there! Because it is a local brand and local brands should be supported as much as possible, go check them out. The socks are all one size and unisex and you can order them online or go to one of the dealers (sounds like drugs, but okay, don't mean that!). 

I have already bought the Skeletors (last picture) and totally love them! The online service is also very good: very client friendly and when my package didn't arrive, they helped me as fast and as good as possible. Even got an extra pair for free, because the wait was longer than expected. Now, let's go buy some socks!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Summer skirt

Coat, scarf, skirt: H&M - Jumper: Romwe - Ballerinas, bag: Zara - Bracelet: Mango - Earrings: ModCloth - Ring: Carrefour - Nailpolish: Catrice Pimp my Shrimp

I'm fully aware that this title may raise some eyebrows. It's midst winter, on the news they're constantly talking 'bout the snow and the heavy traffic thereby, and I'm frolicking about in my summer skin skirt. I have to be honest that I took these pictures on Sunday and no snow was to be seen (yet). It was freezing cold though, that's why I paired my breezy skirt with my less breezy Romwe jumper and H&M leopard coat. Okay, the ballerinas are way too optimistic for this time of year BUT it has been autumn weather up until last week, so I didn't want to give up on them just yet. They've been my partners in crime for three years now, picked them up at Zara and I still love them.

 The jumper is one of my first online buys and I simply ADORE it. The color, the fit, the spikes...ALL is good! I also bought the cat jumper as seen here, but it's a tad too baggy for me. It's perfect to just hang around on a Sunday afternoon but it's too shapeless for me to wear on a regular basis, for instance for work. BUT when I see this outfit by The Mad Twins, I feel like I should give this jumper another try. Try to style it unthought-of maybe. I'll let you know how that works out. 

 I really love how this outfit turned out. I feel like this is a real Lies-outfit (pink and green combined, what a surprise) in which I feel perfectly comfortable. So I was eager to go out on Sunday! Grab a coffee or something, but all of my friends were busy or car-less. What a loss for the world. Also, once the holidays are over I'm totally ready for spring. When sitting behind glass and looking at the sun, I can almost SMELL spring is around the corner. I always get this nostalgic spring vibe around this time of year, so I added a mini moodboard at the end of the post to express my vibe. Wasn't easy to find the right pictures though, just retro and vintage isn't enough! Also listen to the song, it's a great song.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Four Eyes

Today's post is quite a premiere: it's the first post where I'm wearing my glasses! I actually wear my glasses very often, because my contact lenses make my eyes hurt like hell (read: tears, redness, dryness...) when I stare at a computer screen all day long. Which is in fact every day during the week when I have to work/look at my computer screen hoping for a divine intervention (just joking). If ANYONE out there has tips on how to be able to wear contact lenses without having the feeling that your eyes are willing to separate from the rest of your body, do please let me know!

I'm not really gonna ramble about my clothes; it's just clothes and not some life changing revelation (maybe next time I will let you in on the true meaning of life). I'm wearing pants (well, not really, it are leggings), a collared shirt, a blouse, shoes... About the shoes, these are the ones I already wrecked (a bit) after wearing them only once which I've told you guys here. I've got the Heideroosjes to thank for that (no seriously, thank you for that GREAT farewell show).

I do want to enlighten you with my non-shopping-for-the-rest-of-the-month vow, maybe that will help me see through it. Basically, I overdosed on shopping in my week off (Antwerp, thou art a lovely city; Primark, thou art a marvelous store) and now I'm going cold turkey. I decided this already a week ago, but then I saw the pair of shoes I was looking for and well, that went wrong. But in a good way, considering I've got (another) pair of studded boots! I'll keep you posted on my rehab experiences. 

PS: For all you glitter loving girlfriends (or boyfriends, I'm open-minded) who have a hard time getting rid of those glitters on your nails, do try this tutorial from StyleLab. It really works!

 Leggings: Action - Blouse: Primark - Collared shirt: H&M - Hat: River Island - Necklace: New Look - Boots: Sacha


Monday, January 7, 2013

INSPIRATION: Sweat baby sweat

It isn't that cold these days, but I have the haunting omnipresent feeling that we do have a few ice cold winter days or even weeks ahead. Oh look, my predictive powers are obviously quite good. What is better than to snuggle up in a comfy sweater during these days? I hear you, nothing. Except wearing pajama pants and a blanket, but some of us have a job to attend and might get (even more) frowned upon showing up in merely a blanket. Just saying.

I've been looking for a sweater/sweatshirt with a cool print and a more sporty vibe for a few weeks now (which is actually quite long for me). Strolling along shops, in reality and virtually and getting more and more ideas stuck in my head. I could totally see myself wearing said sweater with a collared shirt underneath, maybe a skinny pants and some Vans or a skirt and brogues for a more classy style.

I actually found a TERRIFIC sweater in Forever 21 with a print of The Lion King (can't find it anymore however). And you have to know that The Lion King is my all-time Disney favorite. I had to have it, but unfortunately it wasn't in my size anymore. Sad face. Then I spotted a sweater with Snow White, but for one reason or another I deemed it inappropriate for my 'oh-god-I'm-turning-26-this-year' ass. Bambi however isn't too childish, I think. And yes, I do hear/read myself talking and I realize it sounds as complete bogus.


I'll leave you with a collage of some of my favorite sweaters. Do please tell me which one I should get or if you know other places with even better sweaters. Girl gots to make a well informed choice, right? I'm actually doubting between Bambi and Wonder Woman.

1: New Look                                       2, 3, 6, 11: Zalando                              4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10: River Island

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What We Wear New Year's: Neon coral

With a tiny delay, here's my New Year's Eve outfit! As you can see, I'm not wearing one of the dresses nor the outfit I blogged the other day. But I did find this blouse at Cos when I went shopping Saturday. I fell in love with it and I took it home with me. That's how I roll.

Because the blouse is quite the eyecatcher, I left the rest of my accessories rather simple: some earrings and a haircuff. I love wearing my hair in a high ponytail, and this haircuff makes the whole thing a bit more interesting. I found the earrings at ModCloth. I'm not the biggest fan of their dresses, but the jewelry is to die for! I love big, chunky earrings, so these minty ones had to be mine. Simple, yet not boring.

I'm very sorry for the poor quality of the photos. It has been quite hectic the past few days and I didn't have time to take outfit pictures outside, so I was forced to take pictures after work (when it's already pitchblack outside). But I tried to make something out of it. Forgive me? Also the color of the blouse is neon coral, quite hard to capture in a picture. Excuses, excuses.

New Year's Eve itself has been wonderful. We ate sushi at Eline's place, drank cava, played a quiz and went to a party afterwards at the Pax in Rummen. It's that kind of notorious place where your parents probably have met and still talk about all "everything used to be better" -ish. We had a good laugh and a good dance 'till 6 in the morning. I'm dead tired now. 

Blouse: Cos - Pants, haircuff: H&M - Shoes: Vans - Earrings: ModCloth - Bag: Zara

Some partypictures, thanks to Eline:


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