Thursday, January 3, 2013

What We Wear New Year's: Neon coral

With a tiny delay, here's my New Year's Eve outfit! As you can see, I'm not wearing one of the dresses nor the outfit I blogged the other day. But I did find this blouse at Cos when I went shopping Saturday. I fell in love with it and I took it home with me. That's how I roll.

Because the blouse is quite the eyecatcher, I left the rest of my accessories rather simple: some earrings and a haircuff. I love wearing my hair in a high ponytail, and this haircuff makes the whole thing a bit more interesting. I found the earrings at ModCloth. I'm not the biggest fan of their dresses, but the jewelry is to die for! I love big, chunky earrings, so these minty ones had to be mine. Simple, yet not boring.

I'm very sorry for the poor quality of the photos. It has been quite hectic the past few days and I didn't have time to take outfit pictures outside, so I was forced to take pictures after work (when it's already pitchblack outside). But I tried to make something out of it. Forgive me? Also the color of the blouse is neon coral, quite hard to capture in a picture. Excuses, excuses.

New Year's Eve itself has been wonderful. We ate sushi at Eline's place, drank cava, played a quiz and went to a party afterwards at the Pax in Rummen. It's that kind of notorious place where your parents probably have met and still talk about all "everything used to be better" -ish. We had a good laugh and a good dance 'till 6 in the morning. I'm dead tired now. 

Blouse: Cos - Pants, haircuff: H&M - Shoes: Vans - Earrings: ModCloth - Bag: Zara

Some partypictures, thanks to Eline:


  1. Mooie blouse & oorbellen!
    & ik vind de foto's net leuk met die print rond ;)

    x Denbelle

    1. Bedankt! En ik heb mijn best gedaan.. Mijn kamer was niet zo'n goede surrounding geweest!


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