Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Four Eyes

Today's post is quite a premiere: it's the first post where I'm wearing my glasses! I actually wear my glasses very often, because my contact lenses make my eyes hurt like hell (read: tears, redness, dryness...) when I stare at a computer screen all day long. Which is in fact every day during the week when I have to work/look at my computer screen hoping for a divine intervention (just joking). If ANYONE out there has tips on how to be able to wear contact lenses without having the feeling that your eyes are willing to separate from the rest of your body, do please let me know!

I'm not really gonna ramble about my clothes; it's just clothes and not some life changing revelation (maybe next time I will let you in on the true meaning of life). I'm wearing pants (well, not really, it are leggings), a collared shirt, a blouse, shoes... About the shoes, these are the ones I already wrecked (a bit) after wearing them only once which I've told you guys here. I've got the Heideroosjes to thank for that (no seriously, thank you for that GREAT farewell show).

I do want to enlighten you with my non-shopping-for-the-rest-of-the-month vow, maybe that will help me see through it. Basically, I overdosed on shopping in my week off (Antwerp, thou art a lovely city; Primark, thou art a marvelous store) and now I'm going cold turkey. I decided this already a week ago, but then I saw the pair of shoes I was looking for and well, that went wrong. But in a good way, considering I've got (another) pair of studded boots! I'll keep you posted on my rehab experiences. 

PS: For all you glitter loving girlfriends (or boyfriends, I'm open-minded) who have a hard time getting rid of those glitters on your nails, do try this tutorial from StyleLab. It really works!

 Leggings: Action - Blouse: Primark - Collared shirt: H&M - Hat: River Island - Necklace: New Look - Boots: Sacha


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  1. Supermooie combinatie: die pull, lederlook & boots: ik ben fan!

    x Denbelle


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