Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bazaar Bizar Deluxe

Ok, before I start writing: the date of the previous post just changed. Well, who cares you say? The title is 'What We Wear WEDNESDAY' and stupid blogger says it's posted on a Thursday. Liar.

But let's cut to the chase. Our surf trip has been AMAZING! Thanks again to everyone to make this trip unforgettable. And a special thank you to Sofie for being such a perfect chauffeur (we'll forget our little rollercoaster ride). I really miss the sound of the rumbling waves and the beautiful, hot sun. And still I'm not cutting to the chase.

The day after our return (actually a few hours later), it was time for Bazaar Bizar Deluxe! A vintage, handmade market located in an old farmhouse, co-organised by Sundays are Fundays. The concept 'Bazaar Bizar' was already well-known in the area. My friend Eline has been organising it, together with another friend, for two years now and every time there were more and more visitors. When we and two other friends (Ralf and Stijn) started Sundays are Fundays (a concept where we try to avoid lazy, wasted Sundays and get people out of their houses) we needed a kickoff event, and what better than Bazaar Bizar? Together we agreed to spice things up a little, make it an even more unique concept by only allowing crafters who sell pure handmade things. No etsy-bricolage that is. We arranged some music to wrap around the market and our friends from Asado Amigos made sure nobody was hungry by providing us with homemade hamburgers. Okay, they were sold out very rapidly so maybe some stomachs were left unfilled. I blame Darwin.

 It has been a great success. The weather was fine (chilly compared to Labenne, but still) and dry, drinks were chilled and people were enjoying themselves. For me it has been the perfect Sunday after our holiday.

And we spotted some leopard boots. A day is always better when you can wear or at least spot some leopard stuff. We all agree on that, don't we? Even my mom was wearing a leopard scarf, hooray for that! And of course you have seen Karolien's outfit of that day and thus her leopard clutch. 

Here are some pictures to get you in the mood:

My folks!
Leopard boots

Koek en Keek

Karolien's sister!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Summer blues

Oh boy, is it autumn already?! We just got back from our surf holiday in Labenne, France (which was great!) and while we were gone, the whole country already went dark colors, hats and scarfs, full autumn style. I am so not ready for that, I just need a little Indian summer to say my goodbyes to sultry summer nights, barbecues and drinking cocktails outside.

The thing I have the most trouble with every time the season changes is the emergence of doubt about pretty much every single piece in my wardrobe. Especially in the transition from summer to autumn, I find this very annoying. Too chilly to wear frisky summer clothes, but not yet really into the whole autumn-winter vibe. And most importantly, I need to go shopping first, BEFORE autumn can start. I'm sorry for all you people who are ready for autumn, I'm just not, so you're gonna have to wait. By the way, am I the only one with this problem? Anybody else who finds it hard to hide your short denim shorts in the darkest places of your wardrobe while starting the everlasting search for the perfect winter coat?

Anyway, this outfit is a perfect example of me not knowing what to wear and especially not wanting to enter autumn. I wore this on Sunday, the day after we got back, to go to a handmade market that we talked about here (Bazaar Bizar Deluxe). Obviously without having a clue that whilst it was still summer in Labenne, that was sadly not the case here. Vibrant colors and no jacket, I nearly froze my ass off. Best way to get over this blues? Shopping time! 

Pants, top: H&M - Denim shirt: Primark - shoes: Vans - Purse: New Look - Headband: Pamplona, Spain 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Containerships and Make-up

Saturday was a VERY hot day and it was also the day we were helping out a friend's friend (but hey, we're all friends here, right?). For her make-up classes, she wanted to transform us, two other friends and herself in straight up, don't-mess-with us rock chicks. And boy oh boy, did she succeed! Big hair and dark eyes were the two key ingredients of our looks that day. Add with that some leather, denim, camo and black clothes and a sniff of broody glances (yes, I've been reading the Fifty Shades books) and mission accomplished! I also learned something new: to get that lovely big hair, just hide some curlers in your hair. I'm totally trying that!

After getting ready and semi melting away in my case (plastic, fake leather pants are a bad idea when the sun is working in overdrive to compensate for her absence this summer), we took the car and went to a transport company to shoot some pictures. Although we got some funny looks when entering the domain, the containers proved to be a very good tool to authenticate the mood in the pictures. Besides, I totally love climbing and hopping off things, so yay! 

As Lies shot most of the pictures, I told her I'd select some of the pictures to post. But who am I actually kidding, I suck at doing that, making choices and all is just so tiring. So a warning of caution is at place here, picture overload ahead!

PS: Next week will be a quiet week for Peaches & Peaches, the blog that is, considering we're on a holiday to Labenne, France. For us personally however, I'm sure it will be anything but quiet!
 MUA: Nathalie Mertens


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Coral Collar

The title of this post may have deceived you. You were all probably thinking that I was wearing one of these mega-fashionable collars in a coral shade. But instead the total blouse is coral and it happens to have a collar. What can I say: I love alliterations. I could've also said "Coral Chemise" but let's not fool ourselves: collar sounds so much better!

This intro has been totally useless because I just want to show you guys what I was wearing to the presentation of the F/W collection of TTGK last friday. I knew there would be a lot of ultra-fashionable people hanging around there that night and that I wouldn't be able to top them. And it's not a matter of 'topping' anyone, I just felt intimidated before I even got there, so I chose a more basic outfit: black skinny jeans, coral chemise (there you have it) and my black polka dot shoes combined with a thrifted bag that could fit my camera. I left my jacket in the car, it was like a 100 degrees inside the Muziekodroom.

These aren't my Zara skinnies as seen HERE, I bought these at Urban Outfitters about two years ago. And however Urban Outfitters isn't the cheapest store in town, these pants weren't too expensive at all! The black isn't really black anymore though, it seems more like a dark blue now. But they fit so damn perfectly that I can't seem to get rid of them. My shoes are also from UO and I bought them this spring. They were actually overpriced (50 euros YOW), but they were having sales for some reason so I bought them for only 20 euros, SCOOORE!  And only moments later I spotted the most perfect glitter boots at H&M, the same ones as Annebeth is rocking HERE and HERE, but my wallet forbid me to buy them. I listened, but oh hell it will have been the last time! I learned one thing: when it concerns GLITTER, just go for it. In fact, let it be a lesson for all of you!

Parka: ZARA - Blouse: H&M - Skinnies, shoes: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Pimkie - Bag: thrifted - Necklace: my mom's

P.S.: I really don't know why I suddenly look like a badass mofo when I put on my jacket. 

"Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you" stuck in my head thanks to this photo.

Monday, September 10, 2012

TITI + THE GERMAN KID: The day destroys the night

The name "Kristien Follon" perhaps doesn't immediately ring a bell (make sure you remember it now). But when I tell you that she is actually TITI + THE GERMAN KID, you should all be "aaaaaah"-ing in front of your computer.

T + TGK is an emerging Belgian fashion label and last friday she bombed us with her F/W collection called "The day destroys the night". She invited us all to the Muziekodroom in Hasselt to take a peek at the new collection and to watch her short film she made to tell an even better story.

Everything's better at night, including your ideas. Why? Because everyone's asleep, so they're actually yours.

TITI usually works at night, so she decided to use this as inspiration for her new collection.  T + TGK stands for bright colors and happy prints. She replaced the bright colors for darker shades, but kept the happy prints (check out the big bear sweater!).

Because she could't tell the story behind this collection in just pictures, she also made a short film together with Cristophe Johanns. "Sex, rock 'n roll...en een koppeltje dat tv aan't kijken is.",  is how she announced her film. It made everyone laugh, and that's what I like about T + TGK: humor!  My favorite piece is the green fur jacket. It's actually waaaay beyond my budget (recently-graduated-still-looking-for-a-job-person) but it's absolutely worth it. At least I'll be in style while living in the gutter.

Make sure you visit TITI's website to view the whole collection online.

Model: Laura Theys

Kristien Follon aka TITI

Model, muse and photographer: Tatiana Thielens

SPOTTED: other curious bloggers whom we already follow but have never met in the flesh. Kim (Absolutely Mrs. K) and Elspeth (Oh my Jenkins)! 


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