Friday, September 14, 2012

Containerships and Make-up

Saturday was a VERY hot day and it was also the day we were helping out a friend's friend (but hey, we're all friends here, right?). For her make-up classes, she wanted to transform us, two other friends and herself in straight up, don't-mess-with us rock chicks. And boy oh boy, did she succeed! Big hair and dark eyes were the two key ingredients of our looks that day. Add with that some leather, denim, camo and black clothes and a sniff of broody glances (yes, I've been reading the Fifty Shades books) and mission accomplished! I also learned something new: to get that lovely big hair, just hide some curlers in your hair. I'm totally trying that!

After getting ready and semi melting away in my case (plastic, fake leather pants are a bad idea when the sun is working in overdrive to compensate for her absence this summer), we took the car and went to a transport company to shoot some pictures. Although we got some funny looks when entering the domain, the containers proved to be a very good tool to authenticate the mood in the pictures. Besides, I totally love climbing and hopping off things, so yay! 

As Lies shot most of the pictures, I told her I'd select some of the pictures to post. But who am I actually kidding, I suck at doing that, making choices and all is just so tiring. So a warning of caution is at place here, picture overload ahead!

PS: Next week will be a quiet week for Peaches & Peaches, the blog that is, considering we're on a holiday to Labenne, France. For us personally however, I'm sure it will be anything but quiet!
 MUA: Nathalie Mertens


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