Thursday, September 27, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Summer blues

Oh boy, is it autumn already?! We just got back from our surf holiday in Labenne, France (which was great!) and while we were gone, the whole country already went dark colors, hats and scarfs, full autumn style. I am so not ready for that, I just need a little Indian summer to say my goodbyes to sultry summer nights, barbecues and drinking cocktails outside.

The thing I have the most trouble with every time the season changes is the emergence of doubt about pretty much every single piece in my wardrobe. Especially in the transition from summer to autumn, I find this very annoying. Too chilly to wear frisky summer clothes, but not yet really into the whole autumn-winter vibe. And most importantly, I need to go shopping first, BEFORE autumn can start. I'm sorry for all you people who are ready for autumn, I'm just not, so you're gonna have to wait. By the way, am I the only one with this problem? Anybody else who finds it hard to hide your short denim shorts in the darkest places of your wardrobe while starting the everlasting search for the perfect winter coat?

Anyway, this outfit is a perfect example of me not knowing what to wear and especially not wanting to enter autumn. I wore this on Sunday, the day after we got back, to go to a handmade market that we talked about here (Bazaar Bizar Deluxe). Obviously without having a clue that whilst it was still summer in Labenne, that was sadly not the case here. Vibrant colors and no jacket, I nearly froze my ass off. Best way to get over this blues? Shopping time! 

Pants, top: H&M - Denim shirt: Primark - shoes: Vans - Purse: New Look - Headband: Pamplona, Spain 

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