Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Stripes

(A title doesn't always need to be very witty, right? Stripes is what I'm wearing, and therefore stripes will be my title. (I should stop justifying myself all the time.))

A little while ago Sarah from The Vintageblues contacted us and asked if we wanted to 'style' some of her jewelry in our outfits. So we went to her garden party a couple of weeks ago, picked out some jewelry we could borrow and here's the first result!

I chose a set of earrings and a matching ring with a pinky coral chevron print. I don't have to explain anymore that I adore coral, and I have a thing for chevron. Karolien already pointed out this set to me because she also knows me that well. I had my doubts at first, because I NEVER wear sets of things. I usually mix and (mis)match. So therefore: challenge accepted.

I chose to style these chevron stripes with even more stripes. In my head it seemed right to style this matching set with some more of the same but different. Does that make any sense? I think it worked out pretty well, but feel free to comment!

Also, go and take a look at the Vintageblues' Facebook page, where you can check out the pretty stuff she makes: hair clips, buttons, necklaces and she also sells vintage clothes, shoes,  scarfs and purses. I really adore here 'goldies' series, so simple and sophisticated!

P.S. Don't mind my weird posing moves, I guess I had a 'bad posing day', and it apparently didn't occur to me to tilt my camera a little towards the sky...bad photographer!

Dress: Mango - Jacket: H&M - Loafers: La Bottega - Bag: Stradivarius - Earrings + ring: The Vintageblues


And ow yeah, even the inside of my bag is covered in stripes!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Something old,something new

Considering my mom is currently moving to a new place, quite evidently that also means that I've got some stuff to move. And by 'move' I mostly mean: clear out, and especially my closet. Luckily, I've been experiencing that cluttered, suffocating feeling lately of having too much stuff (been happening more and more, am I growing up?), so a perfect opportunity emerges! 

I haven't actually cleared out my closet just yet, but I did cast a quick glance on some of my old items that I might throw out. And there it was, the dress I almost wore to death back in 2009: a colorful, frolicsome summer dress by H&M. On all previous big cleaning up occasions, I kept the dress, thinking I might wear it again someday. Naturally, that didn't happen. This time I put myself to a challenge: wear the dress in an outfit that you'll actually wear and you can keep it. 

(excuse my after-exams-drunk face): 

Dress, peace ring, flower head band: H&M (old) - Denim vest: Cheap Monday - Necklace, cut-out boots: New Look - Black oval ring - Inimini homemade - Sunglasses: Ebay

And so I did. I decided to pair the summer dress with all new items. A denim cut-off vest which I customized myself just a little bit, a flower head band, 'peace' ring and round sunglasses to get the hippie vibe going and... my new cut-out boots! I'm so absolutely thrilled with them, although I did have to search a little bit to find the perfect pair. Mostly because I didn't want to spend 100 euro's on boots like that (even though I totally loved the Sacha ones too). I'm over the roof happy with them and glad that I am jumping on this shoe trend train (while I didn't get aboard with the whole sneaker wedges thing, I guess it just wasn't my style). 

Where do you stand on cut-out boots? Are you jumping on the train with me or are you content watching the train pass by from the platform?

Currently listening to
after their magnificent performance at the Pukkelpop festival, the XX of course, who else? 
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other)
an Iron Maiden band shirt

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Pukkelpop Preparations

T-shirt: St-Olliver's men's department/ DIY - Shorts: New Look - Shoes: Vans - Headband: dress-up shop

So, who else is leaving for Pukkelpop tonight? As a yearly tradition, we will be there! Rocking our socks off, drinking some beers, invent crazy oneliners and basically stroll around at the festival grounds. There is nothing better than attending Pukkelpop for the full three (and a half) days.

So to get you in the mood, I'm showing you one of my outfits I carefully planned out for this holy event. It seems like I'm in some jungle again, pretend those are the mighty Pukkelpop flags waving down on you. Festivals scream for jeans shorts, they are comfy and versatile. This pair from New Look still works it's charm. I spotted the t-shirt at the St-Olliver's men's department. The pale hues of green and purple together with the palmtrees tickled my fancy. And there's also a triangle to add a pinch of hipster. (Yes, I actually said that.) Because it was a man's shirt, I cut off the sleeves and made the neckline more feminine. I also cut out the back some more, because I like an open back. This t-shirt now is ideal festival material: breezy, pretty and hipster. (Yes, I said it again.) Paired the whole thing off with my dear Vans and my pretty headband.

Did I by the way already mention I lost my super pretty flower headband I got at Sacha? I'm so bummed! If I don't find it, sooner or later someone is going to pay for that. In a lethal way. WHERE IS MY BAZOOKA WHEN I NEED IT?!

Come find us at Pukkelpop and say hiiii!!!

I wore the same outfit to go to the Lokerse Feesten two weeks ago. We totally got caught instagramming by Studio Brussel! We don't look at our phones ALL of the time, we just saw a really amazing show by Enter Shikari and took some cool photos we wanted to share with the world. Yes, I felt the need to justify myself (ourselves).

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Dare to do dungarees

Today I'll take you guys back to the old school. Remember those times when all you had to worry about was getting at the dinner table in the evening in time in order to not piss off your mom? Those times when around this time of the year friends came on play dates, tents were built, Barbie dolls lived a dream life, camps were set up in the woods/backyard, trees were climbed and intruders were 'shot' with a bow and an arrow. Yes, I'm referring to the wonder years: childhood. 

I remember packing my backpack with all necessities for an afternoon of survival in the forest (read: our backyard and more importantly the meadows and orchards that lay behind it). A little something to drink, a cookie, my binoculars and my drawing pad with a lead pencil was really all I needed. I would stay away for hours, pretending to be an adventurist and drawing things (both real things as imaginative, although I'm still pretty sure I saw a real gnome back then). 

From time to time, it is necessary to let that inner child come out and play. So why not dress appropriately when that time comes? In my opinion, there is nothing more of a typical outfit for me when I was a kid than dungarees, although I have to admit I was more into the skirt dungarees at the time. 

Converses on, longboard with and let's play! 
(And maybe I should get that drawing pad from under the dust and go seek more adventures.)

PS: Those who follow me on Instagram (@sneilorak) might have already noticed, but there were also some cows involved in this little adventure! 

Dungarees: New Look - Striped top, neon bra: H&M - Sunglasses: Vans - Shoes: Converse - Trucker cap: ? - Leather backpack: Morocco

 I'm really a kid, can't even dress myself properly 

P.S.: Listen to this great song as it is quite appropriate for today's post (Iron Chic - Timecop):


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