Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Something old,something new

Considering my mom is currently moving to a new place, quite evidently that also means that I've got some stuff to move. And by 'move' I mostly mean: clear out, and especially my closet. Luckily, I've been experiencing that cluttered, suffocating feeling lately of having too much stuff (been happening more and more, am I growing up?), so a perfect opportunity emerges! 

I haven't actually cleared out my closet just yet, but I did cast a quick glance on some of my old items that I might throw out. And there it was, the dress I almost wore to death back in 2009: a colorful, frolicsome summer dress by H&M. On all previous big cleaning up occasions, I kept the dress, thinking I might wear it again someday. Naturally, that didn't happen. This time I put myself to a challenge: wear the dress in an outfit that you'll actually wear and you can keep it. 

(excuse my after-exams-drunk face): 

Dress, peace ring, flower head band: H&M (old) - Denim vest: Cheap Monday - Necklace, cut-out boots: New Look - Black oval ring - Inimini homemade - Sunglasses: Ebay

And so I did. I decided to pair the summer dress with all new items. A denim cut-off vest which I customized myself just a little bit, a flower head band, 'peace' ring and round sunglasses to get the hippie vibe going and... my new cut-out boots! I'm so absolutely thrilled with them, although I did have to search a little bit to find the perfect pair. Mostly because I didn't want to spend 100 euro's on boots like that (even though I totally loved the Sacha ones too). I'm over the roof happy with them and glad that I am jumping on this shoe trend train (while I didn't get aboard with the whole sneaker wedges thing, I guess it just wasn't my style). 

Where do you stand on cut-out boots? Are you jumping on the train with me or are you content watching the train pass by from the platform?

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  1. Ik vind zo'n cut out boots heel mooi, maar niet zo draagbaar. Hoe doe je dat met sokken? En wat als het regent? Ik ben veel te praktisch ingesteld haha.

    1. Ik plan (haha) ze te dragen mét sokken; ik heb al een paar outfits zo gezien en dat is best wel mooi, vind ik. Liefst gekleurde, ofwel zwarte als het wat minder opvallend moet :)
      Aan de regen heb ik echter nog niet gedacht... :p


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