Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Pukkelpop Preparations

T-shirt: St-Olliver's men's department/ DIY - Shorts: New Look - Shoes: Vans - Headband: dress-up shop

So, who else is leaving for Pukkelpop tonight? As a yearly tradition, we will be there! Rocking our socks off, drinking some beers, invent crazy oneliners and basically stroll around at the festival grounds. There is nothing better than attending Pukkelpop for the full three (and a half) days.

So to get you in the mood, I'm showing you one of my outfits I carefully planned out for this holy event. It seems like I'm in some jungle again, pretend those are the mighty Pukkelpop flags waving down on you. Festivals scream for jeans shorts, they are comfy and versatile. This pair from New Look still works it's charm. I spotted the t-shirt at the St-Olliver's men's department. The pale hues of green and purple together with the palmtrees tickled my fancy. And there's also a triangle to add a pinch of hipster. (Yes, I actually said that.) Because it was a man's shirt, I cut off the sleeves and made the neckline more feminine. I also cut out the back some more, because I like an open back. This t-shirt now is ideal festival material: breezy, pretty and hipster. (Yes, I said it again.) Paired the whole thing off with my dear Vans and my pretty headband.

Did I by the way already mention I lost my super pretty flower headband I got at Sacha? I'm so bummed! If I don't find it, sooner or later someone is going to pay for that. In a lethal way. WHERE IS MY BAZOOKA WHEN I NEED IT?!

Come find us at Pukkelpop and say hiiii!!!

I wore the same outfit to go to the Lokerse Feesten two weeks ago. We totally got caught instagramming by Studio Brussel! We don't look at our phones ALL of the time, we just saw a really amazing show by Enter Shikari and took some cool photos we wanted to share with the world. Yes, I felt the need to justify myself (ourselves).

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  1. Leuk dat je de top zelf hebt aangepast, one of a kind ;)
    Naomi, x


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