Friday, July 31, 2015

We Wear: Wedding attire

Ahhh weddings, if not for the food, I love attending them because they provide the perfect occasion for me to dress up and go all the way. Already over a month ago (where did *time* go?), I was invited to the wedding of one of my childhood friends who I've known since I was still getting my Barbie doll named Jessica in all kinds of trouble ranging from graffiti spraying to skipping class. Merely thinking about how we used to spend over a day just dividing up all the garments, tiny shoes, furniture, cars... before we could even think about really playing with our expanded Barbie set just makes me long for those days (where did *time* go²). Or you know, makes me want to own a house just like my Barbie did: Hell, who doesn't want a pink mansion? 

I saw this dress online over at Sheinside (now Shein) and just knew I had to click it home. Only afterwards I realised it would be absolutely perfect to wear to my friend's wedding. The quality with these budget websites is always tricky though, so I wasn't entirely sure how it would end up. But the beauty of it is that for only 30 euros, you can never make too big of a mistake. I unpacked it and it was absolutely gorgeous! Although I have to admit that it seemed to be tailored for a giant as it was to long for me with my 1.75 meters in high heels.  No worries, thanks to my grandma that got dealt with the appropriate way. 

This dress also sparked my omnipresent mermaid gene once more and I thus wanted mermaid hair. I brought in my sister who out of the blue made this fishtail braid, therefore completing my transformation. I am really satisfied with how everything turned out, the wedding was awesome with a lot of dancing and gin tonics and my friend looked absolutely stunning. Now, can someone please invite me to a fancy party so I can wear this stunner once more? That would be great. 

PS: Due to circumstances as in me forgetting to bring my camera, these pictures were taken with my phone which is getting crappier by the minute. 

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Uhm, better weather?!

Monday, July 27, 2015

We Wear: Blue Vintage

Say hello to my new addiction: headbands. You've seen me wear my red headband to a dozen festivals and all of a sudden I felt the urge to buy more headbands in different colors and patterns. I guess I'm really drawn to that vintagey, sixties look of cute girls in red cars with headbands and big sunglasses. That's also the reason I sometimes buy things just because "it has the right color". What the right color exactly means is a mystery even to me. It mostly turns out to be some kind of minty green, but not all minty greens make the cut. This necklace made the cut. I bought it ages ago at Forever21 without ever wearing it. (That's a lie, I wore it once but wasn't satisfied with my outfit, felt horribly self-conscious and ate some pizza to feel better.) Anyway, I thought the necklace looked really cute paired with my blue cat shirt. And I bought 4 (!) new headbands in a thrift shop and this blue polka dotted one is defs my favorite (together with a leopard one which will turn up in an outfit post rather soon).

My purse is also thrifted, I bought it at a flee market we stumbled upon but then I did spot it again later and I can't remember where. So I'm not quite sure how "secondhand" it really is. The bow made me buy it, I'm a sucker for bows.

I'm not the girl to own a dozen pair of shorts or sunglasses so I'm wearing my same baggy shorts from My mum made it and fav sunglasses ever by Komono. On Instagram I mentioned I got my shirt from Paplou but that is not true. I got it at PooPoo Style (a skate shop in Hasselt) but Paplou also sold it. I got a little confused while posting that picture to Instagram.

This wil also be one of my last outfitposts while rocking my white (red, brown) locks. My hair has been damaged enough and I am slowly going to transition back to being a brunette. Insert sadface. No seriously, I really wished I could keep my white hair forever but it just doesn't seem possible.

I'm wearing:
Cat shirt: PooPoo Style
Shorts: My mum made it
Peeptoes: Urban Outfitters
Headband: thrifted
Purse: thrifted
Sunnies: Komono
Necklace: Forever21

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Karolien and me have not yet fully recovered from the heat and beer at the ever so charming Rock Herk festival (an outfit will follow later this week!) or here we are planning our next festival-stop: festival The Brave in the pitoresque Amsterdam. I have to admit that I had never heard of this festival before until Vincent contacted us through our blog. As Karolien and myself both love festivals, music, discovering bands, watching those bands with a beer or two and spotting some festival fashion styles, we were immediately excited to check out this new festivity.

© Marc Roodhart
Festival The Brave is a one day only event in "the gardens of west" in Amsterdam. The Brave focusses on singer-songwriters, indie and folk only so don't be bummed when you can't find the DJ-booth! The artists performing the four different stages of The Brave are artists you are not likely to find on other (Dutch) festivals. They are upcoming artists who get the opportunity to indie-rock you of your socks with their debut performance amongst the green hills. Belgian band Byron Bay (known from Humo's Rock Rally 2014 and De Nieuwe Lichting) will also be performing said hills and is definetely something I really look forward too. I might be patriotic.

Aside from what seems like an awesome location and a great approach music-wise The Brave also offers a variety of food trucks, coffee stands and something called "Find your inner Unicorn". I'm not quite sure yet what that means, but I sure as hell am excited! Besides music, beer and adjusting my flower crown (I just now decided Ima wear one), food might be the biggest thing on my mind and I'm already drooling over the hot-dogs I spot on the website.

Do any of you guys have plans on attending some festivals this summer? Maybe we will see you at festival The Brave? Let us know in the comment section below!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Wear: Heatwave essentials

Heat waves in Belgium really are the best. Sure, it's too hot to do anything other than lounging at or in a swimming pool/lake/your garden and clothes are just a necessary evil, which causes everybody to search for the most breezy garments. After a long work week, with only limited time spent playing in the sun, I was more than ready for the weekend. I vowed I wasn't gonna wear anything other than short shorts, bikinis, and shirts classified as 'not appropriate for the office'. The weekend was kick-started on Friday as I went swimming on my day off, followed by a barbecue and an open air party on what was apparently the hottest night EVER in Belgium. The next day was again meant for swimming, followed again by a barbecue and a walk to end the tiresome day(s), which explains my dime eyes in these pictures. On Sunday I did manage to go for a run, but afterwards I switched my running gear for a bikini and hung at in the garden all afternoon. In summary, the weekend was the perfect combination of party/relax, something only improved by the gracious appearance of the sun. 

Not only small eyes, but also fresh out of the shower wet hair and a general bored look on my face. Scratch the latter though, I was not at all bored, but just really, really satisfied. Onto the next heat wave. Please? 
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Death Cab for Cutie
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A holiday



Monday, July 6, 2015

We Went: Rock Werchter 2015

Since I had taken so many pictures on the one day I attended the Rock Werchter festival, I thought I'd share some of them with you. Not in the very least because I REALLY liked my outfit - water melon top, hello? Also, I had such an incredibly fun day with my sisters: We shared more than a few laughs/beers, danced to Mumford and Sons, encountered a nice Confetti Boy who should date my sister. Too bad we don't know his name or anything, so if anybody knows a guy throwing around confetti at Rock Werchter, hit me up! (I will probably get killed for this) I was also extremely thrilled to watch Death Cab for Cutie perform once more. Watching Ben Gibbard give his best made me completely realize why I liked them so much in the past. I can't wait 'till November to go to their show at a more private and enclosed venue. 

Naturally I didn't take my decent camera with me, so all pictures are phone quality. But still, enjoy and submerge yourself in the hot Rock Werchter vibe! 

PS: You can catch a glimpse from my new tattoo, I'm so happy with it!

Hoegaarden Rosée for the win! 
This big blue bird is shitting on me
Sisters unite! 

Death Cab lovin'

Onto the next festival! Which festival will you guys attend this summer? 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We Wear: Pyjama pants (the real deal) and a rant (again).

No outfit today 'cause life brought some really sour lemons upon us the past few days and an outfit seems so trivial right about now. It's also basically too hot to really be wearing anything at all anyway.

But I did not want to leave you guys in the cold - although that would be quite hard to accomplish given the weather - so I'm posting this "I am doing this right now" thing. I am literally outside in my pyjama shorts, eating stracciatella ice cream, petting my cat, taking some Instax memories and my neighbour is mowing his lawn.  I could be upstairs on my "real" computer (I call the big one the real one) editing some pictures I took on Genk on Stage of The Scabs, but I think my hard drive has melted, and my brain will soon follow. Not just because of the heat, but because of all the things we had to process these past days. I'm sorry if I don't give a fuck right now about ootd's or your stupid whole page ad in our stupid meaningless advertising rip-off of a magazine. (I'm exaggerating to make myself feel better.) I know it's frustrating to read about something and not knowing the whole story, but this rant is all you're going to hear about it as it is not up to me to be telling more online. But I did had to vent a little bit so there you have it. There also are a lot of ants here and wasps eat our Bankirai garden furniture (it really is a thing, they are a menace). And I really don't care if you spell Bankirai with or without the capital but I like it better with SO I'M GONNA WRITE IT WITH.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed my ice cream.

P.S.: I do own a new pair of skinny jeans (by Cheap Monday) which I hope will remain black (although the tag reads is really dark blue, mindfuck much) but if I would wear them right now they would have to be surgically removed afterwards. So not the best idea at the moment, pyjama pants it is.

P.S.S. By the time I finished this post my neighbour also finished mowing his lawn. I now feel like we have a connection.

I never zoom and this is why.


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