Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We Wear: Holiday haze

I have a confession to make: The past weeks I let  the blog entirely up to Lies as you may have noticed. But for good reason though, as I enjoyed an awesome - and if I say so myself well-deserved - holiday in the environment of Lisbon in Portugal. The first week was all about the beach and surfing, while the last days were spent city tripping in Lisbon itself. A perfect holiday and ever so timely right after the defense of my doctoral dissertation. 

However, as my outfit the first week solely consisted of denim cut-offs or a wetsuit (the latter I will not ever publish on the blog for your sake), I seem to be lacking in the outfit department. I did manage to shoot two outfits while on a holiday, which are combined in today's post because - in hindsight - they are variants to the exact same theme: black and white monochrome, also known as effortlessly cool.

Black sunglasses: Six - Brown sunglasses: Vans - Choker: Claire's - Tote bag: Titi + the German Kid - Rest: H&M


PS: I think I should live nearby the ocean, it calms me down so massively. I've been feeling so relaxed ever since spending time in Lisbon. However, as reality comes creeping in (more like banging on the door), I feel my stress levels slowly rising. MUSTKEEPCALM! Another reason for living near the shore: my hair started doing this weird curly thing. For a girl who spent most of her teen years furiously obtaining wavy, curly hair, this is a milestone indeed. 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Wear: A whole lotta leopard

So since Karolien is still enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Portugal, it's time for me again to show an outfit. Two weeks ago I ordered some things on Asos (emoshopping) and today my package - finally - arrived. Just in time to show you guys!

Item 1: leather, leopard loafers. I don't have to explain this now do I? I wear sneakers like most of the time and I thought the time was ripe for a change. Leopard loafers it is.

Item 2: leopard printy cat-eye sunglasses. I broke my sunglasses from ModCloth (as last seen here) so it was only natural I ordered a new pair.

Item 3: skinny jeans! I must say that I had my doubts when I unwrapped these pants because they seemed so damn TINY! But as you can see, I managed to get my butt in there and even walk around to take some photos. Planning to go to the gym tomorrow has also been done.

Item 4: well you just have to wait for that one!

The leopard top is a new buy from H&M and the color matches my loafers perfectly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Wear: Grey Matters

Top: Mango - Skinnies, necklace: H&M - Sneakers: Vans - Purse: Mme Bovary pop up shop - Watch: Urban Outfitters - Lipstick: It's a matte world by Catrice

I wear a lot of black and grey these days. During summer I like to dress up like a popsicle and children tend to think I ran away from some My Little Pony movie, but as soon as the weather starts to shift and the leaves turn brownredyellow, my wardrobe tends to loose its color. Maybe, unconsciously I don't want to steal the spotlight from Mother Nature. Maybe I'm just full of crap. Anyhow, since we didn't have much of a summer this year, the transition in my wardrobe happened early. 

At first I wasn't sure about the grey on grey thing, but this combination sort of happened to me on Pukkelpop  and I really liked it. So I went all monochrome and added my beloved black Vans and a necklace to look at least a bit classy. I forgot how much I like a good necklace, and I really love the sas this simple one immediately brings to an outfit. To break all the grey I also put on some lipstick. I hardly do that because I'm always afraid it will get stuck on my teeth - because I am clumsy like that - but since the BF likes it very much, I'm trying to make an effort once a while. I even think my glasses fit this outfit rather well.

I wore this outfit last weekend (minus necklace and lipstick) to eat escargots at a local fair, sip some wine at that same fair and watch "Les revenants" with said BF. Really, how awesome is this show! We started watching last week whilst catsitting and were hooked right away. Great atmosphere, great characters (girl crushing is already beginning) and a great plot with a good dose of mystique.

So do you guys like escargots?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

We Wear: Contrast is not a sin

Finally, I have found the time and a willing victim to play photographer while succeeding in convincing my face to strike a pretty decent pose. Put otherwise, another outfit for you. I actually bought this bohemian style dress a few months back already and at that moment envisioned myself wearing it exactly as I am in the pictures right now: girly but with an edge. With the weather going back and forth (either hot, as in "I'm not wearing my Docs now" or "I'm not going out barelegged"-cold), it took me whole summer to finally wear it the way it was intended to (by God himself, you know). You must know, a white dress is kind of a personal fashion faux pas, because a) I always felt it was kind of your average girl next door kind of thing en b) because I'm a huge Spiller of Foods, mostly on myself. Naturally, the latter reason is the main cause for my aversion of white clothes (I just came across this, haha, so true). Well, not anymore! Although I must admit after wearing this particular dress only one time, it had raspberry juice on it as well as some rust. It's a talent. 

On a personal note, it's a pretty exciting week for me! Indeed, this week (today!) will be my PhD defense. No worries, the dress is hanging all good to go. And my other preparations are almost done now too (duhu), so wish me luck! 

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The Dexter tune is stuck in my head right now, does that count?
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My holiday in only a few days!

Dress: H&M - Purse: Primark - Necklace: Forever 21 - boots: Doc Martens - Sunglasses: Claire's



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