Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Wear: No Fun

No fun to hang around
Feelin' that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out for another day

 Jacket: Zara (very old) - Shirt: My grandmother's - The No Fun Sweater: TITI + THE GERMAN KID - Skinnies: H&M - Sneakers: Footlocker (Nike Air Max) - Sunglasses: Random - Necklace: Forever 21 - Shirt buttons: Birthday present - Watch: Urban Outfitters (Casio)

We went to Titi and the German Kid's SS14 Collection Presentation on Saturday, more on that event will follow soon, but before we went to watch the collection and drink gin-tonic in the monastery we paid a little visit to her showroom. We fell in love with the Titi likes Ibe capsule collection (we already figured that was going to happen) and more particular with the cat and dinosaur sunglasses. I think we tried on all of them! We didn't take one home just yet, but something tells me that will change in the near future. I think Karolien mentioned those sunglasses at least twenty times during that evening alone.

I did bring home this NO FUN sweater. The vibrant red color really appealed to me together with the rock 'n roll Stooges song written all over it. I think it's fascinating how only two words can describe an entire mood or feeling. Of course everybody determines its own meaning but well that's the beauty of it now isn't it. I like the contradiction between the vibrant, happy in-your-face red and the more sad kind of message the song brings. This sweater just laughs at you in your face, I think that's why I had to bring it home. A little mockery never hurt anyone.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Wear: Titi + The German Kid

If you live in Belgium (or maybe even anywhere else), you may have heard already about the Hasselt bred brand Titi + The German Kid. Both Lies as yours truly were instant fan: With sweaters and shirts with cool slogans, unique designs and not-your-typical accessories, what's not to love really. I bought the Titi Forever beanie just recently in the sales, but what I'm really eagerly looking forward to is the SS14 collection release this very weekend. 'Oh my God' and 'Titi likes Ibe' already promise to be two VERY interesting collections by the looks of the previews. And with a blogger as a model and a blogger as extremely inspirational muse, nothing can possibly go wrong. We will definitely go check out the new collection this weekend and hopefully bring some goodies home (and keep you in the loop of course)!

Coat: my mom's - Leggings, jumper: New Yorker - Beanie: Titi + The German Kid - Necklace: Forever 21 - Boots: Doc Martens

On a different note, the pictures make it seem like summer is steadily approaching (sorry, the Titi + The German Kid collection has got me dreaming), but nothing could deviate further from reality. Rain, rain, rain these last few days, but at least my new Docs keep my feet high and dry. It took me a while breaking them in, but now they have me walking on clouds. 

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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
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Monday, January 20, 2014

We Wear: Easy there, tiger

Easy, laid-back days with not too much hassle; I guess everybody has those. On these particular days, I'm especially drawn to simple silhouettes to make up my outfit. Skinny pants and a shirt with a loose fit are actually all you need and I for one am instantly drawn to these on those easy days. With the addition of a piece of statement jewelry and some comfy sneakers, one just cannot go wrong. 

Beanie: Choies - Shirt: Primark - Shoes: Converse - Jeggings: H&M - Necklace: Ebay - Bag: Sister (Hasselt)

I also added my new glorious bag, gifted to me in the good spirit of Christmas. It took me a while to find the perfect cream colored bag, but I'm so happy I didn't immediately fell for the first one I came across. Elegant and a classic shape, yet I think the color gives it just that little extra zsa zsa zsu. 

What kind of outfit do you wear on those days where you just cannot be bothered by over-thinking all of it? 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Wear: Sequined Love

Coat: Zara - Top: Mango - Skinnies, Chelsea Boots, necklace: H&M

Before you say anything about my funny faces, I was freezing to death and the wind almost blew me into the canal. Nothing compared to my trip to the sea last week though, I had trouble breathing then because of the wind constantly blowing in my face. Anyone else familiar with that problem?

About the outfit. I seem to be wearing a lot of black lately. But these happen to be my favorite pair of skinnies and my favorite pair of shoes and my favorite top from last summer. Yes, a lot of favorites. My left shoe did lose its heel a couple of weeks ago.. I had it fixed already but still, that shouldn't happen, right? So now I constantly fear it's going to fall off again. Speaking of falling off: the sequins of my jacket are doing pretty well. They should have a talk with my shoes about how they do that.

Thinking about heels and shoes brings me to another obstacle: I came to the conclusion that I don't own a single pair of shoes with a decent sole to challenge the slippery wintery roads. I know, with birds singing and May bugs popping up it really doesn't feel like winter yet. But it is bound to arrive sooner or later and I have a feeling it's going to hit us hard. And I am not planning on breaking my legs wearing slippery shoes, there is a limit to my hypermobility you know. This all occurred to me while browsing through the H&M yesterday wearing these shoes. The H&M floor decided to test my ice skating skills. They aren't pretty good.

Maybe I should just go for snow boots.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Wear: Another year, another outfit

Hi there 2014, glad to have ya! Although the new year is not getting off to a good start for me: I caught a cold, which is driving me berserk. Seriously, the sneezing and tissues everywhere are annoying the crap out of me (by the way, thanks lil' sis, I'm pretty sure you infected me). But let's not pettifog about some minor cold, shall we? Besides, considering I'm in this very moment spending my night (writing posts up front, good job!) with some tea and only the most comfortable piece of clothing I'll ever own (yes, onesie, I love you), I guess being a little bit sick is not the worst thing in the world.

 About the outfit, I especially like the combination of deep reds, greens and blues, so absolutely perfect for winter. And also, I'm not wearing a beanie, which is groundbreaking taking into respect that the thing is practically glued to my head. No worries, in the next few weeks a new addition to the beanie family will most certainly make an appearance on the blog. I just ordered the TITI + THE GERMAN KID beanie, which I'm sure will be best friends with the rest. I love sales! Have you guys already let yourself go in the sales? Or are you armed with a very specific list of what you do and do not need, like yours truly over here? 

P.S.: I may have a very specific list, I do stray from it every now and then, as you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram (@sneilorak). Sandal pumps were most certainly not on the list, but so very pretty. 

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Bury tomorrow. 
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The leopard coat, yet again.

Tartan shirt: Primark - Skirt: Boohoo - Brogues: Sacha - Bow: American Apparel - Necklace: H&M

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Birthday recap: the presents!

First of all: one big THANK YOU for all the lovely birthday wishes and a GIANT THANK YOU for all the lovely presents that I got this year. They sure made up for the pitiful amount of sushi we've got at Oishii on my birthday! Really, shame on you Oishii, we paid 25 euros each and only got ten, maybe eleven pieces of sushi per person. We were still hungry when we left! I'm not the one to complain easily and I'm actually very easy-going, but don't expect to see me again.

Curious what my lovely friends (and parents) got for my birthday? See for yourself! (Some things I bought for myself, can you guess what?)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

So this is the new year

It's already the fourth of January and I'm only doing a reminiscing post about 2013 now. Time flies when you're having fun when your holiday is over and you have to start working again on January the second. Anyway, I browsed through my outfits of the past year and I figured I would do a post indicating my favorite outfit, which I would wear again in the blink of an eye, and my least favorite outfit, which I wouldn't necessarily wear again. 

It was a tough decision, not in the very least because I do not feel any of my outfits stray far away from my current style (so no evolution at all, nice one...). But I did manage to pick one outfit, where I still love all the items separately, but would not combine them in the same fashion. I guess I just don't like the denim cut-offs/denim jacket combo. 

Outfit from April when I spend some time in Canada, Los Angeles and Seattle

You would think that picking one favorite outfit is a piece of cake, but the problem always lies in the part of the sentence referring to 'one and only one'. Happens to me all the time, I WANT IT ALL! Maybe that should be one of my resolutions for the new year: not wanting everything. Anyway, I did succeed. I probably chose this one because when the holidays are over, my mind starts setting to its default mode: I want summer. 

I miss bare legs, colored hair, flower headbands and festivals.

Have a nice weekend! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

We Wear: NY's edition

Dress, glitter jacket, shoes, glitter tights: H&M - Earrings: Zara - Watch: Casio (Urban Outfitters)

A promise is a promise so here it is: my NY's eve outfit! I went for dark tones and a lot of sparkle. As you can see I'm wearing the chunky, sparkly earrings from my birthday wishlist and I finally got my hands on a Casio watch! In the end I chose the pink gold one because Urban Outfitters didn't have the neon pink one in store (online exclusive). I could have ordered online, but I didn't want to wait any longer. I'll order that one when spring is coming! I'll make a full birthday presents / buys recap in a couple of days! So stay tuned.

The dress was already a discount buy! I love how it looks like a gymnastics costume from back in the days in primary school. The velvet feels really soft and the fit, the open back and the discount convinced me to take it home. I did buy a regular black skirt to wear underneath, because otherwise it was too see-through (thank you Karolien for the idea). I don't mind some see-through, but too much is too much. My tights sparkle too but my camera seemed to neglect that. I'm sorry.

So how do you guys feel now that the holidays are over? I'm always bummed, I get used so easily to overeating, getting presents and even family visits.


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