Thursday, July 31, 2014

We Wear: Très Chic

Top: Mango - Skinnies: Bershka - Sneakers: H&M - Purse: Kling - Bracelet: Mint - Earrings: Gift from Turkey

You wonder why I called this post "Très Chic" while I'm wearing the most casual outfit in the universe now are you. There is no reason that needs to be explained, I just like contrasts. But my top does sparkle, so I wasn't completely but still very deliberately untrue.

At Rock Herk I spotted a girl with a very pretty, white purse (you can read that article here) and she was kind enough to let me know where she got this little white pearl. No need to say I rushed to my laptop and ordered the damn thing. ON SALE! Together with this delicate bracelet which was more of an obligation than it was a necessity, but nonetheless still very pretty. The awkward moment a few days later when the parking lot machine refused my card has nothing to do with this by the way.

Ripped jeans are a new favorite of mine and this is one in particular has a very nice shade of blue and can also be found in Karolien's closet. Yep, we bought the same pair of pants (and watermelony sweatshirt and another pair of pants) only to keep some people's dream alive that we are sisters. On another note: don't wear ripped jeans to a coffee parlour because old ladies tend to tickle your knee whilst passing (true story) or while on the job because your elder male colleagues will definitely make jokes about you being on your knees too much. I still don't know if I should be really offended by that one. Now who said a fashion blog can't provide you with some serious life lessons?

In my previous post I said I needed to do some serious sale shopping and this top is a sale find at Mango. You can't go wrong with a good basic - yes, I do consider sparkly things a basic. I did find some other things while shopping in Antwerp, but you'll have to wait 'till another post to see them. OOEH CLIFFHANGER! Or maybe I'll show a glimpse of them on Instagram so go follow our account!

This apparently is my new "nonchalant" pose: the "Oh-let's-see- if-there's-something-stuck-underneath-my-shoe"-look

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Wear: Rock Herk

Aah, summer, the preeminent festival season, consisting of days filled with listening to great tunes and seeing awesome performances. Considering the weather was ultimately smashing last weekend, I decided to go to Rock Herk for the day. I saw some great shows (Thrash Talk, More Than a Thousand, Double Veterans...), mostly of bands I didn't know before. I guess that's what smaller festivals are all about! 

Crop top: Sting - Denim shorts: New Look - Boots: Sacha - Choker: Claire's - Leather backpack: Morocco 

 [No beer for me, thanks]

Of course I also wore clothes, although not too much as I spent the entire day in the blistering heat with a major headache as a consequence (and no, the beer did not have anything to do with it). Actually, I wore the exact same outfit - minus the shoes - on Rock Werchter as well. Why change a winning team must have been what was twirling through my mind. Or maybe when it gets very hot, I just cannot think about my outfit anymore. Just as likely. Key words for my outfits when attending a festival: Crop tops and denim shorts. 

Are you guys attending some festivals this summer? And what is your winning combo to wear? 

PS1: I hate posing for pictures in a crowd full of people. DEAR LORD!

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More Than a Thousand
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
A holiday! Preferably at a white beach.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Wear: Radio Modern Outfit

Those following us on Instagram have already seen a glimpse of these shoes and my new purse. My new purse that is almost glued to my body, I use it all the time even though it's not even that handy. For instance: It won't fit my wallet, so I have to tuck my money and ID in that plastic folder that keeps my driver's license safe. My boyfriend once made fun of it and said I just bought a really big iPhone case. And he actually is quite right. Another fun anecdote related to this purse: I paid 20 euros less than what the original tag said because there was an error in the store's pricing database or something and it scanned less. They had it fixed right after I left the store I suppose. BUT LUCKY ME, RIGHT?

The dress originally was meant for another event, but due to certain circumstances (me too pale and the dress too short) I decided to keep it for a night out at Radio Modern. My paleness got solved by the heart print tights I picked up at H&M a few days before, which in my opinion match this dress perfectly. I would be too boring to combine this frivolous dress with plain tights.

Besides for the purse and earrings I am once again wearing a total H&M outfit. I really need to do some serious sales shopping.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We Wear: Frozen in summer

I know, I know, I've been absent these past weeks. In my defense, I have pretty good reason as I was in the midst of finishing (really finishing) my PhD dissertation. As the final version has just been printed and everything is handled, I finally have a little more time on my hands! My doctoral defense will only be in September, so yay for summer! Also, I have been accepted to do a postdoc research year, so my groovin' researchin' days are far from over at this moment. 

Top, shorts, necklace: Primark - Plastic basket-bag: H&M - Sandals: Sister (Hasselt) - Sunglasses: Six

Now that you guys are updated on my life events and heard excuses for leaving you hanging dry, we can talk outfit. These pictures were obvious not taken this week (rain rain rain), but back when the weather was still gorgeous, hot and sultry. Let's be honest, on days like that, one does not need more than some denim cut-offs and an easy breezy top. And this top is especially breezy as it has this open back thing going on (forgot to capture that on photo though), which is also why I opted to wear a lace black bralette underneath. I actually bought the top and the shorts as a combination together in one and the same store; something I never do. But for a match made in heaven, I'm glad to make an exception. Secretly, I also bought the necklace at the very same instance. 

PS 1: The shorts are actually a whole lot more vibrant and neon, but the sun made it hard to capture it just right. 

PS 2: I recently saw the movie "Frozen" (I know, old news), and it is an absolute recommendation (I know, even older news). The soundtrack pretty much describes the feeling you get after finishing four years of work: 

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Let it go, let it go, here I'll stand and here I'll stay!
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White, high-heeled sandals. I want to be real lady these days.


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