Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Wear: Radio Modern Outfit

Those following us on Instagram have already seen a glimpse of these shoes and my new purse. My new purse that is almost glued to my body, I use it all the time even though it's not even that handy. For instance: It won't fit my wallet, so I have to tuck my money and ID in that plastic folder that keeps my driver's license safe. My boyfriend once made fun of it and said I just bought a really big iPhone case. And he actually is quite right. Another fun anecdote related to this purse: I paid 20 euros less than what the original tag said because there was an error in the store's pricing database or something and it scanned less. They had it fixed right after I left the store I suppose. BUT LUCKY ME, RIGHT?

The dress originally was meant for another event, but due to certain circumstances (me too pale and the dress too short) I decided to keep it for a night out at Radio Modern. My paleness got solved by the heart print tights I picked up at H&M a few days before, which in my opinion match this dress perfectly. I would be too boring to combine this frivolous dress with plain tights.

Besides for the purse and earrings I am once again wearing a total H&M outfit. I really need to do some serious sales shopping.


  1. Cute!! Vanwaar is that lovely purse?

  2. Seg enneuh... van waar komt dat tasje? Want het is inderdaad héél erg mooi!


Thank you!


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