Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Galaxy

The quest to finding the perfect galaxy printed leggings was not easy, but I can finally announce that I did succeed. After browsing through numerous online shops, checking out stores both here and in the US and not finding that perfect pair of leggings, that is. I wanted it to be mainly pink, not too pricey and a real BOOM galaxy print. Doesn't sound that hard, but it certainly proved to be a hard job. I ended up ordering it on She Inside, a website that offers GREAT clothes and I even got a discount, so yay! Another plus, the leggings are made of the best fabric ever and when stroking my own legs (everybody does it), it feels like petting a horse, so soft!

When I first took the leggings out for a spin, I could literally hear people going all like 'OMG, those leggings... buzz... buzzz, leggings!' There was even some finger pointing involved, if I remember correctly. Naturally I just pretended that everybody loved it, because what's not to love, right?! Anyway, because the leggings are quite the eye-catcher, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple and tried to updress it a little bit by adding the black blazer for that effortless casual look.  

I'm going to stop yapping now, because in a few hours we'll be heading to Porto, Portugal for some serious sun and/or cocktail overdosing. I'm SO READY for it, screw you Belgium-where-the-sun-never-shines. I'm exaggerating; enthusiasm tends to make that happen. TATA!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Radio Modern

So, who else was surprised when they woke up Sunday morning? Or in my case: Sunday afternoon. I got out of Sofie's bed with a slight headache thanks to the night before, only to discover that the SUN was shining. You got that right. No rain pouring down, but actual rays of sunlight were beaming down from the sky. I almost forgot what that looked like, or better: how it felt. After some hangover Chinese food in the sun, I headed home and decided it was the perfect weather to take some outfit pictures.

We went to Radio Modern the night before at the C-mine in Genk. A retro, vintage, Italian inspired party. And although there have been a lot of remarks concerning the decoration - or the lacking of any - we had a great time and shook our asses the whole night long. That's a lie. Only 'till 2 o'clock and then we were being swept out, together with the plastic beer cups, by a not so friendly lady with an even more unfriendly broomstick.

It's of course impossible to go to a retro party without dressing up. Radio Modern screams for polka dots so that's what I wore. I got this dress from ModCloth and I absolutely adore it! It fits beautifully and has the ideal length (maybe not for long-legged Karolien). I love the tender pastel hue it has and teamed it up with some whites. Whites really make my heart beat faster, I don't know why but I always fall head over heels for white accessories. Especially shoes and purses but jewelry will equally do the trick. I'm not trying to give hints for my birthday. It's in December, I'm not thàt crazy. (Although now you DO know it's in December, right?)

Have any of you ever been to a Radio Modern party? It's definitely worth it!
Dress, sunglasses: ModCloth - Purse, shoes: thrifted - Headband: Sacha - Earrings, white nailpolish: h&m - Belt: Primark - Bow ring: New Look

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Birthday blossoms

 Already more than a week ago, it was my birthday (or actually more birthweek) and although I'm not one to be quite happy to be aging, I'm always in for a party/celebration! I was more than thrilled that the sun was showing her lovely face on my birthday and was determined to snap pictures surrounded by blossoms. Only problem there was that I was quite picky concerning this specific blossomy background of the pictures. First of all, I wanted pink blossoms, preferably magnolias. Secondly, I wanted to practically drown in the blossoms and not just stand awkwardly in front of just one tree. Not an easy assignment, I tell ya.

In the end, I gave up on my pink idea of perfection (although I was just so damn sure it would look great with my powder pink dress) and settled for white blossoms. And I have to admit, it looks pretty damn good as well! This reminds me that I sometimes have to let go of some weird, absurd idea of perfection that starts to root in my head and instead just be happy with what I do have. I'm saying absurd idea of perfection, because most things that pop up in my head as significant or as meaningful probably don't mean a whole lot for other people. And that works the other way around as well (for instance, I couldn't care less if my home isn't perfectly clean, as long as it feels like my home).

A pretty mainstream dress (although very short, but blame the designers who do not seem to think about tall people when putting together those very tiny dresses) spiced up with some interesting details: sometimes that's all you need.

Dress, purse: Primark - Brogues: New Look - Jacket, hat, necklace: H&M - Socks: random - Sunglasses: Ebay

Sunday, May 12, 2013


A skate contest. A market filled with local brands selling awesome stuff. A graffiti alley. Music. That's what KPM is all about and we were thrilled to be able to attend this great (free!) event yet again! And that all very nearby in our pretty little Hasselt (Limburg, Belgium). 

 Me and my legging blending in with the graffiti wall. Booya.

This year however it seemed like the motto was bigger, better, harder, faster, at least for the activities surrounding the skate contest. Where the market last year was more an in-between thingy, this year it stood all on its own and it grew in size dramatically. As you may have read in our previous post, A LOT of great brands sold their stuff at the KPM market. We went to check out our must sees and they met our expectations easily. Not only that, both Lies and me bought a little something we had been eyeing for quite a while. Lies bought the tiger sweater from TITI + THE GERMAN KID and I bought what I intended: the skull shirt from Death Shred, as you can see in the pictures below. BUT, there were a whole lotta more brands that amazed us! I was particularly fan of Allow which had some great crewneck sweaters. Do check out their Facebook page! Oh, and how cute are the inimini clothes from Six Hugs & Rock'n Roll. My (future) kid is totally gonna rock that. 

Of course we also spotted some great looking, stylish people out there, so we snapped a few pictures. Knee socks (gotta love that style), a jolly group of retro chicks laughing their asses off, denim jackets, Vans, beanies, cut-off denims, oversized sweaters... Next to enjoying the skate contest and strolling the market, KPM is also a great place to do some people spotting and get inspired!

I want this purse so badly! 

Bare legs

Retro style

Knee socks

Great style! 

So if you missed it this year (boo you!), let's hope for another great edition next year! KPM, you were lots of fun!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Groezsick

I think I might be in love with Groezrock. It's the kick-off of the festival season and always stands for one of the best weekends of the year: great punkrock bands, laid-back atmosphere, Hoegaarden Rosé, the best of friends to keep you company, first rays of spring sunshine,...  What not to love! So I'm definitely not homesick while at Groez, I'm Groezsick while at home.

We were pretty lucky with the forecasted weather. It didn't rain, unlike the evening before, and during the day it wasn't all thàt cold. But when the sun set, hell literally froze over. I'm talking three extra layers (sweater, hoodie, leather jacket: that's a lot for me) and a fleece blanket to drape yourself into in your sleeping bag. Acting stupid in a crowd luckily gets you warm(er) too.

I brought two outfits - yes I bring two outfits to a festival, so what - but only ended up wearing one. My coral skirt really was a bit too optimistic, as I wanted to wear it bare legged. Instead I was wearing my jeans shorts with panties, Vans, knee socks, some black old blouse and my leather jacket. An easy yet festival proof outfit. I really love my sparkly knee socks by the way. They're sparkly! And did I already mention they sparkle?

At night I replaced my shorts with some skinnies and my Vans were traded for boots. Sweater, hoodie and scarf were also added. I survived, it's a matter of balance between dressing well and drinking enough.

 Leather jacket: Zara (old) - Black blouse, bag: H&M (old) - Shorts, earrings, bow ring: New Look - Shoes: Vans - Knee socks: Urban Outfitters - Headband: Dress up shop - Sunglasses: ModCloth
Yes, my favorite jacket got ripped. Thanks Sofie! ;)

Groezrock really has been a blast! More of that TONIGHT at Karolien's birthday bash in Leuven and TOMORROW on KPM CUP! Be there or be square ;)


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