Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Radio Modern

So, who else was surprised when they woke up Sunday morning? Or in my case: Sunday afternoon. I got out of Sofie's bed with a slight headache thanks to the night before, only to discover that the SUN was shining. You got that right. No rain pouring down, but actual rays of sunlight were beaming down from the sky. I almost forgot what that looked like, or better: how it felt. After some hangover Chinese food in the sun, I headed home and decided it was the perfect weather to take some outfit pictures.

We went to Radio Modern the night before at the C-mine in Genk. A retro, vintage, Italian inspired party. And although there have been a lot of remarks concerning the decoration - or the lacking of any - we had a great time and shook our asses the whole night long. That's a lie. Only 'till 2 o'clock and then we were being swept out, together with the plastic beer cups, by a not so friendly lady with an even more unfriendly broomstick.

It's of course impossible to go to a retro party without dressing up. Radio Modern screams for polka dots so that's what I wore. I got this dress from ModCloth and I absolutely adore it! It fits beautifully and has the ideal length (maybe not for long-legged Karolien). I love the tender pastel hue it has and teamed it up with some whites. Whites really make my heart beat faster, I don't know why but I always fall head over heels for white accessories. Especially shoes and purses but jewelry will equally do the trick. I'm not trying to give hints for my birthday. It's in December, I'm not thàt crazy. (Although now you DO know it's in December, right?)

Have any of you ever been to a Radio Modern party? It's definitely worth it!
Dress, sunglasses: ModCloth - Purse, shoes: thrifted - Headband: Sacha - Earrings, white nailpolish: h&m - Belt: Primark - Bow ring: New Look


  1. Super schattige en dromerige outfits, love it!

    x Denbelle

  2. Mooie outfits! Die foto's op de dansvloer zijn zo cool :)
    Naomi, x

    1. Thanks! En ik hou wel van wat actiefoto's ;)

  3. Love this outfit, really cool dress!
    So PRETTY earrings!

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