Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Cry Baby

Being the big Johnny Depp fan as I am, I was obliged to buy this tank top. Isn't he like THE best actor in the whole world? It's so hard not to fall head over heels with this guy, I failed I'll tell you that. (Leather jacket, white shirt combo usually does that to me. Also: google James Dean.) It's Johnny's character 'Cry Baby' portrayed here, from the eponymous movie which I recommend to you all. It's hilarious and a damn masterpiece! And no, he's not blonde, those are just my dry ends.

I wasn't really all that tired while taking these photos, but nonetheless I manage to look like a train wreck. My apologies. And you may notice the absence of snow. I'm not sure I like it. It's still friggin' cold (COMON SPRING YOU CAN DO IT) and now the world is cold and boring instead of cold and pretty, white and snowy. So I'm not liking these pictures at all, that's why there are so few. I'm also sick of the same old surroundings, so I promise I'll take you on a tour through my neighbourhood the next time(s).

I wore this outfit on a night out, but honesty compels me to say I wasn't wearing these glittery beauties, but my black ankle booties. But, I left them at my friend's house (Hi, Sofie) where I stayed over.

That's all I have to say today! It's the weather, it rubs off. 

Earrings: Veritas - Leather jacket: Zara (old) - Tanktop: H&M - Skinny jeans, glitter boots: New Look

Monday, March 25, 2013

INSPIRATION: Charlotte Free

I'm not one to be prone to a lot of girl crushes, but lately I must admit it has happened. With the announcement of her as the new face of Maybelline in 2012, Charlotte Free became one of my top inspirational people all over the globe. I am definitely in oohs and aahs about this one particular girl. She has an exquisite style, a je m'en fous character, wears band shirts, has pink ombre hair (or other rainbow colours) and just seems a tad bit crazy. That's how I like my girls! Or maybe I'm just mainly deceived by the pink hair.


Charlotte Free was born in 1993 (god, that sounds young and makes me, being born in the 80's, feel awfully old) and became discovered as a model in 2010 while she was playing video games in an arcade. Which makes her even cooler in my opinion, even though it might be just a story circling around on the Internet. Since then she got featured as the face of Maybelline and did campaign and modeling for a few of my personal favorites such as River Island, H&M, Forever 21, Topshop but also Benetton and Jeremy Scott. 


She calls herself moonchild, princess from another world or just the plain incarnation of princess Zelda (insert the tad bit crazy here), which only makes me love her more. To end my serenade, the personal motto of this pretty princess: "I'll do whatever I want as long as I hurt no one doing it." BOOYA. 

PS: I'm going to have to be needing a 'I 'm really a mermaid' shirt. Period.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Party leftovers

After a great party and with the accompanying hangover, I went outside to snap a few quick pictures. I didn't expect a lot of it (read: tired, hungover, messed up hair), but boy oh boy, was I delightfully surprised when glimpsing at the pictures!

First, my new glasses (yay!) hide my tired/never-drinking-again face pretty well. Second, I borrowed the coat from my mom and was extremely happy to finally wear something else as I've grown pretty sick and tired of my own winter coats. King Winter, I loved you and I went out of the roof with the first snow, but I'm done now. BYEBYE! The colour of the coat is something I would never pick out for myself, mostly because my stomach turns at any beige-like colours (yeah, I know, it's not real beige, but it reminded me of beige and that 'll do the trick). Always takes me back to Carry telling Big to go lay in his beige bed. Good times. Third, my leftover curls from the previous night withstood my everlasting restless sleeping pretty well and may even look better than they did the day before (oh, the irony). Fourth, I'm wearing my new beanie and I think it is a great transition from winter to spring. Warm, but such a spring like and vibrant colour! I was actually on the lookout to buy a neon yellow beanie, but couldn't seem to get my hands on one. And of course, now I have already spotted it on the charming heads of multiple bloggers out there (here and here). I gave up too soon. Fifth, I am also wearing some new booties which I've been puzzled about for approximately all winter. 'Ooh, they're leopard! But I already have so much leopard, not to speak of the number of shoes I own. But... they're leopard!' However, I caved after spotting them on a double 50% discount online, going away for only 8 euros AFTER the sales ended. A girl can only be so strong.

Beanie, necklace, blouse, shirt: H&M - Glasses: Ray-Ban - Coat: my mom's - Purse: my grandmom's - Pants: Primark - Booties: Forever 21

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Forest runaway

 Bear hat, beetle ring, ankle booties: H&M - Leather jacket (old), scarf: Zara  - Denim shirt, skinny jeans, purse: New Look - Shirt clip and bird pin: Gifts

So, you guys must have noticed that it has been snowing in ALL of my pictures since I proclaimed the famous 'last snow'. I'm afraid I might have cursed the weather, so MY APOLOGIES! I'll try and undo it as soon as I can.

I wore this outfit for a night out last week (and for work, but with other shoes and some polkadot socks, yes) except for the bear hat. It's not my fault the weather is even more indecisive as me, and suddenly started snowing again. Long time since I've worn these ankle booties but I might add that I learned to walk pretty well in them. I had to cross half the city of Hasselt wearing these beauties last weekend, because my search for a parking spot within a reasonable walking distance of my place to be miserably failed. But look at me all surviving and all!

Both the shirt clip as the bird pin are gifts from the amazing girl that is Eline. I love how the bird pin gives a quirky touch to the outfit while the shirt clip on the other hand kind of toughens the whole thing up. I called this outfit 'Forest runaway' because I'm also wearing a beetle ring and in my head the bird and the beetle got stuck on me while I was escaping some enchanted forest. The bear hat actually fits in that story too, he's my totem. I may or may not suffer from some kind of degree of escapism.

Overall I'm very happy with this outfit. I first grabbed my black skinnies to go with this when my eye fell on my burgundy ones. Really, they are as versatile as any black pants but give that extra hue of color right then when you need it the most. It also adds to the forest vibe.

If anyone else wants to share their escapism stories with us, please do!

(Sorry for the weird faces/ poses, I was FREEZING!)

I have no idea why that zipper is halfway up

Monday, March 11, 2013


Sprintime Neon

Blouse: River Island - Sunglasses: Matthew Williamson - Denim, flats: H&M - Bag: Picard - Necklace: New Look

Summer (again) feels completely out of reach (hi there, freezing temperatures), but let's allow ourselves to get a bit carried away. Springtime! Bare legs! Summer evenings! Cocktails! Now that the mood is set and we are in the same mindset, we would like to update you on one of THE fashion trends of Spring Summer 2013: neon colours. This trend is actually a continuation of a trend that has already set foot in the streets last summer, but this spring and summer there will be no escaping it (as already evidenced by it appearing in different high street shops). And to think that neon colours were completely not done a few years back.

I made a collage of some of my favorite items. What is definitely in the top rank of my wish list is a pair of neon shoes, either bright yellow or hot pink, flats or high heels, peep toes or not. And my summer uniform cannot exist without a pair of fluorescent earrings, for sure! As you can see in the collage, this trend has endless possibilities and different ways of styling it. Therefore, go for it, whether you apply it only to your accessories or go all the way throwing different neon colours together and walking around like a colour bomb.

Sprintime Neon II

T-shirt, sneakers, blazer, pumps : H&M - Hair bands, dip dye long skirt, spikes earrings, blue earrings: Romwe - sandals: Marco Tozzi - bracelet, peep toe flats, green bag, pink bag: Forever 21 - flower pants: One Green Elephant - 
triangle earrings: New Look

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Sleep in the snow

This post is going to give everyone from at least Belgium a massive culture shock, including me. Since it feels like spring has finally arrived and we've had that blissful feeling of sunshine on our faces, an outfit post in a snowy landscape feels weird. Nevertheless, I convinced myself to publish it anyway with two arguments. First, I like the pictures and I hadn't had an opportunity to shoot some pictures in a snowy landscape. Second, we're still in Belgium, so who's to say the weather might not turn around again and in a week we'll be back to layers, layers, layers.

You might remember me searching for the perfect sweater and I'm happy to announce that this search has finally come to an end. I have to say I kind of gave up, because nothing I found was deemed appropriate. That was until I browsed the Romwe website and encountered the tiger sweater I'm wearing here. It has a galaxy print! It has pastel colours! I has leopard! Luckily, I could order it with a major discount. A little hint on the side: always check Google for discounts when you're about to order something. With Romwe, it said on the website there was a 50% discount code, but that code was nowhere to be found on the site. A quick stroll through Google and websites like Solden.be (for Belgian readers) solved that issue quite fast!
These pictures resemble the previous WWWW post from Lies, but unfortunately my coat and I didn't scare a single animal, not even a sheep.
Tonight we're going to see Yellowcard perform (hence the title, which is a great song from their new album). CANNOTWAIT.
Sweater: Romwe - Shorts: old denim cut-off - Booties: Sacha - Leopard coat: Carrefour - Blouse, necklace: H&M 


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rosa-Lee, the newest boutique in town


Rosa-Lee is a boutique that recently opened in the center of Herk-de-Stad (Limburg, Belgium) and we can already testify that it is definitely filling a void in this not so big but charming city. It sells clothing for women and children, accessories, purses, gadgets and knickknacks, but what makes Rosa-Lee unique is the fact that all the items are retro and vintage inspired. Think cute vintage dresses, purses and jewelry with a 40's and 50's vibe in a space that breathes authenticity and with an indefinite amount of eye for detail. Just look at the decor of the room and you will most definitely agree with us.

With summer ahead of us (yes, I'm dreaming/hallucinating), the time is exactly right to start the hunt for that twirly vintage summer dress and we are damn sure that you will find your pick at Rosa-Lee's. Moreover, the service is very friendly and you will be able to get help and styling advice, all accompanied by a smile. Also, when searching for cute birthday gifts, Rosa-Lee is the place to be as I'm sure Lies will ascertain.

I myself fell in love with multiple things (I do a lot of falling in love on this blog): ponyhaired belts and purses (!), the cutest summer dress (check it in the picture), a glitter vest... Too bad it was the end of the month when we visited and for me that means holding off on buying stuff 'till the next paycheck. Booh! But Rosa-Lee, I will return and go back home bearing gifts to my closet! And may I suggest that if you live nearby or ever are in the neighbourhood, you visit this shop? You won't be sorry!

Collar by Véronique
Prettyness by Blafre
Collars and wallets by Véronique


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