Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Cry Baby

Being the big Johnny Depp fan as I am, I was obliged to buy this tank top. Isn't he like THE best actor in the whole world? It's so hard not to fall head over heels with this guy, I failed I'll tell you that. (Leather jacket, white shirt combo usually does that to me. Also: google James Dean.) It's Johnny's character 'Cry Baby' portrayed here, from the eponymous movie which I recommend to you all. It's hilarious and a damn masterpiece! And no, he's not blonde, those are just my dry ends.

I wasn't really all that tired while taking these photos, but nonetheless I manage to look like a train wreck. My apologies. And you may notice the absence of snow. I'm not sure I like it. It's still friggin' cold (COMON SPRING YOU CAN DO IT) and now the world is cold and boring instead of cold and pretty, white and snowy. So I'm not liking these pictures at all, that's why there are so few. I'm also sick of the same old surroundings, so I promise I'll take you on a tour through my neighbourhood the next time(s).

I wore this outfit on a night out, but honesty compels me to say I wasn't wearing these glittery beauties, but my black ankle booties. But, I left them at my friend's house (Hi, Sofie) where I stayed over.

That's all I have to say today! It's the weather, it rubs off. 

Earrings: Veritas - Leather jacket: Zara (old) - Tanktop: H&M - Skinny jeans, glitter boots: New Look

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