Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rosa-Lee, the newest boutique in town


Rosa-Lee is a boutique that recently opened in the center of Herk-de-Stad (Limburg, Belgium) and we can already testify that it is definitely filling a void in this not so big but charming city. It sells clothing for women and children, accessories, purses, gadgets and knickknacks, but what makes Rosa-Lee unique is the fact that all the items are retro and vintage inspired. Think cute vintage dresses, purses and jewelry with a 40's and 50's vibe in a space that breathes authenticity and with an indefinite amount of eye for detail. Just look at the decor of the room and you will most definitely agree with us.

With summer ahead of us (yes, I'm dreaming/hallucinating), the time is exactly right to start the hunt for that twirly vintage summer dress and we are damn sure that you will find your pick at Rosa-Lee's. Moreover, the service is very friendly and you will be able to get help and styling advice, all accompanied by a smile. Also, when searching for cute birthday gifts, Rosa-Lee is the place to be as I'm sure Lies will ascertain.

I myself fell in love with multiple things (I do a lot of falling in love on this blog): ponyhaired belts and purses (!), the cutest summer dress (check it in the picture), a glitter vest... Too bad it was the end of the month when we visited and for me that means holding off on buying stuff 'till the next paycheck. Booh! But Rosa-Lee, I will return and go back home bearing gifts to my closet! And may I suggest that if you live nearby or ever are in the neighbourhood, you visit this shop? You won't be sorry!

Collar by Véronique
Prettyness by Blafre
Collars and wallets by Véronique


  1. Als Limburgse en retroliefhebber is't schandalig dat ik hier nog geen bezoekje heb gebracht ;-) Dat moet dus dringend eens gaan gebeuren! :-)

    1. Ze zijn nog maar net open, dus een GROTE schande is het niet ;) Sowieso een grote aanrader!

  2. Leuk artikel en leuke blog! De opening van Rosa Lee heb ik jammer genoeg moeten missen, maar de winkel is zeer de moeite!!

    1. Echt he! Ik kan al niet wachten tot ik terug kan gaan met mijn pas gestort loon ;)

  3. this looks like such a pretty store! great post!


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