Monday, March 25, 2013

INSPIRATION: Charlotte Free

I'm not one to be prone to a lot of girl crushes, but lately I must admit it has happened. With the announcement of her as the new face of Maybelline in 2012, Charlotte Free became one of my top inspirational people all over the globe. I am definitely in oohs and aahs about this one particular girl. She has an exquisite style, a je m'en fous character, wears band shirts, has pink ombre hair (or other rainbow colours) and just seems a tad bit crazy. That's how I like my girls! Or maybe I'm just mainly deceived by the pink hair.


Charlotte Free was born in 1993 (god, that sounds young and makes me, being born in the 80's, feel awfully old) and became discovered as a model in 2010 while she was playing video games in an arcade. Which makes her even cooler in my opinion, even though it might be just a story circling around on the Internet. Since then she got featured as the face of Maybelline and did campaign and modeling for a few of my personal favorites such as River Island, H&M, Forever 21, Topshop but also Benetton and Jeremy Scott. 


She calls herself moonchild, princess from another world or just the plain incarnation of princess Zelda (insert the tad bit crazy here), which only makes me love her more. To end my serenade, the personal motto of this pretty princess: "I'll do whatever I want as long as I hurt no one doing it." BOOYA. 

PS: I'm going to have to be needing a 'I 'm really a mermaid' shirt. Period.


Thank you!


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