Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday

It's that time of the week again: time for an outfit post! Only recently I bought this mint green dress at H&M. I fell for the color and the open back, it makes a dress instant sexy! I already slipped it on for my friend's birthday bash, but then I had to wear it with panties because my legs were SO white, they would scare people away. It also was a bit chilly. 

And it's not chilly anymore, oh hell no! So I threw those panties in the most far corner of my room and wore my pretty dress barelegged. This dress is very 'wooshy', which makes it perfect for hot summer days. It really catches the wind and cools down your body. I wore it to attend the Stiletto Run in Hasselt last weekend (which we will talk about later this week),  and I did manage to maintain a normal body temperature. All thanks to my dress! 

Dress, flats, bracelet: H&M - belt: Pimkie - bag: c&a (my mom's) - nailpolish (hands): Catrice (Salmon and Garfunkel) - earrings: Pieces

I'm also very much in love with the green-pink combo. I always have. In highschool I used to mark my notes with green and pink. Or sometimes green and orange. Useless fact: check!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday

Today I'd like to tell you about a little something we will initiate today and what will (hopefully, if time is on our hands) be a weekly feature on this blog: the What We Wear Wednesdays. What is What We Wear Wednesday, or rather what will it be in the future? Well, we decided to write each week (see what I did there) about what outfits we like to wear and of course, illustrate this with some pictures. That simple, no need for some intellectual titles or names where people have no idea what you're talking about.

Up today is the outfit I wore on my birthday party last week with as the main oh-you-take-my-breath-away-if-I-have-the-honour-to-wear-you item: my new pink maxi skirt with raised front. And luckily for me, the taking my breath away part was not literally the case. Au contraire, the skirt was quite comfortable! I wasn't sure about it at the beginning of the evening, but boy, I had fallen in love with it by the time the night fell and the cocktails went straight to my head! Of course, not everybody was convinced about it: I heard that I looked like an oriental floozie... But whatevs, because few moments later a friend told me I reminded her about a mermaid with my pink skirt and my blue hair. Total WIN! Oh, and our outfits actually matched together: both pastel and quite mermaid-y.

The skirt: River Island (


Monday, May 21, 2012


By stating you're not going to complain about the weather, you're actually already doing it. But the past few days have been a little bit better. The sun came out, and it's finally warm enough to stay outside 'till a decent hour. Well ok, that's not entirely true. You'll still freeze your ass off, but it's bearable.

We decided to enjoy this lovely weather, because for all we know it can be over in a blink of the eye. So last Thursday we headed towards the KPM Cup at the Kapermolenpark in Hasselt. Mostly to enjoy the weather, the music, the boys in Vans and on skateboards and to have a beer. But also to spot some interesting people, fashionwise.

And so we ran into Joyce from Mol. Although her cardigan is Chanel-esque, she really fits in "the scene" with that legging and her "sloefkes", as I like to call it. I love the simplicity of the outfit and how it still looks absolutely fabulous. And the collar is adorable!

It had been a really fun afternoon / evening. We sat at the skatepark 'till ten o'clock and felt like fifteen year old skatergirls. Anyone else who was there and thought it was great? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sixties Mods

I had THE greatest find EVER last weekend at my local  thrift shop. I'm pretty sure no one will ever top this find so I'm feeling pretty great right now. Curious alright? Well, I found the most perfect pair of worn down bowling shoes. I think these shoes are so perfect that I started wondering why they don't make regular shoes like this. Or am I missing out on something?

Anyways, I wore these shoes out to dinner the other night. Together with some pants and other stuff, no worries! And everybody kept complementing me about these shoes, about how wonderful they are and how it seems they are made just for me. HOORAY! One of my friends said there was some kind of movement in the sixties and those people would also wear bowling shoes and ride on Vespa’s. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I did some research today.

Seems he was right. They were called “Mods”. In fact there were two main groups in the British sixties: The Mods and The Rockers. They were very different and therefore didn’t get along very well. Although most of their quarrels were being enlarged in the media.


Mods vs Rockers

So who were these so called Mods? First of all, the name “Mods” is derived from “Modernists”. Mods loved modern Jazz and well in fact everything new, exciting, controversial and “modern”. Hence the name. Most Mods were working class teenagers who wanted to escape their working class faith. They had little responsibility and little money and wanted to “live for the moment” instead of saving up for the future. They were inspired by Italian and French styles and loved to wear tailored suits. However, when their style began to evolve they also wore sneakers with (Levi’s) jeans, shrunk to fit. Bowling shoes went in and out of style but their favorite shoes were Clarks: Desert boots. As for transportation, they rode on Vespa’s or Lambretta’s which they treated as a fashion accessory. They customized their scooters with lamps, mirrors and even fur. Scooters were the ideal transportation for these youngsters, it was cheap and they didn’t had to rely on public transportation when they wanted to stay out all night at dance clubs.

Mods didn't like The Beatles, but listened to The Who, The Small Faces, The Kinks, The Animals, The Yardbirds and so on. They also liked The Rolling Stones, but didn't like their 'scruffy' look.

The Who - Quadrophenia
Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!

So in this outfit, I’m a bit of a Mod’er! However my bowling shoes might be too ‘scruffy’ to be a typical Mod. And my hair isn’t nearly neat enough! I'm also loving this blazer I'm wearing. It's so darn versatile, it works with everything!

Blazer, top: H&M - skinny jeans: ZARA - bag: Forever21 - shoes: thrifted


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Style Saver

The month of May: spring in super drive, temperatures rising, flowers, rays of sunshine, the first tanning of your skin, summer freckles which start to settle on your face.  Your outfit: short shorts, bright colors, sunglasses, dashing dresses, peep toe shoes… Springtime and maybe even summer have finally arrived!

But no. Not here. Not now. At least not when you live in Belgium. Too cold to wear your stocked weeks in advance spring outfits, and too hot for your worn down winter clothes. So what to do when the temperature seems to remain lower than during the last ice age, when the sun hides like a little kid playing hide-and-seek, when your spring outfits are wasting away in your overflowing closet? One problem, one solution: a fabulous blazer in a spring approved color! It’s THE basic of the moment and available in practically every color you can think of!

Combine your blazer with a simple jeans or a skirt, et voilĂ , instant okay-it’s-not-really-hot-yet-but-spring-is-in-town”-feeling! First the outfit, and then the weather will definitely follow our lead.

And I’m not the only one desperately trying to get some summerish feelings in my outfit by wearing a colored blazer. Some of my friends and my sister were thinking exactly the same thing this past weekend! Great minds think alike, right?

From left to right: my sister Annelies, me, Lisa & Paulien a.k.a the Blazer Babes ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Groezrock 2012

Last weekend, the moment we were enthusiastically waiting for was finally there: festival season kick-off with Groezrock festival in Meerhout, Belgium. But more importantly, also the very exciting kick-off of our blog! All day Saturday and Sunday we were on the lookout for people with a great style on the festival grounds. But sadly, the weather predictions were pretty negative when we left home: rainy, windy days were forecasted and everybody was advised to be prepared for some shitty weather. And although the weather ended up a whole lot better, the almost apocalyptic (or maybe that was just in our minds) weather predictions were still visible in people’s outfits. Loads of raincoats, rain boots, long jackets… Not so easy to express your own style when you think you’re gonna be spending the weekend in the mud and rain, all washed out. But hey, we succeeded and luckily, so did some other lovely people.

The first girl we spotted was Inge from Holland. She came to the festival for the amazing line-up and was accompanied by her friends: the Goth Busters. Indeed, as the name indicates: a group of guys in overalls imitating Ghost Busters, but with an obvious different target to bust than ghosts. Inge said she played the secretary of the guys and wow, what a fabulous secretary: a black and green dress, fake glasses and a great hairdo!

Who says rain boots can’t be integrated in your outfit? Have a look at Katy from the UK! She fell in love with the festival and we fell in love with the combination of her yellow vest and green rain boots.

Liv and Steph are two friends from the UK and they immediately caught our eye because of the similarity in their outfits. When we asked them for a picture, they giggled and said they looked horrible. Admit it, they are totally the opposite of horrible! Their outfits are also a good example of comfy, warm clothing on a not so sunny festival while still looking fabulous.

When strolling through the festival market with all the merchandising stands, we stumbled upon Claire. She was at the festival with Funtime Magazine and wore a very sexy cropped shirt from Big Deal Clothing. If you're really into the whole rock star look, have a look at their website.

As you may have noticed, we spotted some great looking girls, but none were Belgian... Of course, this is impossible, there have to be girls or boys who looked great and were on Groezrock grounds this past weekend. So if you were there or you know somebody who was there looking like they could walk around at Coachella festival, send us a picture at

Must-have-item on Groezrock this weekend: Rain boots!

To give you a feel of the general atmosphere of Groezrock, take a look at these pictures.

And this is us, after two exhausting days of rocking our asses off.


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