Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday

It's that time of the week again: time for an outfit post! Only recently I bought this mint green dress at H&M. I fell for the color and the open back, it makes a dress instant sexy! I already slipped it on for my friend's birthday bash, but then I had to wear it with panties because my legs were SO white, they would scare people away. It also was a bit chilly. 

And it's not chilly anymore, oh hell no! So I threw those panties in the most far corner of my room and wore my pretty dress barelegged. This dress is very 'wooshy', which makes it perfect for hot summer days. It really catches the wind and cools down your body. I wore it to attend the Stiletto Run in Hasselt last weekend (which we will talk about later this week),  and I did manage to maintain a normal body temperature. All thanks to my dress! 

Dress, flats, bracelet: H&M - belt: Pimkie - bag: c&a (my mom's) - nailpolish (hands): Catrice (Salmon and Garfunkel) - earrings: Pieces

I'm also very much in love with the green-pink combo. I always have. In highschool I used to mark my notes with green and pink. Or sometimes green and orange. Useless fact: check!


Thank you!


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