Monday, June 4, 2012

Stiletto! Pumps!

A week ago, we went down to Hasselt to have a look at some fabulous ladies in sky high heels running their asses off. Sounds a bit dodgy now that I read it like this, but actually we went to the Stiletto Run. It's a competition hosted by the Modemuseum of Hasselt where all ladies of all ages are invited to show off their running skills in high heels. Everybody can participate (even men!), but there are some conditions that have to be met: your stilettos must be at last 9 centimeters in height and maximum 1,5 centimeters in width. The goal is quite simple: just run the fuck as fast as you can! Of course, there is a price attached, so you don't have to wear yourself out with the risk of terribly falling all for nothing. And that price is really something and I'm sure it makes every woman on this planet and maybe even throughout the milky way gasp for air... a La Bottega shoeshopping coupon of 1500 euro ( HEAVEN! 

All great and super cheers up for the ladies that actually ran there, but we only went to scoop around a bit. We laid our eyes on some running contestants with cute outfits. Think floral dresses, pastel colours, shorts, hats... Here are some of the pictures we could snap before the running commenced:

 Next, the starting shot was heard and a very Lion Kingish scene (where Mufasa gets killed, you all know, right?) enrolled in front of our eyes. 

The Stiletto Run was a great thing to witness and made me think about participating next year! All I need is a great pair of high heels and maybe some running skills might also come in handy. The heels are already in my possession (and I'm sure they will feature in one of the upcoming What We Wear Wednesdays), but the running skills... Well, let's be optimistic and say that I still have a whole year to boost my running! And hey, there is also a price for the most unfortunate person during the run, for instance someone that falls down. That really sounds like something I could pursue! So next year, Stiletto Run, be prepared!

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