Sunday, June 17, 2012

Twas a Dip and Dye Day

Dip and dye is hot. Whether it's your hair or your clothes, dip and dye is the way to go. Considering that we already tested and unanimously approved the dip and dye hairstyle, we thought it was time to dye some of our clothes. So, a few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday (well, we have plenty of those here) we had a jolly Dip and Dye Do It Yourself Day. Whatsyaneed for a fun day like that? Something you want to dye: a shirt, some denim shorts, a denim pants... Don't matter! Next, you also need textile paint, kitchen salt, disposable gloves, rubber bands, bleach (for decolorizing denim or other fabrics), buckets and water. We chose the colour Flamingo Pink, of course because of the ravishing name.

We started by dip and dyeing our already white shirts. Very easy: we followed the instructions on the wrapping of the textile paint and filled a bucket with warm water and added the textile paint powder. It  said on the wrapping that you should add some kitchen salt, so we neatly followed those instructions as the goody two-shoes we obviously are. Important note: your shirt has to be somewhat humid, so you can best wash it beforehand. We dipped our shirts halfway in the paint bucket and let the paint to its job.

After about ten minutes or so, we pulled to shirts out a bit to have a graded effect, going from light pink to darker. 

Afterwards, you waited for what seemed like ages, but what was in real life about 45 minutes, for the shirt to further soak in the paint. Luckily, we had some magazines and my granny to avoid getting bored out of our minds. My granny is so cool!

Le moment supreme, how did it turn out? Pretty good, if we say so ourselves!

I did something alike with my denim shorts. Only, I bleached them in advance 'till they were almost white so that the colour would pop out more. I also made some knots with rubber bands to have some cool effects. The rest is pretty much the same as explained above with the only difference that I used two colours on the shorts: blue on top and pink at the bottom. I absolutely love, love, love the result: hellooo, new festival outfit!You shall definately see me rocking these shorts on the Pukkelpop festival this summer!

Lies decided to try something a bit different on her denim pants: tie dyeing, which is also incredibly easy. No dye needed, actually all you need is in this case not love, but some bleach and rubber bands. You make knots with the rubber bands and that creates some unique patterns after you have submerged the pants in the bleach. You can see the result here and in the picture below.

Dip and dyeing or tie dyeing is really easy and really good on your budget (oh, budgets, the horror!). Why spend money on buying things you can so easily create yourself? So dive in your wardrobe and dye those discarded clothes! I'm kinda starting to feel like a dip and dye promoting commercial, but what the heck, a girl has to be overly enthusiastic from time to time, right?!


  1. Vooral de short vind ik erg leuk! De T-shirts ook wel, maar met twee kleuren werken geeft toch een kleine twist aan de ombr├ętrend.


    1. Ik had een soortgelijk shortje gezien in Topshop, maar vond dat wat te duur, dus heb ik het maar zelf gemaakt :) Ik heb het wel een keer opnieuw moeten doen, omdat de short de eerste keer niet genoeg afgebleekt was, waardoor de kleuren er niet zo goed op 'pakten'. Tweede keer, goeie keer :)


Thank you!


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