Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Wear: Oversized blue

This shirt, you guys, has been one of the best spring buys so far! After seeing several blogsters sport similar striped blouses, I was more than sold. I bought it even more oversized than H&M itself intended it to be, 'cause I love that breezy and free feeling you normally only get from running around in your underwear (TMI, Karolien, TMI). I love wearing this blouse in outfits like this, where it adds a direct nonchalant vibe. But I can also imagine myself wearing it when the city is blistering hot, but you still like a bit of a cover-up in the evening to go with your denim shorts and sandals. Oh summer 2015, I cannot wait!  

I have to say I have very little to add, I blame the few holidays we've had this month. I feel totally off and can't even remember the day on some occasions. And that is my cue out! 

PS: Sorry for hiding my face under my hat! 


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More sunshine!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Wear: The Acne pistol boots, again

And you have to take my word for it, that I'm actually wearing my pistol boots as I did not manage to snap them on camera. All my full outfit pictures were out of focus. #nag

Our Sundays lately have been filled with absolutely nothing besides enjoying the sun on a sunny terrace with friends. And that's the way I like it. Last Sunday we vistited "'t Skokkelpjaat" (which is a dialect term for rocking horse) which is infamous for its decoration with a wide variety of very random stumble-upons. I know it sounds vague, but you have to see it to really understand what I mean. I tried to capture it on camera but this is only a small bit of the things that are to be discovered there.

I'm wearing my hat again and I really wish I could just wear it all the time. It feels so safe. Like wearing sunglasses. My outfit is a slouchy Sunday outfit again, nothing too special. However my Bart Simpson top is an eyecatcher, judging by the look people give it.

I'm not much of a talker today, punk shows on a Tuesday evening (read: yesterday) are the cause of that. Karolien already told you we are going to do that "We Ask"- thing (I'm really running out of vocabulary here) and I can guarantee you that my first "We Ask"-thing is coming up soon! So make sure to stay tuned ;)

 And then I realize I only have two outfit pictures. I was also wearing my grey skinny jeans. :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Wear: The wild west

This outfit dates back quite a while, but I've been lacking significantly in the the time department lately. Looking forward to Groezrock, followed by immediate Groez withdrawal symptoms, and a serious cold that's still hassling me, messed up my ever so neat work/life schedule. I am a planner and in doing so, I get a lot of shit done in a small time frame. But when I'm obliged to 'rest' (ugh, not my cup of tea) in order to feel fit again, everything - including myself - falls to pieces. A very long explanation to tell you I've been running late with outfit posts. However, I've got some different outfits awaiting impatiently on my laptop. Therefore, expect some random outfits throughout the next week(s). 

I was hungover in these pictures, but I think I/my sunglasses hide it pretty well. That's all I really have to share with you at this moment as I should be packing for a surprise birthday trip to Amsterdam. YAY! We leave tomorrow for a two-day trip, so if you have some must see's, must eat's, must do's, must shop's, do please share! 

Also, who's with me that every day should last at least double as long? 

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Amsterdam, y'all! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

We Wear: Fav sweater

I love wearing chunky sweaters, although sweater weather might be over very soon (someone else hear summer is coming next week?). Nonetheless, a sweater like this can easily be worn over a breezy summer top after a hot day spent with friends, a barbecue and some cocktails. Yes, I am dreaming aloud.

My hair is also pink again thanks to my lovely hairdresser Madeline. I loved it so much last time that I had to do it again and our annual date with Groezrock was the perfect opportunity. In these pictures the color has already faded a little due to shampoo. If I could never wash my hair again, I'd totally go for it.

This is actually the first time since forever that I'm wearing a proper outfit, worthy of shooting. I've been bundled up in sweaters like this and black skinny jeans combined with my Vans because I have a feeling I'm spending most of my days behind my desk - and hidden in my scarf - at work. At 6 in the morning I'm also not in the mood to dress up. Not even if I thought of an outfit beforehand. Luckily sometimes I can make an exception. The snakebite / pasta date planned with the boyfriend and Bart after work actually made me do the effort. And I've learned something that day: however bad a day may be, at least you were wearing a pretty outfit. So when you look back on that day, you'll remember the joy that pretty outfit gave you. Let that be a lesson kids!

These pictures were shot in the little back garden of Pizza Pasta et Basta in Hasselt (and well some in the Irish Pub). Defs the spot if you want to grab some decent Italian food and it's not overpriced. Seriously, taste the spaghetti with truffle oil or the pizza Norma (with eggplant and parmezan). They are delish. And no I'm not sponsored, I had to pay for my food.

Totally grew into these boots, don't hurt one bit anymore!

I'm wearing:
Sweater: H&M
Shirt: my grandma's
Shirt buttons: birthday gift
Tights: H&M
Boots: Acne Pistol Boots


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