Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Wear: The Acne pistol boots, again

And you have to take my word for it, that I'm actually wearing my pistol boots as I did not manage to snap them on camera. All my full outfit pictures were out of focus. #nag

Our Sundays lately have been filled with absolutely nothing besides enjoying the sun on a sunny terrace with friends. And that's the way I like it. Last Sunday we vistited "'t Skokkelpjaat" (which is a dialect term for rocking horse) which is infamous for its decoration with a wide variety of very random stumble-upons. I know it sounds vague, but you have to see it to really understand what I mean. I tried to capture it on camera but this is only a small bit of the things that are to be discovered there.

I'm wearing my hat again and I really wish I could just wear it all the time. It feels so safe. Like wearing sunglasses. My outfit is a slouchy Sunday outfit again, nothing too special. However my Bart Simpson top is an eyecatcher, judging by the look people give it.

I'm not much of a talker today, punk shows on a Tuesday evening (read: yesterday) are the cause of that. Karolien already told you we are going to do that "We Ask"- thing (I'm really running out of vocabulary here) and I can guarantee you that my first "We Ask"-thing is coming up soon! So make sure to stay tuned ;)

 And then I realize I only have two outfit pictures. I was also wearing my grey skinny jeans. :D

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