Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Wear: Oversized blue

This shirt, you guys, has been one of the best spring buys so far! After seeing several blogsters sport similar striped blouses, I was more than sold. I bought it even more oversized than H&M itself intended it to be, 'cause I love that breezy and free feeling you normally only get from running around in your underwear (TMI, Karolien, TMI). I love wearing this blouse in outfits like this, where it adds a direct nonchalant vibe. But I can also imagine myself wearing it when the city is blistering hot, but you still like a bit of a cover-up in the evening to go with your denim shorts and sandals. Oh summer 2015, I cannot wait!  

I have to say I have very little to add, I blame the few holidays we've had this month. I feel totally off and can't even remember the day on some occasions. And that is my cue out! 

PS: Sorry for hiding my face under my hat! 


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