Saturday, December 17, 2016

We Wear: Floral dress, leopard coat

I'm wearing:
Beanie: H&M (lost two days later, why does this always happen)
Scarf, dress: Zara
Sweater: Paplou
Glitter chelsea boots: Ma&Lo via La Bottega
Socks: Veritas
Duffle Bag: New Look via Zalando

So you know what is exhausting? MOVING! Lorenz and I finally moved to Hasselt and it's great but it's safe to say it has been quite the hassle. You know what else is exhausting... Christmas related staff parties where you have too much cava to drink because you don't have to drive because you can walk home. Thanks colleagues for the massive hangover the day after. 

These pictures already date from a while back, when we weren't living in the city yet. I've had trouble styling this dress before but I now found a sweater-dress combination that I like. I'm also very much digging the clashing patterns with the leopard and the floral. Things don't always have to make sense, right? Sometimes you just like get up in the act and do 'em. 

It is no secret to nobody that I love glitter. I wear glitter on a daily basis and it is most definitely a basic in my book. These glitter chelsea boots are one of the perks of working at a shoe / concept store. I love them to death. Random anecdote: only yesterday I was trying on some mile high skinny jeans at the Levi's Store combined with these glitter chelsea boots and a random customer gave me a compliment I looked fabulous. THANK YOU STRANGER! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Wear: Try Out-Fit with a slight shimmer

Looking back at these pictures, I think I better first had (a couple of shots of) coffee to make up for the bags under my eyes. Thank God I threw in some distraction in the form of the very obvious bow tie (digging up Halloween stuff does wonders for your wardrobe) and the coat with a slight shimmer. The coat was one of the treasures I found at SKM when I went to try out their new Try Out-Fit tool - see what I did there. The idea behind the tool is simple yet elegant. When you're short in time, or  not very proficient at putting together an outfit, or you're just really curious, you can use the tool on the SKM website. Just indicate your style, your favorite brands, what exactly you're looking for and of course your clothing sizes, think about a moment you can head down to SKM and make the appointment, all in a few mouse clicks. When you get to the store, you can very quickly try out a few outfits the stylists composed just for you. The result is taking home a gorgeous coat like exhibit A. I have to say I was really curious about whether they would hit my style just right, but I can say it was a perfect match! The complete outfit was made for me, from head to (very gorgeous) shoes. 

It was a really fun experience and I'm definitely heading back (soon!) to check out the winter collection at SKM. With the mix of all kinds of brands (Supertrash! Zoe Karssen!), it's impossible not to find anything to wear for the upcoming holidays. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Wear: Mermaid in silver pleated skirt and glitter sneakers


I'm wearing:
Jean Jacket: Pretty Little Things
Mermaid Crew patch: Pull & Bear
Hello Kitty patch, glitter socks: Veritas
Rainbow and Pour it Up patch, gold shell purse: Skinny Dip London
Dolphin pin: TITI and THE GERMAN KID
Starfish and strawberry pin: gift
Flower body, glitter platform sneakers, dusted pink velvet choker: Asos
Silver pleated skirt: Millenium via La Bottega

These past few weeks have all been about playing dress-up so it seems. First there was Halloween and I extended that vibe with my witchy outfit, followed by a 40 year Punk music inspired outfit (which I also actually wore "in real life" to attend a show starring Equal Idiots and Double Veterans). And today I'm demonstrating the outfit I wore to a party themed "under the sea" hosted by Karolien's former Chiro.

It very quickly became clear I would - again - wear this silver pleated skirt and my glitter platform sneakers. I only was not sure what to wear on top. I wanted something with shells so I bought this light blue colored crop top with shiny pink shells I found on Etsy only to find out it really did not look all that great on my silver skirt. The fit was too boxy and the color not perfectly pastelly blue. It does look nice with shorts though. So instead I wore my flowery body from Asos which has only debuted once before on this blog namely in our header :'D

It didn't bother me that much that I wasn't able to wear my shelly (haha shelly) crop top because I pimped my jean jacket with the most awesome patch ever made. Totes in love! Karolien has the same patch (ok, she had it first) so we really are the start of a mermaid CRU. Or crew, crew will do.

And did I not say I would buy a lot more velvet chokers? Well I actually haven't, I bought this the same time I bought the black one. BUT GOOD THING I DID BECAUSE, DAMN, HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK.

You may not notice but I actually made an effort to do some mermaidy make-up! I got my hands on the Urban Decay Moondust eye shadow palette ànd the Vice lipstick palette (thank you sister in law) so I just smeared my face with glitter. That's how it feels when I apply make-up: I have zero experience. I did base my eyeshadow smearing on Annebeth's review of the palette because she conveniently had a "grungy mermaid" look. Now please also teach me how to actually apply these things :D

P.S.: Yes I combined a gold purse with a silver skirt. Mermaids can do that.
P.S.S.: Yes, I'm wearing my socks inside out. Mermaids can be stupid.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Wear: All that glitters

I bought this golden skirt for the occasion of a wedding, but it proved to be a go-to skirt for many different occasions as well. Like the day after a party - hence, the curly party left-overs and glasses for tired eyes - in combination with a boyfriend shirt (literally). Perhaps all that glitters is not gold, but all that glitters does seem to find its way to my heart aka closet. It's gotten to the point where I have to tell myself that I do not need another golden/silver/glitter skirt/blouse/jacket. Or maybe I do, because I'm secretly a mermaid that loves shiny stuff. Or a magpie. 

Speaking of mermaids and smooth transitions, I had so much fun at a local party a few weekends ago where in fact I transformed to my truest of all forms: the mermaid. I'm obviously OD'ing on Once Upon a Time and thinking in fairy tale terms ALL THE TIME. Sorry!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

We Wear: 40 year punk music

Coat, overknee boots: SheInside
Faux suede mini skirt: H&M
Fishnet tights: Veritas
Leopard bandana used as shawl: (thrifted) Kringloopwinkel
Purse: My grandma's 

Coat, jeans backpack, shoes, jeans pinafore dress: Primark
Scarf: Zara
Shirt: SheInside
Socks: Topshop
Beanie, polka dot tights: Unknown
Necklace: H&M (old)

Studio Brussel celebrated 40 years Punk this week in analogy to the Sex Pistols' record "Nevermind the bollocks, here's the Sex Pistols" that debuted in 1977. Of course Karolien and I couldn't let this opportunity slip to once again channel our inner punkrock attitude. Well allright, that attitude never is far away but what's more fun than play dress-up, amiright. 

I remember going to school during high-school dressed in a safety pin embellished red tartan skirt with fishnet tights. I can't remember what shoes I wore underneath though but I think (fear) those might have been my pink Converse All Stars. Another favorite combo was a plain black mini skirt with pink and black striped tights and an accordingly striped bardot top. My 17-year self wanted to be the Cheshire cat I suppose. That bardot top was totally not tolerated by the way at our school, so that once resulted in me getting picked out of class by the principal, getting preached at and having to add a gym top underneath.

Funny anecdote: Karolien and I were classmates since the 5th grade in high school but only became friends when we were both in college and went to Pukkelpop together. 

For my punk inspired outfit I time-traveled to 2004, put on some fishnet tights and combined it with my red tartan coat. Because I'm also totally in love with Debbie Harry I added my overknee boots, a quirky t-shirt and a thrifted leopard bandana I used as a shawl.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We Wear: 90's vibe with velvet choker and silver pleated skirt

I'm wearing:
Vest: SuperTrash c/o SKM
Top: H&M (old)
Pleated skirt: Millenium via La Bottega (sold out)
Spider "hair" clip: Flying Tiger

I actually bought this choker for my Halloween outfit but I totally forgot to put it on that night. I actually forgot to wear all my accessories and the whole evening it made me feel "not complete". But I've been wearing this velvet beauty constantly now so that is totally made up for. I had no idea velvet chokers would look so good on me! I think I'm going to buy a gazillion more.

Because we were still in the aftermath of Halloween when shoothing this outfit, I put a black spider in my bun. I found it at Flying Tiger and it's not really a hair clip but well, it does the trick. Flying Tiger is like a dream come true to find some Halloween or - enter any other holiday / occassion - decorations. It's like Action only a bit more expensive - but still super cheap - and also a bit more fancy - but still not too fancy -, I mean, I found a fake hand for 2 euros to complete Sofie's Wednesday Adams costume... I rest my case.

You see me wearing an awfull lot of stuff from La Bottega recently and that can be explained really simple: I work there. And that is a dream come true and a real nightmare at the same time: if I could I'd buy everything. This pleated skirt was a real steal so I had to bring that home with me. The combination with the the long vest was a guess but I'm really happy how it turned out! Originally I used my big, green Zara scarf to complete this outfit (I wore this to work on Friday and I have to walk and it's cold in the morning) but spring was so polite to come pay us a visit (although that already seems very long ago right now), thus a scarf was not needed when shooting these pictures.

I felt like a nineties yet retro, vampy witch while wearing this outfit and I loved it. By the looks the people gave me on Friday evening though the world - or Hasselt - is not ready yet for vampy, witchy vibes. Well, their loss.


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