Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We Wear: 90's vibe with velvet choker and silver pleated skirt

I'm wearing:
Vest: SuperTrash c/o SKM
Top: H&M (old)
Pleated skirt: Millenium via La Bottega (sold out)
Spider "hair" clip: Flying Tiger

I actually bought this choker for my Halloween outfit but I totally forgot to put it on that night. I actually forgot to wear all my accessories and the whole evening it made me feel "not complete". But I've been wearing this velvet beauty constantly now so that is totally made up for. I had no idea velvet chokers would look so good on me! I think I'm going to buy a gazillion more.

Because we were still in the aftermath of Halloween when shoothing this outfit, I put a black spider in my bun. I found it at Flying Tiger and it's not really a hair clip but well, it does the trick. Flying Tiger is like a dream come true to find some Halloween or - enter any other holiday / occassion - decorations. It's like Action only a bit more expensive - but still super cheap - and also a bit more fancy - but still not too fancy -, I mean, I found a fake hand for 2 euros to complete Sofie's Wednesday Adams costume... I rest my case.

You see me wearing an awfull lot of stuff from La Bottega recently and that can be explained really simple: I work there. And that is a dream come true and a real nightmare at the same time: if I could I'd buy everything. This pleated skirt was a real steal so I had to bring that home with me. The combination with the the long vest was a guess but I'm really happy how it turned out! Originally I used my big, green Zara scarf to complete this outfit (I wore this to work on Friday and I have to walk and it's cold in the morning) but spring was so polite to come pay us a visit (although that already seems very long ago right now), thus a scarf was not needed when shooting these pictures.

I felt like a nineties yet retro, vampy witch while wearing this outfit and I loved it. By the looks the people gave me on Friday evening though the world - or Hasselt - is not ready yet for vampy, witchy vibes. Well, their loss.

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