Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Wear: Bruxelles, ma belle

A while ago, my sisters and I had a what we call 'zusjesdag', which means 'sistersday' and which basically consists of us spending some quality time together. This time we arranged to hop on a train to Brussels to do some serious vintage shopping at Brussels Vintage Market - which I absolutely love, as I sure have mentioned before. It was SUCH a fun day and just looking back at the pictures brings a smile back on my face again. God, I love my little sister twats. The whole city basked in sunshine, which felt weird and great at the same time. Weird because the Brussels attacks were still very fresh in memory and great because I felt like people realized life is short and had been wanting to enjoy every single minute to the fullest.  

I was nearly melting that day, since I was very ill prepared for that extremely sunny day we had back in April. Well, it may have been a not so appropriate wardrobe choice back then, at this moment, a knitted sweater is welcome yet again. Must. Refrain. From. Complaining. About. The. Shitty. Weather. In fact, I'm not gonna complain, mostly because next week I'll be getting my highly vital Vitamin D in Seville, Spain. If you have any tips regarding must sees and must visits, do share!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We Wear: My Little Pony and a shell purse

Faux leather jacket: H&M // My Little Pony T-shirt: Ebay // Chevron Pencil Skirt: Traffic People via Paplou //
Glitter shoes: Asos // Shell purse: Skinny Dip London
P.S.: I'm sorry, I don't know why my pictures suddenly are bad. They look super crisp in my Lightroom :( 

It's been a while, but I'm back with a new blog post! You've seen this skirt before here but it's finally warm enough to wear it bare-legged. Actually it's barely warm enough but I'll take it. After the cold we experienced during Groezrock, anything above 10°C seems like a pretty good deal. And I seriously did have two very pretty outfits put together for Groez but that all went down the drain and covered in layers (and indeed also a rain coat and some mud).

Back to this outfit. Some time ago I decided I wanted / needed (whatever you prefer) a My Little Pony t-shirt. My search led me to Ebay and this shirt straight to my mail box. I only seem to wear it though while my hair is dyed pastel. Pony powers. It matches wonderfully with my shell purse which I actually bought to go with a tutu for a wedding. But I was never good at "keeping" things or clothes for special occassions. When I buy something, I want to wear it. So I already wore that specific combination to a housewarming and felt like a really out of place though really pretty mermaid. Goals achieved.

Did this outfit make up for our silence?

Friday, May 13, 2016

We Wear: The Roaring Twenties

Yes, we've been completely MIA the past weeks. But we have some very good excuses though! First, there was the soaking, rainy, muddy party that was Groezrock, where we unfortunately couldn't really take pictures of our 'outfits' as these mostly consisted of a rain coat. For some among us, even the rain coat was covered in mud caused by a bad balance in the moshpit (not pointing any fingers, but it wasn't this Peach). Safe to say not really outfit worthy, although I do believe it would create quite a few laughs. Nonetheless, Groezrock was - as it is each and every year - a tremendous amount of fun. Let's pray for some summer weather next year so we can break out the denim shorts and crop tops to give you some early festival vibes. 

Our next excuse has to do with the past weekend and is mostly my excuse: It was my birthday last Thursday, so with the extended weekend, party mode was more than on. I started my birthweekend celebrations on Thursday and only ended Sunday in the late afternoon. This way I want to thank everybody contributing to it and meeting my every need and want (God knows, I can be one demanding birthday girl). It was the best birthday ever! It'd better be, since it's the last one that I'm celebrating. Ever. 

And what a celebration it was, especially the Roaring Twenties Party I organized. Every excuse to break out my tutu is a good one (and I accidentally bought another one this weekend..). All my friends showed up in perfect gear, so of course I had to snap some shots to give you a glimpse of their awesomeness. And the outfits naturally, never forget the outfits. 

The lil' sis 

The group (I convinced them to dress up by stating beforehand that they wouldn't get any drinks if they didn't participate. Score!)


I love them retards!


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