Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Wear: Bruxelles, ma belle

A while ago, my sisters and I had a what we call 'zusjesdag', which means 'sistersday' and which basically consists of us spending some quality time together. This time we arranged to hop on a train to Brussels to do some serious vintage shopping at Brussels Vintage Market - which I absolutely love, as I sure have mentioned before. It was SUCH a fun day and just looking back at the pictures brings a smile back on my face again. God, I love my little sister twats. The whole city basked in sunshine, which felt weird and great at the same time. Weird because the Brussels attacks were still very fresh in memory and great because I felt like people realized life is short and had been wanting to enjoy every single minute to the fullest.  

I was nearly melting that day, since I was very ill prepared for that extremely sunny day we had back in April. Well, it may have been a not so appropriate wardrobe choice back then, at this moment, a knitted sweater is welcome yet again. Must. Refrain. From. Complaining. About. The. Shitty. Weather. In fact, I'm not gonna complain, mostly because next week I'll be getting my highly vital Vitamin D in Seville, Spain. If you have any tips regarding must sees and must visits, do share!

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