Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Leopard coat

My body knows it and my voice certainly knows it: what a busy weekend it was! Even though it's Wednesday, I'm still recuperating from it. With the going away party of one of my dearest friends (sad face) and lots of preparations that needed to be done for the gift, I was and actually still am t to the ired. Seriously, if I were to be an Indian, my name would be Tired Eyes. Or Puffed Face. Or good ol' Yawn Head. However, I did manage to find the time to snap some pictures in my backyard, which is actually not really the backyard as it is the local cemetery. 

Okay, do you notice how I'm tired? Incoherent writing for the win. Or maybe it's just the general blah feeling when I think about my friend that's leaving in less than a week. Anyways, I do have some things to look forward to and that is in the first place my paycheck that'll arrive this week. I have been holding off on buying, well anything actually, because I was saving up to (finally) buy a new cell phone. Remember how my last one fell/dove/flied in the toilet? Well, I have deemed the time appropriate to get me a new one this week! YAY!

The whole saving up also meant not having anything new to wear for the last weeks and I have to be honest, it didn't kill me. I just threw on some 'old' stuff and mostly really loved the result. The main item of today's outfit is of course the fake fur coat, which I've had for a year now. I'm falling for it more and more every time I see it. It is very Cruella de Vil, and although I used to hate her guts growing up, I must say she's a very intriguing character to say the least. And the song always gets stuck in my mind whenever I wear the coat. Classic! But don't worry, my coat isn't made from little puppies.

Do you guys also rediscover your wardrobe when nothing new arrives? (Notice how I say 'arrive', as if my clothes arrive all on their own with a horse and carriage or something) I guess it's good from time to time, not in the very least for my bank account. 


Coat: Carrefour (oh yeah) - jegging, beanie, bracelet: H&M - blouse, boots: Primark - necklace: Forever 21 - bag, ring: New Look

Monday, November 26, 2012


Cats are HOT! Leopard prints have been around for quite a while and now it seems like it's time to show the face 'behind the fur'. It's not only wild cats here, the domestic cat is making an entry too. And quite a good one in my opinion. As people often call me a 'crazy cat lady', this is a trend I cannot let slip. I'm simply obliged to own at least one cat-faced jumper in my closet. But until my first paycheck has arrived, I will get no further then drooling over my screen while browsing the online shops. I'm considering buying a waterproof case for my laptop, I still need it for work.

So I made some boards with finds from different shops. I warn you: excessive production of saliva will take place. I found my favorites at Romwe: the white big jumper with the cat face, and the black jumper with the cat face. PERFECTION!

 Do you like the whole cat-face trend? Any preferences considering wild cats or domestic cats?

Oh and in case you're burning with curiosity: I did cut my bangs.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Sparkly denim for fall

I really love pistachio ice cream and I've recently GOT A JOB! I started on Monday and it's hella exciting. So from now on I'm officially a working girl! I can't WAIT to spend my first paycheck on some lovely new clothes!

Speaking of new clothes, my mom and I went shopping last week: the very last shopping trip that she actually sponsored. It was her gift to me for finding a job. It's then that I found this denim shirt at New Look. Been wanting to own a denim shirt for quite some time now, and when those little sparkly studs started blinking in the corner of my eye, I was sold. And so was the shirt. (Aren't I HILARIOUS.)

One can never have too much bling going on, so I shamelessly combined this lovely shirt with my new H&M necklace. It's black, but don't underestimate its sparkle factor. It's the same necklace which I was talking about HERE. It's very wearable thus easy to combine, instant sparkle for every outfit!

The BF and I went to Leuven last week so I took advantage of the situation and asked him to take my pictures. I usually do it myself with a tripod and self-timer in the garden. So don't mind the silly or angry faces, I was constantly screaming he had to do better. I'm so nice. Thanks love! 

I wore this outfit on our trip to Leuven, to sign my contract at my new job (some bling was in place, please) and to party last Saturday at Z33. I actually never wanted to take it off.

I do think this outfit is less 'cute', so Karolien's mom is proven wrong forever!
(Just kidding)

Jacket: Zara - Scarf, skinny jeans, necklace: H&M - Denim shirt: New Look - Shoes: thrifted - Ring: gift

Should I cut my bangs?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Magnetic nail polish

A few days ago, my sister called me with some exciting news. She works at Ici Paris XL and she called to let me know that the Flair Magnetic Nail Polish had arrived. Creating special patterns on your nails was never easier, or at least according to the advertisement! So, what do you have/need? Very simple: just the Magnetic Nail Polish and the accompanying magnet with one of three possible patterns (stripes, waves, or a star). I chose the colour Onyx and the magnet with the stripe pattern and I have to admit: the result is supah dupah! And it really is as easy as it says in the explanation: just apply the nail polish on one finger, hold the magnet above the nail for about ten seconds, et voilĂ , done and done. 

For those who are interested: how does this miracle stuff work? Well, there are little metal pieces in the nail polish which are invisible for the naked eye. When you hold the magnet with the pattern above the freshly applied nail polish, the magnet pulls the metal pieces together, which recreates the pattern. The lighter parts on your nail are the places where the concentration of metal pieces is very high. How cool is a mixture of science and beauty?!

Enough blabbing, see the result for yourself and hurry, hurry to Ici Paris XL and get the nail polish and magnet for only 8 euros while it's still in stock!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Summer shorts in autumn

My mom was browsing through the WWWW of last week and said that Lies always looked so cute, and that my outfits were never cute. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I responded fiercely. I had been thinking about these cute polka dot shorts for quite a while, which means they have been vacating a spot in my bag (yes, I travel constantly between my hometown and Leuven) for a few weeks now. They are actually summer shorts - quite obviously - but I figured that in the soft autumn temperatures of the last few weeks they would also blossom. Hence, with the whole 'I can be cute too'-concept in the back of my head, I threw them on this weekend to have coffee with Lies. Which was actually boozed up coffee and good old wine, but coffee nevertheless. 

The jacket is one of my favorites of all time, it used to be from my mom when she was 16 or so and has been in my possession since I was 19 or something. And it keeps coming back for more, evidenced by the following anecdote. In the summer of 2007, I forgot the jacket on the train (insert dramatic tune). I remember getting out of the train and panicking over my worn-out leather jacket that was - sadly - still on the train. I called the train company, filled in a lost and found items form, but it seemed gone forever. I bought a new leather jacket and moved on, with pain in my heart over my lost love. Until eight months later, I got a call from the train company that they found my jacket! I hurried over there and indeed, it was mine! I have no idea where it's been those eight months, but leather jacket of mine, let's never part again! 
 Jacket: oldschool from my mom - scarf, shorts: H&M - Denim shirt: Zara - shoes: Pimkie - ring: made by my sis - bag: New Look - watch: Primark


Friday, November 9, 2012

Plastique Fantastique

Whenever you go shopping, grocery shopping or pay a visit to your local bakery, you end up walking out of the store with your hands full of plastic bags. You store them around the house because you tell yourself they can always come in handy, or you just throw them away first minute you get home.

We all know plastic can be a bitch to nature: it's not degradable so it will linger around for many many years. Our seas are already heavily soiled by all this plastic that ends up there by ignorant people. It's not my intention to be preachy at all, but a little recycling never hurt anyone.

Anyhow, my mom found this tutorial on YouTube where they use plastic bags for crocheting. It's a certain technique of ripping the bags so you get long strands of plastic which are perfect for all your crocheting creativeness! It's very easy and EVERYBODY owns stupid plastic bags. The crocheting itself would cause a problem for me though: I have two left hands and oh deary me not enough patience.

My mom has the patience of a saint when it comes to handy stuff and she already made a handbag, a little make-up bag and storage cases in different sizes. She started out using different colors of plastic so you get an eclectic mix (as you can see in the purse), but for her other objects she only used white plastic. I like both results, however I also have a huge weak spot for anything white, especially in accessories and deco stuff.

This little project fits perfectly in our present days filled with DIY, knitting, Pinterest and giving a second life to already used stuff. It looks like something Caroline Verbrugghe would show in that new TV show 'Fabriek Romantiek'. And however it's nothing 'new', I still find it very contemporary and furthermore: pretty.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: I own too much pink

I was looking at my wardrobe and I concluded I really own too much pink. I don't call myself a "typical" pink-girl at all, but somehow when I have to choose between pink and something else, I go for pink. So note to self: you have enough pink, start exploring other colors.

But all this pink did came in quite handy today: I tried layers! I suck at layering, or to be more precise: I never really gave it a try. I'm always the one freezing her ass off when we're outside during wintertime because I'm not wearing enough layers of clothes. It wouldn't be the first time that a friend runs to her car to get me an extra sweater (my friends keep sweaters in their car, maybe I should learn from that). Thank you, Ulrike. Although I know you don't read my blabla.

So simple layers for me today: a button-up shirt and a blouse. I like the different shades of pink (I contemplated about 'Fifty shades of pink' for the title) and the very different textures. I normally don't wear belts on blouses, but I grabbed it because it was also pink. And I like the little peplum-effect it creates.

I know my pink Vans would match perfectly with this, but I wanted to concentrate the pink on my upper half. So black booties it is! I've noticed that a lot of people have discovered these beauties at H&M and also use them as an 'everyday' shoe, but I'm still learning to walk on them. Seriously. I also suck at walking in heels or heeled shoes. But I'm getting better! And I like being tall.

The whole pink and blonde hair thing does give me a kawaii-feel. And the bear hat only supports that. It's not the look I was going for, but my upper half has been feeling quite like a Japanese manga girl. Funny thing is that my brother actually lives in Japan. Hi brother!

I've been told that I talk too much (on paper / screen that is), so I'll stop.

(P.S.: I  bought a perfect necklace to match with this outfit, buttt the photos were taken and the outfit was worn. So I'll show some other time!)

Hat, scarf, shirt, blouse, skirt, booties: H&M - Jacket: Zara - Gloves: Mango - Bag: thrifted


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