Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: I own too much pink

I was looking at my wardrobe and I concluded I really own too much pink. I don't call myself a "typical" pink-girl at all, but somehow when I have to choose between pink and something else, I go for pink. So note to self: you have enough pink, start exploring other colors.

But all this pink did came in quite handy today: I tried layers! I suck at layering, or to be more precise: I never really gave it a try. I'm always the one freezing her ass off when we're outside during wintertime because I'm not wearing enough layers of clothes. It wouldn't be the first time that a friend runs to her car to get me an extra sweater (my friends keep sweaters in their car, maybe I should learn from that). Thank you, Ulrike. Although I know you don't read my blabla.

So simple layers for me today: a button-up shirt and a blouse. I like the different shades of pink (I contemplated about 'Fifty shades of pink' for the title) and the very different textures. I normally don't wear belts on blouses, but I grabbed it because it was also pink. And I like the little peplum-effect it creates.

I know my pink Vans would match perfectly with this, but I wanted to concentrate the pink on my upper half. So black booties it is! I've noticed that a lot of people have discovered these beauties at H&M and also use them as an 'everyday' shoe, but I'm still learning to walk on them. Seriously. I also suck at walking in heels or heeled shoes. But I'm getting better! And I like being tall.

The whole pink and blonde hair thing does give me a kawaii-feel. And the bear hat only supports that. It's not the look I was going for, but my upper half has been feeling quite like a Japanese manga girl. Funny thing is that my brother actually lives in Japan. Hi brother!

I've been told that I talk too much (on paper / screen that is), so I'll stop.

(P.S.: I  bought a perfect necklace to match with this outfit, buttt the photos were taken and the outfit was worn. So I'll show some other time!)

Hat, scarf, shirt, blouse, skirt, booties: H&M - Jacket: Zara - Gloves: Mango - Bag: thrifted

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  1. Haha, ik ken dat gevoel maar ik ben ook gek van roze! Leuke outfit & de handschoenen zijn super!


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