Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Sparkly denim for fall

I really love pistachio ice cream and I've recently GOT A JOB! I started on Monday and it's hella exciting. So from now on I'm officially a working girl! I can't WAIT to spend my first paycheck on some lovely new clothes!

Speaking of new clothes, my mom and I went shopping last week: the very last shopping trip that she actually sponsored. It was her gift to me for finding a job. It's then that I found this denim shirt at New Look. Been wanting to own a denim shirt for quite some time now, and when those little sparkly studs started blinking in the corner of my eye, I was sold. And so was the shirt. (Aren't I HILARIOUS.)

One can never have too much bling going on, so I shamelessly combined this lovely shirt with my new H&M necklace. It's black, but don't underestimate its sparkle factor. It's the same necklace which I was talking about HERE. It's very wearable thus easy to combine, instant sparkle for every outfit!

The BF and I went to Leuven last week so I took advantage of the situation and asked him to take my pictures. I usually do it myself with a tripod and self-timer in the garden. So don't mind the silly or angry faces, I was constantly screaming he had to do better. I'm so nice. Thanks love! 

I wore this outfit on our trip to Leuven, to sign my contract at my new job (some bling was in place, please) and to party last Saturday at Z33. I actually never wanted to take it off.

I do think this outfit is less 'cute', so Karolien's mom is proven wrong forever!
(Just kidding)

Jacket: Zara - Scarf, skinny jeans, necklace: H&M - Denim shirt: New Look - Shoes: thrifted - Ring: gift

Should I cut my bangs?


  1. Super leuke outfit! Dat hemdje is echt perfect! Recent gekocht bij New Look? En ik vind de outfit toch nog een hoog cute gehalte hebben eigenlijk.. Vooral dan de laatste foto! ;)

  2. Thx! Idd uit de New Look, and I loooove it!


Thank you!


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