Friday, November 9, 2012

Plastique Fantastique

Whenever you go shopping, grocery shopping or pay a visit to your local bakery, you end up walking out of the store with your hands full of plastic bags. You store them around the house because you tell yourself they can always come in handy, or you just throw them away first minute you get home.

We all know plastic can be a bitch to nature: it's not degradable so it will linger around for many many years. Our seas are already heavily soiled by all this plastic that ends up there by ignorant people. It's not my intention to be preachy at all, but a little recycling never hurt anyone.

Anyhow, my mom found this tutorial on YouTube where they use plastic bags for crocheting. It's a certain technique of ripping the bags so you get long strands of plastic which are perfect for all your crocheting creativeness! It's very easy and EVERYBODY owns stupid plastic bags. The crocheting itself would cause a problem for me though: I have two left hands and oh deary me not enough patience.

My mom has the patience of a saint when it comes to handy stuff and she already made a handbag, a little make-up bag and storage cases in different sizes. She started out using different colors of plastic so you get an eclectic mix (as you can see in the purse), but for her other objects she only used white plastic. I like both results, however I also have a huge weak spot for anything white, especially in accessories and deco stuff.

This little project fits perfectly in our present days filled with DIY, knitting, Pinterest and giving a second life to already used stuff. It looks like something Caroline Verbrugghe would show in that new TV show 'Fabriek Romantiek'. And however it's nothing 'new', I still find it very contemporary and furthermore: pretty.


Thank you!


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