Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Optimus Primavera Sound²

After Lies' post with her outfit for the Optimus Primavera Sound festival in Porto a month ago, I of course cannot stay behind. Although I do suffer from a little delay and feel like it is already ages ago. My recent vacation to Taghazout, Morocco (surfing!) might have something to do with that though (pictures will follow). My two holidays happened in such short succession that I think I'm only feeling the aftermath ("I wanna go back") now. Which sucks, especially considering the not so very bright weather here. It's true what they say, everything's better when the sun is out. 

What I wore was something quite simple in my opinion. Because a) I was on a holiday which means only a limited set of clothes and accessories to choose from (we all know that issue), b) it was hot and c) it was a festival, people! I do like the dress a lot, picked it up at H&M in LA for only 8 bucks. SCORE! 

It was so nice to get to go to (togettogoto togettogoto, hihi) a festival somewhere else than Belgium (which is in fact a true festival king). Quite different too, we were shocked about how many clothes everybody wore (although later in the night that all made sense), how clean the festival grounds seemed all day long and especially how calm and peaceful everybody was. I swear to God, nobody screaming, throwing beer and no drunk half naked guys. All in all, I enjoyed it very much! Oh, and I absolutely adored the (real) flower crowns they were handing out for free. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Night out vs. Sushi date

Night Out: Top: Mango - Skirt: New Look - Shoes: La Bottega - Earrings; Forever 21 - Necklace: market in Porto
Sushi Date: Top: Mango - Skirt, earrings: New Look - Shoes, blazer: H&M -  Necklace: COS - Sunglasses: Carrera

It was just one of those Saturdays: party planned in the evening but nothing to wear. Only one instant solution: turn off your mind and go shopping! Turning of the mind was needed to be able to ignore all the crazy, little kids who were let loose in the city. Education seems to be overrated these days. Or Plopsa Indoor got too expensive.

My elbows were itching, but I managed to find my complete outfit before they got out of hand in some kid's face. Concentration is a necessity whilst shopping, you know. I found the top at Mango. I rarely grab black clothing, not because I don't like it, I'm just more attracted to colorful and bright things. But I knew from the moment I slipped it on, it would be a keeper. Beautiful in it's simplicity, and some good old back cleavage. I already saw me wearing it on my black skinnies (the only piece of clothing where I mostly go for black) when New Look threw this skirt in my face. No words are needed, right? It's the perfect model for my figure (or I like to believe that and I'm not in the mood for contradiction, so leave me be) and I love the little tie-dye effect it has. In the fitting room I tried my newly bought top with it and I felt like winning the jackpot. I bet all of you guys have felt that way in a fitting room at least once!

For the party that evening I combined my winning combination with my new sparkly shoes from La Bottega. I've claimed once never to say no to glitter/ sparkles again, and I've learned over the years to honor my intentions. So there you go. I like the combination of gold in my necklace and earrings. It gives me a 'Great Gatsby', roaring twenties feel. But that might just be me.

The next day I was contemplating 'bout my outfit for the sushi date that evening, with bestie Sofie. But who was I kidding. Of course I wanted to wear my new skirt and top. It's so typically Lies: now I want to wear it forever when all of a sudden I will grow tired of it. I can't imagine now that will EVER happen, but that day will come. And some kid is going to regret being in the city that day. But I made an effort to at least change my accessories for the occasion. The sunglasses were a must to hide my still puffy eyes, and protect them from how bright the world can be.  It makes the outfit totally different, don't you think? Just say yes, believe me.

Now that's a whole lot of talking.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Porto

As you might have read in the previous blog post, we are back from Porto (Portugal) and what a great trip it was! On our last day, we visited the old village in Porto (La Ribeira) and had a glimpse on how port is produced. Of course, we were very much obliged to also taste this port and I can tell you, rosé port is the summit for me/us. We strolled through the alleys and checked out a market, and basically just enjoyed ourselves. 

I got to finally wear my maxi dress that I purchased on my trip to the US (but hey, it's just Forever 21, so no need to hurry your asses across the ocean) in combination with the heavily searched for crop top. Instant summer feeling; definitely when keeping into mind the lack of spring in Belgium at that time. I absolutely adore crop tops, but I was kind of afraid it wouldn't quite match my body type. But in hindsight and when browsing through the pictures, I looove this outfit. It lets my inner hippie breathe, you know. 

If you're wondering why my writing is so uninspirational, it's because I'm typing this on a late Sunday evening and I'm leaving for Morocco tomorrow for some surfing. One part of my head is already enjoying the holiday and the surf and another part is contemplating on whether I packed all the necessary supplies. So there's only a very small part actually writing this, I am so sorry for not giving you my undivided attention. I'll make it up to you by showing you this picture with me laughing so hard. And next time I'll REALLY make it up to you. But for now, I'm gone surfing! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: All coral at Optimus Primavera Sound, Porto

As you may have read in Karolien's previous post, we went to Porto last week. It has been one awesome holiday and you'll be seeing a lot of Porto outfits in the next weeks ;)

On Friday we went to the Optimus Primavera Sound festival, at the Parque da Cidade near the sea. We watched and enjoyed Local Natives, drank cheapass caipirinhas, Superbock and Sommersby, ate some Kentucky Fried Chicken, got a flower headband made, got photographed a lot (true story) and danced to Blur. The general dresscode at the festival seemed to be "long clothes preferably in black", so I guess the five of us drew some attention as we were one big color bomb. 

I chose to wear a complete coral outfit starring my lovely summer skirt. It's not the best skirt to defeat the wind that was going on but it's pretty so that's what's important. I think everybody at the festival saw my underpants at least once, I apologize. I spotted my perfect Carrera sunglasses online but my friend Ulrike who works at an optician (Scherpesteen, Hasselt) said she would order them for me. She ordered two pairs, so if you want them: go and get them! 

 Crop top, earrings: Forever 21 - Skirt: H&M - Shoes: Vans - Headband: dress up shop - Sunglasses: Carrera

Kwestie van (s)maak

The beautiful weather from the previous post unfortunately didn't last long. The next day it was back to a clouded sky and taking your umbrella with you whenever you went out. Doesn't it suck when it's a bank holiday but the weather just wants to keep you inside?

Luckily there was a little  market at the Chirodroom in Bilzen, organised by Sarah from The Vintage Blues,  where we could flee too: Kwestie van (s)maak. We love markets that are about handmade and creative ideas, so it only seemed right to pay a visit! Karolien's sister Kathleen was also selling her goods there. She makes jewelry and hair accessories out of old buttons and never fails luring me into buying some earrings. They are too pretty! Make sure to take a look at her Facebook page: Buttons, baby!

Karolien and I both bought the same ring from Inimini Homemade. We like chunky jewelry, so we couldn't resist. Karolien went for the black version (as you can see in the picture) as I went for some good old pale pink. Don't you love it when things are predictable? I sure as hell don't, but I like me some pale pink. A necklace that reminded me of my little pony also did some damage to my wallet. My wallet will survive, eventually.

Besides pretty jewelry there was a barbecue to still your hunger, some homemade fresh pies for dessert and some other local goods to be discovered, like Baru chocolates (the most LOVELY packaging). We enjoyed some bio apple juice, yummyy!

Enough with the talking. Let these pictures make you feel as if you were there. We will come back next year!

Villa Vintage
Buttons, Baby!
Pretty earrings by Inimini Homemade
The Vintage Blues
Chunky ring by Inimini Homemade

A glimpse of what I was wearing: the tiger sweater (Titi and the German Kid), skinny jeans and glitter loafers (La Bottega).

Yeah, what to do when it't raining outside and you have no sunglasses at hand. You use your beanie to cover your eyes.


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