Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Optimus Primavera Sound²

After Lies' post with her outfit for the Optimus Primavera Sound festival in Porto a month ago, I of course cannot stay behind. Although I do suffer from a little delay and feel like it is already ages ago. My recent vacation to Taghazout, Morocco (surfing!) might have something to do with that though (pictures will follow). My two holidays happened in such short succession that I think I'm only feeling the aftermath ("I wanna go back") now. Which sucks, especially considering the not so very bright weather here. It's true what they say, everything's better when the sun is out. 

What I wore was something quite simple in my opinion. Because a) I was on a holiday which means only a limited set of clothes and accessories to choose from (we all know that issue), b) it was hot and c) it was a festival, people! I do like the dress a lot, picked it up at H&M in LA for only 8 bucks. SCORE! 

It was so nice to get to go to (togettogoto togettogoto, hihi) a festival somewhere else than Belgium (which is in fact a true festival king). Quite different too, we were shocked about how many clothes everybody wore (although later in the night that all made sense), how clean the festival grounds seemed all day long and especially how calm and peaceful everybody was. I swear to God, nobody screaming, throwing beer and no drunk half naked guys. All in all, I enjoyed it very much! Oh, and I absolutely adored the (real) flower crowns they were handing out for free. 

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  1. Prachtige foto van jullie tweetjes met de bloemenkroon! Porto is leuk he!!!!!


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