Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: All coral at Optimus Primavera Sound, Porto

As you may have read in Karolien's previous post, we went to Porto last week. It has been one awesome holiday and you'll be seeing a lot of Porto outfits in the next weeks ;)

On Friday we went to the Optimus Primavera Sound festival, at the Parque da Cidade near the sea. We watched and enjoyed Local Natives, drank cheapass caipirinhas, Superbock and Sommersby, ate some Kentucky Fried Chicken, got a flower headband made, got photographed a lot (true story) and danced to Blur. The general dresscode at the festival seemed to be "long clothes preferably in black", so I guess the five of us drew some attention as we were one big color bomb. 

I chose to wear a complete coral outfit starring my lovely summer skirt. It's not the best skirt to defeat the wind that was going on but it's pretty so that's what's important. I think everybody at the festival saw my underpants at least once, I apologize. I spotted my perfect Carrera sunglasses online but my friend Ulrike who works at an optician (Scherpesteen, Hasselt) said she would order them for me. She ordered two pairs, so if you want them: go and get them! 

 Crop top, earrings: Forever 21 - Skirt: H&M - Shoes: Vans - Headband: dress up shop - Sunglasses: Carrera

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  1. Like your outfit! instant zomergevoel !!stoer en girly! love it



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