Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Porto

As you might have read in the previous blog post, we are back from Porto (Portugal) and what a great trip it was! On our last day, we visited the old village in Porto (La Ribeira) and had a glimpse on how port is produced. Of course, we were very much obliged to also taste this port and I can tell you, rosé port is the summit for me/us. We strolled through the alleys and checked out a market, and basically just enjoyed ourselves. 

I got to finally wear my maxi dress that I purchased on my trip to the US (but hey, it's just Forever 21, so no need to hurry your asses across the ocean) in combination with the heavily searched for crop top. Instant summer feeling; definitely when keeping into mind the lack of spring in Belgium at that time. I absolutely adore crop tops, but I was kind of afraid it wouldn't quite match my body type. But in hindsight and when browsing through the pictures, I looove this outfit. It lets my inner hippie breathe, you know. 

If you're wondering why my writing is so uninspirational, it's because I'm typing this on a late Sunday evening and I'm leaving for Morocco tomorrow for some surfing. One part of my head is already enjoying the holiday and the surf and another part is contemplating on whether I packed all the necessary supplies. So there's only a very small part actually writing this, I am so sorry for not giving you my undivided attention. I'll make it up to you by showing you this picture with me laughing so hard. And next time I'll REALLY make it up to you. But for now, I'm gone surfing! 

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