Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Wear: Different.

 Sweater: Titi and the German Kid - Dress as skirt and tights: H&M - Sneakers: Vans - Coat (see below): NastyGal

As you may know or may not know, I once studied photography. I wouldn't exactly make that same choice again but I did enjoy my time as a photography student. We also had a "fashion" assignment and I remember asking my dear Karolien to be my model. (If anyone is interested in actually seeing those photos, I could make a post about it, just shout!) This all has been seven years ago already - auwtsj.

Times haven't changed that much: people still study photography and that same assignment still exists. And that's how I got asked via a friend of mine to co-model with him for a girl with that very same fashion photography assignment. I didn't have to think twice, I know it can be annoying to find a model for your shoots so there.

There were only two conditions: I had to choose my own outfits (yes please) and I had to look angry or absent. Two things I'm rather good at. So here are the results! If you want to check out some of her other work, go visit her website!

No mom I don't smoke, it was for the sake of the photography. Feeling like trailer trash is fun.

Leather Jacket, skinnies: H&M - Body, headband: Forever21 - Sneakers: Nike Air Max (Footlocker)

Crop Top and pants: H&M - Necklace: Market in Porto

The look on my face tells me I wasn't too sure 'bout that crop top.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We Wear: Dream coat

As a true Leopardanian, a leopard coat just could not keep missing in my closet. However, I did not want a furry one (got that already) or a short one, and the color needed to be just right. You understand it was not an easy assignment, but I finally came across the perfect one. The impeccable reincarnation of the classical versus edgy combination. Although I must say I wasn't completely convinced about the color when I clicked it home, it has proven to be every inch my dream coat. And that moment when you finally lay your hands on a much searched for coat, just bliss. Also loving my new kicks and so comfortable!

On a completely different note, on this exact moment I'm hitting the awesome sunny slopes in Val Thorens, yihaa! Have a nice week!

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Chunk, no Captain Chunk!
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Coat: Sheinside - Blouse: H&M - Necklace: Porto - Tote bag: Titi + the German Kid - Pants, sneakers: New Look

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Wear: Newbies

 Faux leather jacket, skinny jeans: H&M - Top: Zara - Sneakers: Vans - Bag: Urban Outfitters - Angry bitch face: my own

A very simple outfit today consisting almost entirely of all new items. Last weekend has been very busy and this was the outfit I wore to spend a whole day celebrating our birthday girl Eline. We enjoyed a scrumptious cava-brunch and afterwards headed to Maastricht for some serious shopping. I only bought food-related stuff. I have a growing obsession about (healthy) food and I can't go shopping without returning with another healthy cookbook or weird ingredient "to add to my granola". Even at Sissy Boy I bought a Chai tea herbal mix (partly because of the uttermost beautiful packaging). But I must add I also fell in love with a dress and numerous pieces of tableware (table -> food). I seriously don't know what has gotten into me.

But since this is a fashion blog, I'll also tell something about the clothes. As you can see, I finally bought myself a new (faux) leather jacket. I never owned a biker model before and thought that needed to change. Et voila. The blouse is a birthday-coupon well spent at Zara. I love the simplicity of the cut with the colorful print. I really do like very simple outfits however I also want to dress up like a creamy sundae for summer. You've already seen my new Vans in my previous outfit and I've been wearing them ever since. I love me a good pair of basic sneakers. And when in Dublin I figured I deserved a new bag. I've been carrying around my Zara one for ages now (a year) and it was time for a replacement. As for bags, I also tend to grab all black ones. Maybe this is a tendency I need to break, to try and spice things up a little. Or maybe my choice of outfits need to bring balance to the chaos that is my mind. I don't know, maybe I'm just tired or philosophic, but I didn't always dress this "goody-goody" and I refuse to say that I grew up because I most definitely didn't.

So how do you guys feel about homemade peanut butter?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We wear: White on white

It has happened: After all those years shaking my head at the sight of Lies reaching for ANOTHER white purse, white pair of shoes, white earrings, white whatevers, I too have caught the disease. It may be due to the incredible weather we've been experiencing these past weeks, but I've been neglecting my pitch black garments - well, kind of - and instead reaching for those few completely white items. I even became obsessed with finding the perfect, completely Tipp-Ex alike white nail polish, a mission that I did succeed in by the way (Only You White French by Ici Paris XL to the rescue!). Also, white jelly sandals are now hopefully on their way to my doorstep. 

PS: You may be mistaken, but I'm not wearing white socks in these pictures. Just the normal tone of my skin, folks. No worries, I'm already soaking in all the sun I can! 

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The Offspring, The Menzingers, The Wonder Years (what the hell, everything starts with 'The') ..., aka completely preparing for the Groezrock festival!
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Taking a nap in the grass. 

Blazer, jumper, hat: H&M - Brogues: New Look - Necklace: Primark - Sunglasses: Vans


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