Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We Wear: Blossoms in the rain

Already two weeks ago - time flies - we were invited to check out the Japanse Tuin (Hasselt) in all its gorgeousness. Japanse Tuin is Dutch for Japanese garden, but that only half covers what it's all about. The Japanse Tuin is basically a large garden in Japanese style, which includes cherry blossoms and magnolia trees almost as far as the eye can reach. With spring upon us, the garden looked its absolute best, and that's not even taking into account the other aspects of Japanese culture that are brought to life right there. We learned a lot about this Japanese culture and especially I was a complete noob, except for the fact that I do know my sushi. Considering that Lies will be visiting Japan in September, the invitation and everything we heard there was more than welcome. To sum up, it's a must visit for several reasons!

We naturally took pictures, but the weather kind of got in the way. After all, it's still Belgium we live in and not, I don't know, Palm Spring in Cali (yes, I've been obsessing over Coachella pictures). However, even in the rain, the pinkness of the blossoms was still so pretty, and when the sun finally greeted us with her presence, it felt like the entire garden awoke. As I live very nearby, I'm definitely going back in summer!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Wear: The boyfriend's band sweater

 I'm wearing:
H&M faux leather jacket // H&M Scarf // Boyfriend sweater // H&M crisp white shirt // Cheap Monday  skinny jeans via Urban Outfitters // H&M polka dot socks // Pertini brogues via La Bottega // Komono sunglasses // Pictures by Sofie

He spilled coffee on my top so I had to wear something of his. And I don't mind because I actually love this sweater! Lorenz found it as a sale bargain at Urban Outfitters last winter but I'm trying to slowly add it to my pile of clothes - sorry Lorenz. I'd give him something in return but my wardrobe is either too fluffy or "too metal". I went for the preppy grunge look with this outfit. I really underestimated the power of a crisp white shirt! A tomboy must-have if you ask me.

This outfit nor the weather will show it but we did enjoy a first day of spring about a week and a half ago. I was sipping wine bare-legged, that's heaven for me guys. I did not photograph the look however because I was way too busy with doing nothing.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

We Wear: Proud as a peacock

I'm not entirely sure what exactly I'm wearing: Is it a sweater? Is it a dress? I intended it to be a dress, which is also the way it was depicted on the website, but I guess my legs decided - kind of - differently. Furthermore, ordering clothes from Asian websites is always a little bit living on the edge. It looks great on the site, you (at least in my case) order the largest size available and from that moment, it’s just fingers crossed that it will a) get to you in an acceptable time frame, and b) will fit you without needing to make too much adjustments. I was lucky enough with this dress that I could fit my big head in it (no joke). Besides, I'm no quitter: If I say it’s a dress, it better be a dress, so I wore an underskirt to prevent flashing my butt to strangers. And just like that, problem solved. This particular piece of clothing does seem to be a polarizing one as some people in my environment who I was sure would hate it just shrugged and others (yes I am looking at you) joked around about it ALL.DAY.LONG.  I just sat there like 'What the hell could ever possibly in either which universe be wrong with being inspired by a peacock when getting dressed in the morning?'. Sometimes you’re a black widow, sometimes you look like an ice cream and other times, a peacock is inspiration number one. I call it: Life.

And life is so much better in summer, which I re-realized last Sunday when we were fortunate enough to have our very first, real spring day here in Belgium. Pictures soon, although I must admit I was way too hot that day, in the literal sense of the word (I wore too many clothes, go figure).


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