Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Wear: Autumn camouflage

Now that the dust from the big move to a (kind of) new city and starting an exciting new job has started to settle, I'm definitely getting back on my blogging schedule. And with that I can finally mentally prepare for fall to arrive, I can almost not wait for more days like the last few with lots of sunshine compared with the marvelous changing of the leafs. I also hope I will be feeling more inspired to create different outfits, because lately I've just been reaching for win combo's from the past. The fact that I'm not doing a lot of shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories, but instead am browsing Westwing, Ikea and other furniture shops could have something to do with that. Not a bad thing though as I'm exploring ALL the stuff I already have hanging in my closet again (read: in boxes that are awaiting to be unpacked). But I wouldn't be me if my mind wasn't already slightly wandering off to a serious shopping spree (spoiler: I did a practice run on Saturday). So do please share, what is your absolute upcoming fall essential, the must have of the brand new season? I need inspiration asap!  


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Friday, September 25, 2015

We Wear: Sweater over dress

You've seen me wear this dress before here. Literally once. That's why I tried to embed it into my fall wardrobe. The sweater-over-dress-trend seemed appropriate and the perfect occasion to also wear my TTGK sweater again. The flower crown was a last-minute addition. I think it was subconsciousnessly influenced by TTGK herself.

I have ranted multiple times about how awesome my Acne boots are so I won't bore you with that anymore. Except that they are truly incredible underneath EACH outfit. They complement yet everything. Money well spent. I also love how they make me feel like I'm the tallest person in the room. I am most certainly not the tallest and these heels aren't even the highest, but they sure do the trick.

It's been a while since I took my own outfit pictures. I almost forgot what a hassle that actually is.

I'm wearing:
Jacket: H&M
Sweater: TTGK
Dress: H&M
Tights: Falke 
Boots: Acne
Flower crown: Sacha (old)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Love: New beginnings

New beginnings naturally bring about a lot of excitement for things to come, whether it's the new season slowly creeping in, taking the step to add something permanent to your body (hint: the pictures relate to this), moving to a new place, starting a brand new job in an unexplored domain or... all of the above as is the case in my life. This quite extensive list obviously also explains me being MIA for the past few weeks as I was busy finishing everything in a proper way at my previous job, painting my apartment, moving to another city, preparing for the new job and in between leaving for a very last minute holiday to France. Just reading it makes me feel exhausted but surprisingly enough the exhaustion is mostly overruled by a feeling of looking forward to everything! Yes, it will take some time for the dust to settle, but hopefully I will be able to stick to my blogging schedule for the time to come. Hell, I'm ready for it! 

I didn't have any proper outfit pictures anymore, except for some pictures to show off my new tattoo. I had been thinking about getting my upper leg tattooed since like forever and I'm happy I finally had the courage to get it done. Too bad summer and thus short denim shorts are over.  


Monday, September 7, 2015

We Wear: Fallsentials, the outfit.

So here it is: my outfit in accordance with my latest Polyvore set. I only replaced the cardigan with my leopard coat for temperature reasons. Seriously, summer is over people! The weather forecast however does speak of an indian summer later this week. As you can see, these pictures are not taken at the Bruis festival as it was forbidden to have a professional camera with you on the festival grounds. Beyond this fact we had a great time listening to Echo and the Bunnymen and eating a typical Dutch and very cinnamonny "syrup waffle".

I'm sorry for my tired expression. I have no idea where it comes from.

I'm wearing:
Coat: H&M
Denim dungarees: H&M
Striped top: H&M
Sneakers: Vans via Zalando
Purse: Kling
Lipstick: It's a matt world by Catrice (fav lipstick everrr)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

We Want: Fallsentials!

It's been only a few days since I was frolicking around in my bikini at the Paalse Plas, but the weather has made a serious U-turn temperature-wise and I can't say I hate it. By the end of summer I always catch myself looking forward to fall and it's gloomy, misty mornings. Adding layers to your outfit, hiding in a scarf, sipping hot choco and all of this with the slowly fading remains of your summer tan. Yes, I like it.

So here's a little fall moodboard. I recently bought similar dungarees at H&M (couldn't find it online though) and they are the softest thing I have ever worn in my life. They also fulfill my desire to own a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans as they have a loose, cropped fit. And I wasn't even planning on buying dungarees, but that's how my shopping works mostly. I'm the exact opposite of Karolien for that matter ;) I will be wearing said dungarees and a similar outfit to the Bruisfestival this Friday in Maastricht, so I'll make sure to snap some outfit pictures and make a decent post out of it. You should all head to Maastricht by the way, it's a free festival and Echo and the Bunnymen will be playing!


So who else is looking forward to fall?


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