Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Love: New beginnings

New beginnings naturally bring about a lot of excitement for things to come, whether it's the new season slowly creeping in, taking the step to add something permanent to your body (hint: the pictures relate to this), moving to a new place, starting a brand new job in an unexplored domain or... all of the above as is the case in my life. This quite extensive list obviously also explains me being MIA for the past few weeks as I was busy finishing everything in a proper way at my previous job, painting my apartment, moving to another city, preparing for the new job and in between leaving for a very last minute holiday to France. Just reading it makes me feel exhausted but surprisingly enough the exhaustion is mostly overruled by a feeling of looking forward to everything! Yes, it will take some time for the dust to settle, but hopefully I will be able to stick to my blogging schedule for the time to come. Hell, I'm ready for it! 

I didn't have any proper outfit pictures anymore, except for some pictures to show off my new tattoo. I had been thinking about getting my upper leg tattooed since like forever and I'm happy I finally had the courage to get it done. Too bad summer and thus short denim shorts are over.  


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