Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Wear: Autumn camouflage

Now that the dust from the big move to a (kind of) new city and starting an exciting new job has started to settle, I'm definitely getting back on my blogging schedule. And with that I can finally mentally prepare for fall to arrive, I can almost not wait for more days like the last few with lots of sunshine compared with the marvelous changing of the leafs. I also hope I will be feeling more inspired to create different outfits, because lately I've just been reaching for win combo's from the past. The fact that I'm not doing a lot of shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories, but instead am browsing Westwing, Ikea and other furniture shops could have something to do with that. Not a bad thing though as I'm exploring ALL the stuff I already have hanging in my closet again (read: in boxes that are awaiting to be unpacked). But I wouldn't be me if my mind wasn't already slightly wandering off to a serious shopping spree (spoiler: I did a practice run on Saturday). So do please share, what is your absolute upcoming fall essential, the must have of the brand new season? I need inspiration asap!  


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