Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Wear: 12,99

We'll all remember that day when everything at the H&M webshop was (faulty) priced 12,99 euros and everybody lost its head, went berserk and bought so much we all thought H&M would be bankrupt after this debacle. Me too eagerly clicked some items to my basket but much to my regret I noticed the price tags in my basket had already been changed back to normal quicker before I could enter my Mastercard number. Therefore I blew off operation H&M only to come across the more fortunate on my Facebook wall, still boasting about their recent bargains.

This debacle did made me discover these beautiful leopard, heeled chelsea boots and for only 29,99 I still call this a bargain. So I went back to the H&M webshop and clicked them in my basket anyway. Because screw you unemployment, I still buy what I want to! I probably didn't make up for all the marauders out there, though. H&M claims it was not a marketing stunt but I can only conclude for myself that I bought three items (yes, I went back a second time because I also spotted a teddy lined jeans jacket and I needed softness in my life) I probably wouldn't have come across if it wasn't for this whole technical hitch. But I think we can all conclude that almost everything at H&M is a bargain so I'm really not all that bummed. I should try to reduce my number of speeding tickets though. They sure as hell are not a bargain.

I'm wearing:
Leopard coat: H&M (old)
Top: Mango
Skinny jeans: Cheap Monday
Leopard booties: H&M

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