Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Glow in the dark

So we all got the part where neon is hot. And that it hurts your eyes (sorry). During my stay in Cannes two weeks ago, I spotted the most gorgeous girl with the most perfect neon maxi skirt. So when I came back in Belgium and saw this skirt just hanging there at H&M, I immediately took it with me to the fitting room. I was already convinced that I love maxi skirts....on other people. Just not me. Result? Me twirling around that fitting room for ages with that skirt, but I'm SO glad I decided to just go ahead and take it! I'm really into not thinking too much (or should I say: doubting too much) and just go for things these days, so it seems. And that same day already I took my skirt out for a spin. I was having some drinks with friends at Genk city. Sure got a lot of looks! Probably because I was blinding people, the glow in the dark bit is not a joke, folks! This skirt makes me feel graceful and sophisticated even, I don't know if it actually looks that way too but ah well...who cares.

This is also the outfit I wore to attend the Pukkelpop Boiler Party. Just a matter of kicking off a festival in style. And with a hangover the day after. I know that Karolien already emphasized it enough, but Pukkelpop has been truly awesome, sigh.

If any of you have any complaints about hurting eyes or even nausia because of the brightness of my skirt, please leave a comment below and I'll blow a kiss to make things right.

Top: New Look - Skirt, shoes: H&M - Cupcake ring: gift - Feather ring: Six - Bracelet: my mom's

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pukkelpop: The aftermath

After a week of recuperating sleep, eating healthy food and resting, the time is right to submerge again in the whole Pukkelpop experience and really indulge in those moments. Pukkelpop was, as always (minus the edition of 2011, of course), three days filled with beautiful nights, beautiful people and beautiful music as Dave Grohl put so aptly. For me, it was even an anniversary edition: It was my tenth Pukkelpop attendance and I of course celebrated this properly (read: by dancing and drinking, as one should at a festival).

Before leaving you with some snapshots of the festival, I would like to tell a little anecdote that is especially relevant for this blog. Remember how we explained in a DIY how to dip and dye your clothes? I dyed my shorts and decided to wear them to the Pukkelpop festival. Not a bad idea, one would think, and I even got random compliments from random people. At least for the time being, because obviously submerging your shorts in serious amounts of bleach, dyeing it afterwards, wearing it to a festival with dirt and throwing water all over it to cool down a bit (hello, 35° Celcius) was NOT a good idea. To keep the story short: I ripped my pants. Unintentionally that is. Luckily however, it wasn't too bad and I changed out of them in an instant. Nevertheless, keep that in mind when bleaching your clothes!

Pukkelpop was: La Vache Qui Rit cheese, beer, crazy festival dude (a legend, I tell ya!), Vans, arm candy, pretty lights, denim shorts, hats to keep one's brains safe from the sun, dip and dye hair, GREAT music, ...
Dear Pukkelpop, you are still in the running towards becoming my favourite festival.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Detox modus on

The last few days it's been all about detoxing and going back to - the sometimes annoying - reality. After four great, totally blazing days at the Pukkelpop festival, it's back to work for me while still recuperating from things that generally accompany attendance at a festival: sleep deprivation, alcohol overload and some serious aching muscles from dancing my ass off. God, it sucks! Can't complain too much though, at least work doesn't suck. I just seriously need to detox and sleep a little.

So this is what I wore on one of my first days back at the job. I most definitely wanted something breezy as it has been incredibly hot here (this is not me complaining, I will not ever complain about it being too hot) AND I couldn't just yet let go of the festival look, so short shorts it is! Not the most appropriate thing to wear on the work floor, but hey, the top is quite sophisticated, no? Besides, during the holiday months everything gets to be a little bit more relaxed, at least in my opinion. The whole "Chill, the sun is shining"-attitude, you know.

Both the purse and the earrings are thrifted, I bought the purse via a Facebook group where people can sell clothes and accessories they don't want anymore (Louvintage) and I found the earrings on a very small town flea market. I totally love finding really really cheap things! Only last week I snapped up not one, not two, but THREE jackets and that for 1 euro a piece at Think Twice Leuven. I bought a blazer which very closely resembled one I almost picked up the day before at H&M. I did a giant dance of joy, because I saved a little bit of money and still had the perfect blazer. I also bought a flower jacket and an army jacket (a real one from the Belgian army, I'm so hardcore).

PS: Don't you think the purse looks like a Café Noir biscuit? I do!

PSS: Foo Fighters kick ass, can't stop listening to their songs after seeing them on Saturday. 
Top, watch: Primark - Shorts: H&M - Purse: thrifted at Louvintage - Earrings: thrifted - Sunglasses: Vans - Sandals: Sac d'Anvers Hasselt

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: High waisted denim

I'm back from France (booe) and I'm wearing my denim shorts again. I already grew quite fond of them, and since I have never shown this much leg to the world before, you may say that's quite odd. I adore the multiple looks you can create with simple denim shorts, so I've gotten over my big legs syndrome and just put those damn shorts on. I've enjoyed some really lovely weather back at the Côte d'Azur so these shorts also came in verrrrry handy. And I'm too pleased to see that the Belgian weather FINALLY has come to its senses! This is good news for all of us who are leaving for Pukkelpop today! Including us, yay!
My sandals and hat are brand new! I bought them in Cannes last week. I actually wanted to buy some sandals before I left for France, but I didn't find any back here in rainy Belgium. But then there I was in Cannes, minding my own business and enjoying the sun when these babies caught my eye. I immediately knew that I had to buy them. So that's what I did. I really LOVE it when you absolutely know for sure you won't regret buying something. They're coral, they're studded: they're a double win! 

My top is from Zara and I'm sure I don't have to explain the awesomeness. It's white, it's see-through (and therefore: breezy) and it has an open back. All the things I love combined in one. Perfection! 

So I'm going to publish this now and then run for my car to head to Pukkelpop! Let us know if you're going too! 

Hat: Accessorize - Top: Zara - Shorts: New Look - Sandals: Texto - Purse: thrifted

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Leopard Love

Last summer I already discovered the perks of loose, printed pants: I bought myself two pair of flower pants. After wearing them to death and actually growing a bit tired of them, I spotted the perfect new pair of printed pants on my holiday in France. And in my favorite print of all time: leopard. Yes, I have A LOT of stuff in leopard print and some people might even say I have everything in leopard and some other people might even say that it is TOO MUCH (my sister) and more people may say that I need to stop buying leopard printed clothes and accessories. To all those people I say: NO, I have the right, no even the duty, to buy as much stuff in my favorite print as I possibly can. I simply adore it and every time I spot something in leopard, my attention is immediately drawn. I cannot help it. It's my little addiction, quite harmless, right?

That being said and off my chest, I decided to dress up the leopard pants a bit. Normally I wear it quite comfortably and more edgy, but this time I wanted to try and look a little bit more up style. For that purpose, I wore my cream blazer and combined it with my collared blouse. I wasn't too sure about the outfit at the start of the day, but I came to really love the contrast between the dark leopard on the one hand and the white and pastel on the other hand.

Also notice the dip and dye necklace. I spent ages looking for it, but I couldn't find it anywhere and almost resorted to trying to fix it up myself. Luckily and weirdly enough, I found it after all this time in H&M, a shop where I almost spend every waking hour, so to speak. 

 Blazer, shirt, necklace, sunglasses: H&M - Pants: market in France - Loafers: Sister (Hasselt) - Purse: Primark


Monday, August 6, 2012

Button, Baby

A few months ago, my sister Kathleen got a little bit obsessed with buttons. It all started with a dress with buttons she was not particularly fond of, and therefore she altered it by replacing the fugly buttons with new, golden buttons. And that was really the start of her buttonesque journey which she's still pursuing at the moment. Although we mock her a little bit when she's thrifting for buttons on flea markets or when she's sitting on the couch underneath a blanket surrounded by her boxes of buttons, I have to admit it is actually a pretty cool idea. Buttons can really spice up some garments that would otherwise be quite blah. For instance, my sister took a very standard, very H&M black cardigan and accessorized it with buttons of all sizes and all colors. 

But that really wasn't the end of it all, because after decorating clothes, she decided to create jewelry with buttons. Earrings, rings, hair pins... Ain't no stopping her! Let me just end with this, I am a big fan and I cannot wait to (finally) receive my first handmade button jewel. Hint: I am in love with the ring I'm wearing in the final picture. I did try to steal it away from my sister, but unfortunately I failed miserably. Sad. 

P.S.: The song 'Whistle Baby' got stuck in my head because of the title of this blog post. Damn you, Flo Rida! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: la douce France!

So I'm leaving for France tonight! Cannes, to be more specific. And because I am very excited to leave this drizzling weather, I don't feel like writing much. I'm mentally preparing to get a tan.

Here's what I was wearing today to do some shopping. And I'm sure I'll be wearing this outfit a lot in France! Also because it's new, I bought the shorts yesterday at New Look and the top at H&M. I really love how these shorts are high waisted and all studded and all. They make my legs look longer! No worries, it's just an illusion. Unfortunately they are from the new collection so no low prices for me. The top with the swallows was too cute to just leave at the store. I had to bring these lovely birds home! My boyfriend thinks it's childish, I just think OH MY GOD IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE.

Vive la France! 
Top, hat, shoes: H&M - Shorts: New Look


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